Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shooting Star Rockman 3 Demo Now On Japanese Wiis

The SSR3 demo hit Japanese Wiis today via the convenient "Everybody's Nintendo Channel" service. "Nigoli" of The Undersquare was fortunate enough to sit down and play the demo. Here's what he had to say:

-It shows the Controls on the Bottom Screen like the News Post prior. No BGM for Title Screen though.

-The Tutorials as usual, you can now do Camera Side as an option instead of turning the Camera On / Off. There's new Sound Effects as well. The Wave Virus Battle Theme is also pretty catchy.

-The game looks like it has potential, even though the Demo seemed a little repetitive like the previous games. It also stinks that there's no Noise Change System to try in this particular Demo, hence why there's no Noise Gauge in any of my Camera Shots.

Got a Japanese Wii? Do yourself a favor and give SSR3 a try!


  1. Makes me wonder if someone could use a DS emulator's wireless function to connect to the wii and download the demo, then share it with us. >_O

  2. Packet Sniffing seems like a pain. I haven't really gotten it to work myself. T_T

    I wish there was Noise Changes for the Nintendo Channel Demo. The only great things about the Demo is the BGM, new SE, Camera, BeastSwipe1, and SpadeMagnets.

  3. One of my favorite parts of getting a new EXE game was listening to the new music. I remember EXE3's boss music sounded awesome when I first heard it...

    Good times. ;__;

    Anywho, though I'm one of those diehard EXE-is-better-than-RnR people, I'm interested.

  4. Can't you save this demo ? If not, what about DSi and sd card ? :)


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