Sunday, November 30, 2008

GameSetWatch Interviews IntiCreates Sound Team

GameSetWatch had sometime quality time with the IntiCreates sound team to discuss the recently released Rockman 9 Arrange Album. Those being interviewed include the famed Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami and Akira Kaida.

The interview discusses each composer's history in the industry as well as some background into the conception of the various Rockman 9 tunes.

A small portion of the interview:

Akari Kaida: I’m Akari Kaida. I joined Capcom in 1994 and have written for a variety of projects, but as far as Mega Man is concerned, I wrote songs for Mega Man and Bass, Mega Man ZX Advent, and Mega Man Battle Network 1 & 5. I went freelance in 2005, and joined the arrange soundtrack for Mega Man 9 this year.

GSW: You are often credited as Akari Kaida Groves. Is this your formal name?

Kaida: Yes, my husband is Australian, so I compose music under the Western surname of Groves.

GSW: Mega Man & Bass is one of the few early Mega Man titles not to be localized for English-language territories, only receiving a release years later for the Game Boy Advance. There were various musicians who contributed to the soundtrack. Which songs were yours?

Kaida: Let's see, I think they were Cloud Man, Ground Man... and Tengu Man, I'd say. There may have been others, but it's hard to remember.

GSW: What was your contribution to the arrange soundtrack?

Kaida: For the arranged album, Yamada-san suggested I write something stylish and easygoing... a kind of European, French-style scat vocal. The state I was looking to capture was laid back and untroubled. Because quite a few of the other arrangements involved electronic instruments, I was going for a more acoustic sound by comparison. There’s an acoustic guitar in there if you listen closely. It was fun to write.

View the interview in its entirety here.

News Credit: GoNintendo

Rockman & X: One and the Same Or Separate Robots? Some Light On the Issue

One of the most heated debates amongst the fan base is the argument of Rockman X's true identity: Is X the same robot as Classic series Rockman or is he a separate individual bearing the classification of a "Rockman?"

Although no outright answer has ever been given by Inafune san or the games themselves, the fact that official sources dodge the answer to the question is proof in itself. Various source book material constantly refer to X as a separate character, going so far as to establish his own unique set of schematics that greatly differ from Classic series Rockman. If the two were indeed the same character, source books or official supplemental material would have stated so by now.

One of the most intriguing pieces of information supporting the theory of X as a separate character comes from the official Japanese Rockman forum. Years back, a user asked Capcom staff if "Rockman, Rockman X, (and Rockman Trigger)" were the same character. To everyone's surprise, Rockman series staff jumped in and answered the question: All three Rockmen were each separate characters. Interesting yes, but should we take this answer literally? It's debatable.

Like the former "cataclysm theory", this debate will continue to be waged until the day Inafune san himself gives a definitive answer himself.

Until then, let the speculation continue on!

Eddie Lebron Open To Questions/Comments Over Fan Film

I came across this topic at Capcom-Unity today, and I thought you guys might want to partake:

Eddie Lebron, director of the upcoming MegaMan fan film, is "unofficially" accepting user submitted question and/or comments about the film. So far, he's answered quite a few questions regarding casting, special effects, and other misc. comments.

Based on the comments you guys left a while back, I'm certain you have a lot to say to the director himself! Interest? Head over to this topic and await his response(s)!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

MegaMan Plushies At "Great America" Amusement Park

If you're not too busy this weekend and you live in San Fransisco, you may want to pay a visit to the "Great America" amusement park.

According to Capcom-Unity members, Michael and Soultrigger, Great America is giving away several MegaMan plushies as carnival game prizes. The plushies are made and distributed by "Good Stuff Inc.," though interestingly, the plushies aren't stocked at their website.

For those who don't live nearby Great America, I've been informed the plushies periodically pop up on ebay, though I've yet to come across them.

