Friday, October 24, 2008

Wave Station Updates Again

Capcom has once again gone and updated SSR3's Wave Station portal.

First up, some info concerning the in-game Wave Stations. Wave Stations allows the use of White Cards; players can choose between four different types of cards which can then be used in the Custom Screen in battle. Of note, the cards to choose from varies depending on the location of the Wave Station hub.

Next, the Character section has added profiles for the Dealer members: Quintia and her Wizard, Virgo, combine into Queen Virgo. Jack and his Wizard, Corvus, combine into Jack Corvus. Finally, their leader, Mister King resides over the King Foundation as the head honcho.

The movie section saw the addition of the TGS footage from last week while the Event section detailed new SSR3 promo events. There, attendees can obtain an exclusive White Card, merchandise and a special Access Code.

Last but certainly not least, the wallpaper section updated (surprised?). The newest wallpaper features an intense looking Solo. Moody much?

News Credit: Big Xam


  1. If you gather all the SSR3 information, a book could be assembled! Man, is this game SO complex? I really dunno about "normal" players using fully the new abilities and cards, like me. ^_^;;

  2. I do believe they're just overloading us with repeating news posts about nothing new WHATSOEVER.


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