Thursday, October 16, 2008

Preview the 'Rockman 9 Arrange Album' With YouTube!

For your listening pleasure, here's most of the tracks from the recently released Rockman 9 Arrange Album.

Personally, I found the tracks to be on the "meh" side. Nothing really stood out for me. Still, I do plan on purchasing it for all the extra goodies (Ariga manga!)

Give it a listen and share your opinions!

Listen to more here.

Like what you hear? Do Capcom a favor and purchase the soundtrack!


  1. They used some interesting instruments. Stage Select with a trumpet? I do like the way they did Wily Stage 1.

  2. im a big fan of We're the Robots and Epilogue, besides that hough, it was a disappointment.

  3. The only ones I really like are Wily Stage 1 and the excellent Title Theme. The rest are alright.


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