EDIT:Apparently, the plushie along with other pieces of MegaMan merchandise are on Good Stuff's website! Thanks for the correction Zigmund

News Credit: Michael and Soultrigger

SSR3 "Official Perfect Guidebook" Coming Soon

E-Capcom has begun taking pre-orders for Shooting Star Rockman 3's "Official Perfect Guidebook" which is set to be released December 1st.

Retailing for 1,155 Yen, the 288 page book will contain detailed maps, character profiles, and an in depth look at each Battle Card and Noise Change. As an added bonus, the book comes bundled with an exclusive code for the Giga Class Card. Nifty!

Friday, November 28, 2008

SSR3 Event Data Cards

TheRock6650 has provided a video tutorial on obtaining the two promotional Battle Cards in Shooting Star Rockman 3. The cards, "Acid Illegal" and "Meteor of Crimson" are speculated to appear at numerous SSR3 promotional events. Speaking of promotional goodies, it appears there won't be any "promotional" Brothers this time around. That's a shame, I really loved the addition of "First Rockman."

You Decide Shotgun J's Next "RRF!"

PRC's affiliate, StenMan's Shotgun J, is asking viewers to vote on the next "Rockman Random Fact" in honor SSJ's 300th post. The categories are:

1: Intermissions - X8
2: Boobeam Trap - MM2
3: Sniper Joe - MMClassic
4: Cruiser 1001 - X1
5: Red Striker - MM B&C
6: Green Biker Dude - X2
7: Muramasa - EXE/BN
8: Mu Continent - RnR 2
9: Giant Laser - MM2
10: Serpent - ZX

Feel like participating? Send all votes to StenMan himself at kwas71(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. For more details on participation, pay a visit to Shotgun J!

E-Capcom Preps New Rockman 9 Shirt

In honor of Rockman's upcoming anniversary (Dec. 17th, 2008), E-Capcom plans to release a brand new Rockman 9 t-shirt! Well, it's not as cool as a commemorative statue, but it's a start.

The shirt, nicknamed "Road to Rockman 9", will display a chronological list of the main titles in the Classic series (Rockman 1~Rockman 8) on the back, while the front displays numerous characters in 8-bit glory.

Fortunately, such a nifty shirt might not be so hard to obtain. In the past, Play-Asia has stocked numerous Rockman t-shirts from E-Capcom, so chances are, they may have this one available in the near future.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

SSR3 Crushed By the Competition

According to the newest Japanese game charts (courtesy of VGChartz), Shooting Star Rockman 3 sold 23,000 this past week, totaling 88,000 units. Not looking so hot there, eh?

To make things more bleak, SSR3 jumped from the #3 spot all the way down to #10 due to the likes of Animal Crossing City Folk, Chrono Trigger (ftw!), Gundam Vs. Gundam and The Last Remnant. Wow, talk about a week of "AAA" releases.

Hopefully, SSR3 will be able to make the 100,000 unit mark in the coming weeks, though I wouldn't be surprised if it fails to do so. Things aren't looking too good.

"Rockman EXE Legend of the Network" Gameplay

Footage from the little known Rockman EXE mobile phone game, "Legend of the Network."

Like its predecessor, "Phantom of the Network", progression is based upon downloadable "scenarios." Every so often, new scenarios would become available, each slowly advancing the overall plot of the game.

Gameplay wise, LoN remains nearly identical to its GBA brethren, with a few exceptions: The "real world" is not explorable, rather, progression is done through various menus. The network however, is fully explorable. Notably, there's a brand new transformation system reminiscent to the Crosses in EXE 6. (videos depict a Blues.EXE, ThunderMan.EXE and SearchMan.EXE transformation)

Speaking of plot, what does LoN have to offer? Basically, a super virus known as Trojan Horse, has invaded the cyberworld. As usual, Netto and Rockman.EXE step up to the plate to take down this new menace, but they're not alone. Joining them in there fight are two new characters: Cherise and her Navi RaiderMan.EXE (seen in second video).

So yeah, there's LoN. It's not EXE 7, but it's something.

