Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Rockman 10 Wishlist: What Do You Want To See?

There's no doubt in my mind we'll eventually see a Rockman 10. No sir. Regardless of what Capcom says, the title seems to be doing very well financially and has been positively received by both the fan base and the gaming press.

So, in light of the possibility of a tenth iteration of the Classic series, what do you want to see? Difficulty settings? A bigger shop inventory? Forte? More female Robot Masters?

Comment away.


  1. I want more Robot Masters in general. 8 simply is NOT enough. Lets break the mold in a big way and go for like 12-16 RMs in a game.

  2. bring back the contest!!1

  3. I just want a Mega Man 10, I don't care if its 8-bit, no slide or charge, or shops, etc.

  4. The game mechanics're fine. Gimme a more in-depth story.

  5. More FORTE! XD He always stirred up the pot in a good way. I'd like to see him 8-bitted out.

    I'm also a story whore. I love me a good story. Develop the characters some!

    Umm.. bring back some moves? Introduce new ones?? I don't really know...

    Look at me. At don't really know because I've haven't even PLAYED THE GAME. And I haven't played much classic rockman. But that's my opinion, as it stands.

    Oh, more female robot masters. That was cool. :P I can see why inafune wanted to avoid them now... just look at all the perverted fanart!

  6. 3 playable characters - Mega Man, Bass and Proto Man. Each of the 3 get different sets of weapons(but fight the same bosses)

    More long, puzzle oriented stages(A la Crash Man, Heat Man, and Centaur Man's levels)

  7. I really wanted more stages in the main game of Mega Man 9, due to it only having 8 robot master stages and 4 wily stages. While Mega Man 2 had like 6 or Wily Stages. So maybe Capcom can add in a couple extra Wily Stages next time.

    Another thing I would like to see is for them to use the Mega Man 4/5/6 type 8 bit graphics engine this time due to it maxing out the NES's 8 but abilities.

    Oh and one more thing, I would like to have more weapons and items to use in Mega Man 10, like bring back the Rush Marine, and maybe the Rush Power Armor that was in Mega Man 6 and 7, and maybe some even more extra characters to play as.

  8. I want them to show the cataclysm!...just kidding.

  9. There's still a chance Forte is the new boss at the end of the special stage DLC! We'll find out in a week.

  10. It seems Bass (Forte) must be a playable character, but *with* story.

    8 bosses is fair, but would this format outdated? I mean, in Rockman7, we had firstly 4 RM, then an extra stage, then +4 RM. Cool. Rockman8 has the same idea too. Perhaps an intro stage & mid-stage extras..?

    Right, Capcom has took the basic idea into RM8, which was GREAT. I thank every day for this game.

    One last thing: I'd like more value out of my bedroom, so why not Rockman10 in disc media (too), retail? The digital download has the advantage of not running out of stock though... :)

    Well, that's it I guess.

  11. LOL! Ask Jesus for it ? You are silly. Read the bible.. You can't ask for your own wish just like this one. It is for your own selfish. Dont ask him. You ask Jesus for everlasting life and not stuff like that. Ask Capcom instead. :)

  12. Quote:

    Just look at all the perverted fanart!

    Yeah... no female robot masters thanks to the perverted fanart.. Those people do not deserves to breath and eat and drink and walk on EARTH. Those people are VERRRRRY sick and gross for the perverted fanart.. VERY SICK!!

  13. Playable roll. That would be awesome. Maybe co-op play, like what was originally planned for RM2?

  14. I'd rather see some Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X sequels before a MegaMan 10.

  15. Forte is on the Wily screen at the end of the game....

  16. What about Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X sequels ? Those should go to Wii or NDS. They should before Megaman 10 and Megaman legends 3.

  17. What do I want? I want to freaking SLIDE! We covered more ground on our butts than we ever did on foot!

  18. Only thing I want is it to be on a Disc, as well as and Downloadable game.

    I'm, like, a big "Classic" fan, and I haven't even been able to play the game, due to a temporary lack of an Wii Internet connection.

    I feel like i've been missing out on the biggest Megaman event erer, or somthing.

  19. Forte & more than 8 weapons, a la the Rockman Worlds.

  20. I'd love to see Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass as playable characters from the start. They could each have slightly different weapons and stories, maybe even different shop items.

    Difficulty settings would be nice. It worked in MM2.

    The storylines are getting more complex, and I like that. They should continue to be more than just "Dr. Wily sends out eight new robot masters to take over the world."

    Perhaps more RM's are needed, too. Eight just isn't enough. We should have 12 or more.

    Puzzle-based levels like Gravity Man's are cool, disappearing blocks are not. We've always hated them, no matter how nostalgic they are.

    3D graphics would be great. I know that 8-bit is retro, but Capcom can't get away with it for much longer. Surely they could create a new engine that feels a lot like the NES games while looking amazing.

  21. I don't care about Mega Man 10; THAT PICTURE IS MADE OF WIN.

  22. Easy/hard mode. Much as I love MM9, I can't play it because I'm not uber enough to actualy get through it. An easy mode would be nice for those fans (like me) who love the game, but fail at it.

    On a side note, how about an X9?

  23. Just less spikes.

    Seriously, things got ugly when the developers ran out of ideas.

    "Hmm...I can't think of anything original to put here."
    "Put spikes everywhere."

  24. Definitely i want Bass to be playable in Megaman 10 with his own storyline because he is the best antihero ever.


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