Thursday, October 30, 2008

More SSR3 Updates! Will It Ever Cease?

I can't get over how much SSR3 news has been spewing out for the past two weeks. Guess we won't see an end until November-ish. Anyway, a crap load of updates today, all from various sources. Let's get to it:

-The Wave Station updated the System section with info about Wifi gameplay. Like previous entries, Wifi is used to connect with your "Brothers" (aptly renamed to "Team Members") and participate in online Wave Battles. In SSR3, Wifi play can be utilized to recieve "Rival Noise" cards from opponents you face online. Like Brother Cards, they will roulette through the rival's four White Cards or merge their equipped Noise Change with yours for "more power." With Wifi battling, you can fight with Brothers--err-Team Members or completely random strangers.

-Possably the best feature of random Wifi Wave Battles is the new "filter" option. Here, you can filter through a list of what kind of opponents you'd like to face. For instance, you can filter out all opponents utilizing Noise Modifaction Cards, thus making battles more "friendly" and less "cheap." Also, you can view your opponents' records and mugshots.

-Outside of battles, you can hold voice chat conversations with Team Members and random strangers.

-In Wifi battles, damage delt to decrease in Noise is toggled to make things "flow."

-The SSR3 mobile site also updated with tons of new character art, specifically art for the new Wizards such as Pedia, Clark, Gardner, Laplace and Mode

-Finally, the wallpaper section updated with a new Burai wallpaper, who is weilding a fine looking sword.


  1. I feel like I've already played the game! XD

  2. It all sounds very good. Can't wait.

  3. -Possably the best feature of random Wifi Wave Battles is the new "filter" option.

    YES, perfect. That was the thing that annoyed me in Ryusei2, always getting matched up with ATK users.


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