For more in depth information, you can check out "C's" findings here and here

Credits: C, joseph, supermega233 and Dannyz

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Japanese Gaming Market Is Dwindiling

Apparently, the Rockman franchise isn't the only one getting hit with declining sales as of late; according to Japanese newspaper, Nikkei Shimbun, video games sales in general are slowly suffering. Why? Japan use to be the place where the market thrived, what went wrong?

Courtesy of AltJapan:

"Interesting article in yesterday's Nikkei Shimbun, Japan's equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. Entitled "Kuuru Jyapan no Yuuutsu" ("The Melancholy of Cool Japan"), it paints a bleak portrait of the domestic video game industry, noting that the top two video game companies worldwide (EA and Activision-Blizzard) are now foreign. Even more to the point is the domestic market's sluggish growth in spite of a near doubling of the size of the market abroad.
Once Japanese-made games ruled arcades and television screens. What happened?

One reason: the ever-declining birthrate and resulting lack of children. But another factor is more intriguing: the thirtysomethings that currently represent the core audience for games in Japan are increasingly wrapped up in their work and child-rearing duties, resulting in a drop-off of interest in games. In other words, Japan's man-children are finally growing up, and there are fewer and fewer young'uns left to take over their places."

Be sure to read the rest of the article at AltJapan.

SSR3 Manga Scanned and Uploaded

"Star Break" of On-Air fame has kindly scanned the newest chapter of Ryo Takamisaki's Shooting Star Rockman 3 manga adaption.

A summary of the chapter courtesy of the Undersquare:

"The chapter begins with Acid Ace seemingly beaten by what appears to be Rockman Red Joker as Meteor Grave looms in the distance. The scene suddenly changes and Shidou is seen playing a clip of what would happen if the Meteor were to crash into the Earth. Meanwhile, at Kodama Elementary, Subaru is seen being dragged around by Luna and Kizamaro as they demand he assist Gonta and Ox, who attempt to combat an army of Mettrio in the school hallway.

Ox and all the Wizards are having trouble, but War Rock saves the day with his Beast Swing attack. All the other Wizards, including Ox, now feel insufficient. However, Luna is upset that Subaru did not become Rockman, who she was wanting to see.

Later on, a cheerful Magnets is seen giving a lecture to students about an experimental Rocket when Queentia and Jack appear in the shadows. With a simple toss of the Spade card, Magnets is turned into Spade Magnets, who immediately uses his Gravity Rocket attack to fire small missiles everywhere. Rockman gets into action and defends against the missiles using a sword. Spade Magnets then attacks with Magnet Blade, but Rockman counters with Drill Arm. Spade Magnets tries to use Axis Jet but Rockman fires off Heavy Cannon and follows up with Heat Upper. However, contact with Spade Magnets has caused Rockman to feel the effects of Noise waves and he collapses.

Suddenly, an army of Noised Wizards appear. They move in to attack when suddenly a chunk of them are taken out! It's Acid and Shidou! And they become Acid Ace. With a single shot from the Acid Blaster, the Noised Wizards are gone! However, Spade Magnets sneaks up on Rockman and he turns his left arm into a claw, pinning Rockman down with it as Rockman's Noise Level continues to rise. Acid Ace gauges Rockman's Noise level until it hits 100%. A Noise Change occurs! Rockman Cygnus Noise appears and uses his newfound strength to obliterate Spade Magnets with Meteorite Barrage. Luna finds the new Rockman attractive, but before the good guys get a chance to rest, Jack Corvus enters the fray..."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A "Grim n' Gritty" Rockman?

A thought inspired from a discussion at Capcom-Unity:

How would you feel if there was a more "maturer" Rockman title? A game that steps out of the norm and presents a darker, less kid friendly look at the series we know and love.

Realistically, something like this wouldn't happen for many reasons, primarily Inafune san's intent of selling the series to kids. But for just a moment, let us ignore Inafune's policy and think of the possabilities.

