Friday, October 10, 2008

Boatloads of SSR3 News: Characters, Cards, Promotions, Voice Chat

Tons of SSR3 news today courtesy of multiple sources!

First, Coro Coro news from the UnderSquare and CORCOROG:


-There will be 150 standards cards, 45 Mega cards (meaning 15 bosses per game), and 10 Giga cards.
-Corvus and Virgo are revealed as FM-Seijin that have been corrupted by Noise and are affiliated with the villains. They are fire and water element respectively.
-The villain organization is known as the "Dealers".
-The female Queentia and Virgo can merge to form the water-element type "Queen Virgo". She fights with a vicious water dragon.
-The younger brother Jack and Corvus can merge to form the fire-element type "Jack Corvus". He attacks with burning claws and wings.
-There is another member of the Dealers known as "Mister King", a genius scientist.

Finalized Noise Changes:
-Black Ace abilities: Cards in folder will change, 2x power when using War Rock Attack, Buster Level Max, Auto Lock On, Air Shoes, Float Shoes, Quick Gauge, NFB: Black End Galaxy.
-Red Joker abilities: Cards in folder will change, 2x power when using War Rock Attack, Buster Level Max, Super Armor, Status Guard, NFB: Red Gaia Eraser

No Charged shots were listed for either yet.

Also, the version-exclusive Noise Changes were announced and are quite a surprise. It looks like Dengeki Online tricked us (though we didn't know about Red Joker at the time, or the elements for Corvus and Virgo)

Noise Changes (Black Ace version):
-Libra Noise: Dual fire/aqua type, Weak against Breaking, +10 damage to fire and aqua cards, 5% HP recovery when using non-elemental cards, charged shot becomes "Side Spread", NFB is "Meteorite Barrage".
-Corvus Noise: Fire type, weak against Aqua, +30 damage to fire cards, immune to poison panels, HP bugs, or the Black Hole card, charged shot becomes "Shocking Flare", NFB is "Atomic Blazer".
-Cancer Noise: Aqua type, weak against Elec, +30 damage to aqua cards, aqua cards will bubble the opponent, charged shot becomes "Bubble Shoot", NFB is "Dynamic Wave".
-Gemini Noise: Elec type, weak aginst Wood, +30 to elec cards, swords will paralyze, gains the ability to use the Tag system from EXE6 when equipped, charged shot becomes "Rocket Knuckle", NFB is "Thunderbolt Blade".
-Ophiuchus Noise: Wood type, weak against Fire, +20 damage to wood cards, non-elemental cards will confuse opponents, immune to confusion or blindness, charged shot becomes "Green Shot", NFB is "Elemental Cyclone".

Noise Changes (Red Joker version)
-Cygnus Noise: Wind type, weak against swords, +10 to non-elemental cards, +30 to wind cards, Air Shoes, Float Shoes, charged shot becomes "Feather Vulcan", NFB is "Meteorite Barrage'.
-Ox Noise: Fire type, weak against aqua, +50 to fire cards, Super Armor, Auto-Lock on non-elemental Break cards, charged shot becomes "Heat Cannon", NFB is "Atomic Blazer".
-Virgo Noise: Aqua type, weak against elec, +30 to aqua cards, immune to freezing and bubbling, charged shot becomes "Aqua Wave", NFB is "Dynamic Wave".
-Crown Noise: Elec type, weak against wood, +20 to elec cards, summons a special card each turn, non-elemental cards can inflict blindness, charged shot is "Plasma Shot", NFB is "Thunderbolt Blade".
-Wolf Noise: Wood type, weak against fire, +10 to wood cards, +30 to sword cards, Quick Gauge, Auto-lock on for wood cards, charged shot becomes "Shock Claw", NFB is "Elemental Cyclone".

Similar to Double Tribe, the game features "Merging Out". When a "Brother Force" appears in the custom screen, it can be used either to select from that brother's favorites (so much for being told that the Favorites system was gone) or "Merge Out", combining your own Noise with the brother's equipped Noise Change. The example given is Virgo x Ox, where Rockman gains all the attributes from both Noise Changes and becomes a white colored Ox Noise.

Don't have any brothers? Here's something else you can do. When you defeat someone on WiFi, you will be awarded with a "Rival Noise" card, which can be inserted into your Brother Band and it will appear in your Custom Screen during battle as if it were a Brother Force. It will contain the data of the Favorites equipped by your opponent during that battle as well as the Noise Change he/she was using.

The game will include Voice Chat, though it is unknown to what extent the voice chat will function.

The Boss Contest winner is called "Moon Disaster" and has a crescent moon motif. It is described as a conspicuous character fond of song.

First editions of the game will come with toys and stationary depending on the store it's bought from. First Edition Kanzen Guides will include the Gemini Spark Noise card for Noise Modification Gear.

Finally, Wave Station news: (Courtesy of PRC readers jimb0 and Rock Chan)

-Wave Station has updated with a new wallpaper featuring Misora
-Boy band "Kick Chop Busters"will be featured as the theme song for the SSR3 commercials airing in November
-Comedic duo "The Bearded Barons" will be promoting SSR3 through various Coro Coro media outlets.

Phew! What a load!


  1. I don't think there will be 15 bosses lol.

    Every game (RNR and .EXE) have 3 Mega Chip per boss, but they also had other Mega Chips, for example: Meteor.

    and wow, that's lots of info for me xD.

  2. wow thats a lot to take in. def getting black ace because of gemini noise thats closed the deal. and also the corvus noise is a bonus. did you notice in the video before this post that there was no ophuica noise just to gemini noises? plus i think it might have shown the meteor barrage (the thing that black ace used before sfbb)

  3. Meh. I miss EXE. :P

  4. Jack and Quintia = Prometheus and Pandora

    Even Prometheus and Jack LOOK the same!

  5. Wow, that's a lot of new info and extras/improvements. SSR3 is shaping up to possibly become the best in the SSR series.

  6. That's not fair, Black Ace has liek 6 abilities while Red Joker has only 4.

  7. Quite interesting. I'm a little disappointed in Corvus, seems a bit unoriginal. Queentia is also a stupid name. All in all, though, it seems that they're really making this the best Starforce game.

  8. I still have a couple grifes with this game:

    1) With the card theme, I'm thinking that this game might still shy away from the space theme of the first game, just like the second one did...hopefully, though, with the whole meteor and everything, it'll still have the space theme.

    2) Mister King, and the organization in general, just seems too clichéd and cheesy...I know that Mega Man plots and dialogue are rarely NOT cheesy and clichéd, but still, if they're actually trying to make this the best Star Force game, they should probably try to fix up the plot and dialogue as well. I don't think any Battle Network or Star Force villain I've ever been able to take seriously (except maybe Gospel, or Bass), and Mister King definitely doesn't seem like an exception.

  9. Hmm I think voice chat means you can talk to others on wifi like a web cam I think that will be quite cool


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