Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brief New SSR3 Footage

For the uninformed, Nintendo recently held their fall press conference to announce new and awesome games for the DS and Wii games (Sin and Punishment 2 and Punch-Out FTW!). The biggest announcement of the night was the new iteration of the popular DS, the DSi.

The DSi is not the successor to the DS/Lite, rather a remodel with two cameras, and SD card slot, slightly bigger screens and a whole bunch of new networking features.

During its reveal, Nintendo played a montage video showing a handful of DS games coming this fall and of course, Shooting Star Rockman 3 made an appearance.

SSR3 clip begins at 00:51:

Makes you wonder, will SSR3 feature DSi cam gameplay? The option to take a photo of yourself and use it as your Brother Band avatar?


  1. Sweet. !! At 2:55! Awesome game of shweetness! I wantz dat game sooo bad.

  2. No, I think it is still silly. DSi can be impressive since the screen is larger and SD card which I like however everything else is ridiculous silly.

  3. No, it won't have those features. I highly doubt there will be very many, if any, games that use the DSi's unique features. They aren't going to make games you can't play correctly on the other DS's.

    Everyone keeps asking this. -_-

  4. ^Just like they wouldn't make games that you can't play on the other GBs for the Gameboy Color right?

    Besides, it could be an option, not a necessity.

  5. Sorry for being dumb, but what do you mean by two cameras? I see the one on the front...

    Well, anyway, it looks cool enough. I wish we could have seen more RnR3 action, but they've got let all the games have a turn.

  6. ^
    It's on the backside of the top screen, facing outwards.


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