Would you purchase such a game?

Rocking Out To Every Song In RM9

Every single song from Rockman 9 remixed/compiled into a seven minute video. A must watch!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Autographed Copy of Rockman X Manga Can Be Yours

Currently up for bidding at Yahoo! Auctions Japan is an autographed copy of Shigeto Ikehara's Rockman X manga (volume 2 to be exact).

The manga is autographed by illustrator Shigeto Ikehara, well known for his Classic series manga interpretations in the early 90's. Ikehara's RMX series ran for a short while in Comic Bom Bom, though he was eventually replaced by the famed Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

As of this writing, the manga is going for 150 Yen ($1.60 USD) with no bids. Die hard collectors might not want to pass this one up.

An Interview With Lucas Gilbertson: Submit Your Questions!

So, the Mark Gatha interview didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. To make up for it, I'm planning on throwing a Q&A/interview session with Lucas Gilbertson, the voice of Zero in MegaMan X8, Command Mission and Maverick Hunter X!

Lucas Gilbertson remains a fan favorite VA in the MegaMan lore, considered to be the best actor who has ever portrayed Zero, successfully reproducing his Japanese counterpart and adding a bit of his own flavor to Zero's demeanor.

As before, I'm requesting of you to submit your questions to Mr. Gilbertson right here in the comments section! Ask him about his role as Zero, his experience in the industry and his love for painting or whatever comes to mind.

Question submissions end Friday, November 28th (black friday!). Hopefully, we'll get some feedback from Mr. Gilbertson, I'm sure he'd love to hear from fans of his work.

Many many thanks to PRC reader Rew for contact information!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scene From Lebron's "MegaMan"

For those who haven't seen it, here's a small clip from Eddie Lebron's MegaMan fan film. Here, we see Dr. Light being interviewed regarding his work on "teleportation."

Bass's Absence In MM9 Officially Explained *SPOILERS*

The lack of Bass in Mega Man 9 certainly ticked quite a few people off.  Where was he? How could a character of his caliber be completely absent?

According to developer commentary in the Arrange Album booklet, Bass was apparently undergoing "adjustments" during the events of MM9. Not only does this explain why he's absent, but also as to why he appears on Dr. Wily's monitor in the final moments of the game. So, presumably, Wily was working on Bass. Why? Who knows; it's up for speculation.

Many thanks to Vixy and marshmellowman for the find!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Did a Second "Anniversary Collection" Once Exist?

An interesting find from PRC reader "George:"

According to a very old issue of Game Informer magazine (October 2003), there was talks of a second Anniversay Collection, one that would have compiled the more obscure Classic series games such as MegaMan Soccer and "MegaMan Chess." MegaMan Chess? What?

Of course, an official MegaMan Chess does not exist, but, it's possible the article was referring to Wily & Right's RockBoard, the untranslated "party game" title for the Famicom (pictured).

On another note, the article stated the second collection would have released two months after the first, sometime around April (Ann. Collection was originally slated for a February '04 release but was delayed till June).

Now, I don't know about you, but I would have killed to see a collection of the more obscure MM games, especially an official RockBoard translation.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Teaser Trailer For Lebron's "MegaMan"

Eddie Lebron's MegaMan fan film is shaping up quite well! The official site recently updated with a brand new teaser trailer, one that gives us a good idea of what to expect from the finished product:

Roll Cleans Up In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Yesterday, Capcom revealed a hefty amount of mini games included within Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, one for every single combatant. Although there was no mention of Rockman Volnutt's specific mini game, Capcom wasn't hesitant to reveal Roll's: "Roll's Big Cleaning."

Players are tasked with cleaning up junk across are long hallway. Players are rewarded points based upon how far they progresses through the stage and how many sections of the hallway they cleaned up. Sounds kinda fun!

Volnutt's mini game shouldn't be too far off, afterall, TvC is releasing in just a few short weeks

News Credit: IGN

"Astro Boy" 2009 Teaser Trailer

No, not quite Rockman related, but news worthy nonetheless!

"Astro Boy," the character that gave rise to Rockman's conception, is getting his very own theatrical animated adaption in late 2009 (October). Produced by Imagi, the CGI film aims to properly reproduce Osamu Tezuka's brainchild to a whole new generation of fans.

The teaser trailer for the film is set to debut before Madagascar 2 and Walt Disney's Bolt, however, Moviefone has already begun streaming it online. Check out the trailer there or right here!:

Further information:

"Set in futuristic Metro City, Astro Boy is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist in the image of the son he has lost. Unable to fulfill the grieving man's expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the father who had rejected him."

News Credit: ANN, IMDb

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prototype/Beta Hacking Project

A call to arms for those who own Rockman/MegaMan prototypes and/or betas:

A good friend of mine, "Nihon", is about to embark on a pet project to hack apart Rockman betas/prototypes in search of all sorts of goodies. Currently, she owns a MegaMan 5 "sample cartridge", but she wants more material to work with. (She particularly wants to find the MMX7 E3 demo (Pictured) or a early build of RM2)

So, if you own any sort of prototype build, do her a favor and dump a ROM image and send it my way. (For personal matters, Nihon doesn't want her address out and about)

Her findings will be posted up either here or at her "soon to debute" blog, "Forever Blue." Thanks guys.

SSR3 Moves 65,000 Units In First Week

Well, here we are, one week after SSR3's release. How's it holding up?

According to VGChartz, both versions of SSR3 managed to move 65,000 units nationwide, coming in at #3 on Japan's charts. Pretty good! Still, when compared to its predecessors, SSR3 is a bit behind. (SSR1: 98k SSR2:80k)

Hopefully, we can expect a bigger number in the coming weeks. After all, the holidays are rapidly approaching!

Heed Luna's advice Japan: "Buy SSR3!"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Classic Series Rockman Invades "Capcom IR"

Visited Capcom's investor relations/financial hub lately? Notice anything interesting? You should. Classic series Rockman and co. have taken over the site's banner, which was formerly dominated by Subaru and WarRock. The new banner features a fun little animation featuring 8-bit sprites. Isn't that cute?

No real specific reason for the makeover, though it can be speculated as a marketing ploy to promote Rockman 9...or maybe Capcom just wanted to spread some Classic series love.

L.M Shin On Download Stations

North American MMSF2 owners can now form a Brother Band with the infamous Legendary Master Shin via the DS Download Stations. Apparently, Shin has been available for over a month alongside "First MegaMan" and the two Battle Cards King Grandeur and LeMu.

Looking for a DS Download Station? Your best bet is to check out your local GameStop/EBGames or a nearby Toys R Us.

News Credit: Hypercoyote

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Gameplay: Roll

ADV Films to Re-release "MegaMan" On DVD

According to RightStuf, ADV Films will be re-releasing the Ruby Spears MegaMan toon on DVD, on January 27th, 2009. "MegaMan DVD Collection 1" (presumably the first season) will retail for $29.98 (RightStuf is selling it for $22.298). Compared to the 2003 DVD sets, that's quite inexpensive.

The 2003 DVDs have been out of print for a few years, so it's kind of nice to see some sort of upgrade. Who knows, maybe we'll get some extras this time around.

This Is What You Hear When the World Ends

What does it sound like when you mesh together all of the stage themes from Rockman 2? This:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rockman DASH Value Pack On Its Way

Play-Asia is currently listing a "Rockman DASH+Rockman DASH 2" value pack for Sony's PSP. Presumably, the pack will bundle the 2005 DASH 1 and 2 PSP ports.

The set retails for a mere $34.90 with an expected release date of January 29th, 2009. With that kind of a budget price, the pack is ideal for those who've yet to play the DASH ports (or either of the two DASH games for that matter). Thankfully, the PSP is region free, so those living outside of Japan can easily play it.

Hopefully, if this pack sells well enough, maybe it'll convince Capcom to produce newer DASH titles, preferably DASH 3.

Here's hoping!

News Credit: The MegaMan Network

Inexpensive "MM: The Power Battle" Arcade Cabinet On Ebay-With a Catch

Ebay seller tagex is currently selling a single Power Battles cabinet, complete with decals. The best part? It's currently at $2.25 USD ($45.00 shipping) with only two bidders. How could you not pass up this opportunity? Well, there's a bit of a catch.

As noted by the seller, the cabinet does not "power up," meaning it's broken. So, if you do happen to win the auction, you're expected to get the machine repaired.

If that's not a problem, bid away! If it is a problem, then there's always these working cabinets here and here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

So, How About That Mark Gatha Interview?

Well, bad news:

Apparently, Mark's agency no longer represents him (agency was the only known way to him). So, by law, they are not allowed to give me any of his personal contact information or his current whereabouts.

So, the interview is kinda dead in the water for now. But, I will hang onto all of your questions and comments just in case!

In the meantime, I'll look into getting contacts of other voice actors/actresses. Any requests?

Burai Noise Change Footage

What Happens Next?

An uncertain future lies ahead for Rockman.

Rockman 9 has finally come, leaving a trail of rampant acclaim and financial success. Shooting Star Rockman 3 released with less than stellar sales and a story that implies the end of the series.

Just where will Capcom take the franchise from here? For the first time in a very long time, we have no clue as to what comes next.

Undoubtedly, we will most likely see a Rockman 10 or a new game from an elder series, but how? In what shape or form? Downloadable? Disc based? 8-bit? 16-bit? HD?

SSR3's release implies the fall of the "hobby style" Rockman games; the financial backbone of the franchise since 2001. Without the annual hobby games and subsequent merchandise, just how well will the franchise perform?

What happens next?

As I see it, Capcom has been playing a game of basketball with us.

For years, Capcom wooed the crowd (the Rockman fans) with repetitious techniques to score. But after years of seeing the same plays over and over again, the crowd eventually stopped cheering. Boredom had settled in. They grew tired of seeing the same thing over and over.

^This basketball game represent our growing boredom of the hobby style games: After being served the same game for seven years, we have grown bored and boy, does it ever show.

Back to the basketball metaphor, Capcom takes note of the crowd's growing boredom. What do they do? How can they win the crowd back over? Taking a risk, they try out a new play. Capcom shoots....they score. The crowd goes wild.

^This is what happened with Rockman 9: Capcom took a risk and released an 8-bit styled game in a "next gen" era receiving unexpected acclaim and praise. Their risk paid off.

With the ball in their court once again, they face the question: "what can we do next?"

Will they repeat that previous risky play to win us over, knowing that we may eventually grow bored of it? (8-bit/retro styled rehashes)

How about a new play? Something we've never see before? (a new series)

Or will they revive an old play that hasn't been seen in many years? (revival of older series)

The ball's in your court Capcom. We're eager to see what you have in store for us next.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

''Retro-Roto'' Toys Spotted at CVS

Got a local CVS nearby? Instead popping in for the usual prescriptions, you may want to check out the toys and games isle. According to PRC readers Kyle and TK-31, CVS stores have begun to stock the MegaMan "Retro-Roto" figures by Jazwares Inc.

TK-31 reports his local CVS (New York, NY) carries GutsMan and MegaMan for a $1.40 each. If that's not a bargain then I don't know what is.

News Credit: Kyle, TK-31

More Hidden Noise Changes In SSR3

It appears the Burai Noise Change (pictured) isn't the only secret transformation. According to Arcadia, there are two additional secret Noise Changes: Acid Noise and Joker Noise.

Stat summaries:

Acid Noise
-Null element
-No weakness
-No new Charge Shot
-Form Out:
Non-time freezing Sword,Null cards +30
Non-time freezing Fire,Aqua,Wood,Elec cards +10
-Color Out:
Warrock Attacks have Break added
Lock-on covers entire field.

Joker Noise
-Null element
-No weakness
-No new Charge Shot
-Form Out:
Non-time freezing cards crack targeted panels
Non-time freezing Break cards +50
-Color Out:
Non-time freezing Null Cards destroy Cards held by opponents
Charge Shot pierces Invisible

Additionally, we now know of Burai Noise Change's stats:

Burai Noise
-Null element
-No weakness
-No Charge Shot
-Form Out:
Non-time freezing Sword cards +50
Every turn, Mu Rejection will block one attack
-Color Out:
Enemy cannot Lock-on
Time freezing attacks don't paralyze

As a side note, the Burai Noise Change is given to players with no "real Brothers."

Expect more secret Noise Changes to come!

News Credit: Major Tom, Anonymous

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Music Composer Bear McCreary Is a MegaMan Fan, Reveals Secret Capcom Project

Apparently, Bear McCreary, the composer to several popular television shows such as Battlestar Galactica and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is a MegaMan fan.

To the right, a photo of Mr. McCreary's various external hard drives which contain every piece of music he has ever written. In order to identify which hard drive is which, Bear labeled each HD with various MegaMan characters.

According to Bear's blog, MegaMan 2 is one of his favorite games of all time. In fact, he even composed his very own arrangement of the theme when he was a kid!

A segment from his blog:
"I’ve actually used a lot of influence from Mega Man in the new season of Eureka. Listen in the first episode of season 3 and you’ll hear some blatantly obvious homages. I’ve introduced a lot of 8-bit NES and Gameboy sounds to my writing template, most of them sampled directly off the old hardware. It’s been a fascinating sound to play around with. I also pulled heavily from 16-bit systems, including the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis for some old-school FM synthesis. One of the things that makes Eureka so much fun is that I get to do this kind of experimentation.
And, I’ve definitely been feeling the itch to go back and do another version of the Mega Man II theme, which is the most kick-ass piece of music to come from the NES. A full McCreary / orchestral / rock arrangement would truly kick ass. Honestly, I just need the excuse to do it. Someone should just hire me to score a new Mega Man game! :) I’m actually doing a project for Capcom later this year… maybe I’ll suggest it to them. "

Whoa, a McCreary Capcom project?  MegaMan related?  My mind is beginning to wander...

News Credit: Phospher Dot Fossils

Friday, November 14, 2008

SSR3 First Day Sales

According to VGChartz, Black Ace and Red Joker collectively moved 30,000 units on its first day on sale. That's pretty good, but how does it compare to the previous games?

SSR1 sold around 93,000 on its first day while SSR2 sold 44,000. Compare those numbers to SSR3...ouch.

One thing we have to take into consideration is the shape of Japan's economy at the moment. Like the US, Japan is in a bit of a sticky situation. Japanese consumers are holding back on their purchases to save money in case the situation grows worse. Thus, there has been a steady decline in video game sales.

We'll see how things look in a week.

Update On Mark Gatha Interview

Just a very brief update:

I've sent Mark an e-mail yesterday, so hopefully we'll get on that interview/Q&A thing soon. So, look forward to it and stay tuned!

Rockman Rips Wood Man a New One

Looking a little vicious there eh Rockman?

Rockman shows Wood Man no mercy in this very old magazine ad for Rockman 2. No, this isn't fan art, this is official. Seriously. According to Carl's blog, the ad was printed in a February 1989 issue of "Beep: Magazine for Game Kids" to promote the RM2.

Strangely, Rockman bares a close resemblance to that of Rockman X. Hmm... A source of inspiration?

Anyone else find this a little disturbing?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hold Onto Your Hats...Burai Noise Change In SSR3

Wow, what a week for SSR3 news.

According to several GameFaqs members, It's possible to unearth a hidden Burai Noise Change in SSR3. Currently, there is no word on how it's obtained, but the Brother Band screen seems to indicate the possible return of the "Indie-Frags" from SSR2.

More information as it develops.

Thanks to all who sent this one in!

Blues and Forte Return In SSR3...Sort Of

According to latest Coro Coro Comic, Blues and Forte.EXE appear in SSR3 in the form of two Secret Satellite Server levels.

Supposedly,the Secret Satellite Server is made out of 32 levels, each level contains its very own unique folder. It is unknown as to what is contained in the Blues and Forte levels at the moment, but we should know more about it very soon.

News Credit: Rockman Redux

Bearded Barons Celebrate SSR3 Launch+Candy Bar Promotion

They're back! The Bearded Barons return to celebrate the release of Shooting Star Rockman 3 with none other than Rockman himself. Now that SSR3 has been released, will this be the last time we see the Bearded Barons? I certainly hope not!

Famitsu also brings word of yet another SSR3 promotion. Rockman will be gracing the package of a popular candy bar in Japan, which apparently is present as a "Key Item" in SSR3. Even more interesting is the fact that the candy bar is "cheese flavored." Yum.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mysterious MMX Demo Cart On Ebay

Ebay seller toysoldandnew, is selling a cache of supposed Super Nintendo demo carts of which include a mysterious MMX cartridge:

"Megaman X game cartridge with odd label for the Super Nintendo in perfect working order.I had posted a thread about these cartridges on Digitpress about two months ago and received some plausible theories about what this cartridge is.

Like the picture above, some say Majesco Sales Inc, while other samples say Must Be Returned To QC, have nothing or have Blank written in ink on them under the title.

What it could be:
Could be an In-House Test Cart, but have no way to know this.
Others have mentioned it could be an In-Store demo release.
Some say it could be Majesco Overstock.

What it is NOT:
It is NOT a prototype.
Certainly not a rental as a few thought.
Why would they take the original labels off and replace with something like this?

Putting up as a Fixed Price Buy It Now with Best Offer.

If you can open up the shell or dump the chip, then this is for you.
Worst case, you get a good game with an odd label.
Best case, you get a part of gaming history.

For a mere $24.99, this doesn't seem like such a bad offer, especially when you consider how "rare" the cart may turn out to be.

SSR3 Gameplay From Leak (Possible Spoilers)

Altering the battlefield (Things pick up from 0:52 and onwards)

Comp Space tutorial

Opening play through

Impressed? I know I am.

Shooting Star Rockman 3: "Capcom Went All Out On This One"

If you haven't heard the news, SSR3 was dumped and leaked onto the net yesterday, a day and a half before its official Japanese release. Obviously, I'm not informing you of this so you can run out and download it (DON'T), moreover, I'm informing you of this to prepare you for an individual's impression of the leaked Rom.

PRC reader, "JJ" managed to play a good hour out of the game, just enough play time to satisfy his SSR3 craving (JJ deleted the Rom afterwards). So, how does SSR3 fair? JJ had this to say:

"SSR3 is, without a doubt the best in the series. I can't even begin to tell you how much of an improvement it is over the prequels, Capcom went all out on this one. Not much has changed outside of battle other than a few aesthetics (the menus and environments kick ass), but the battles are a whole new ball game. At first glance, battles appear to be the same as SSR1 and SSR2's, but this is not so.

Thanks to the new "Area Steal" ability, battles are MUCH more action oriented and strategical. Periodically, Battle Cards appear in the background of the Custom Screen. Selecting these cards allows you to sacrifice them into an Area Steal Card. When used, WarRock pops out and destroys a row of panels ahead of you, thus moving closer to the enemies. The best news is, the ability to Area Steal appears quite often so I highly suggest utilizing it every single time. It makes battles a lot more fun.

Now about the side view, it isn't what you think. Activating the side view camera does not put the battles into a 2D view the whole time. Instead, the camera shifts to a side view when you execute a WarRock attack. Disappointing, but it's still kind of nice.
I really can't put into words how different the battles are. Not only do they feel more like EXE type battles, but it for once feels like an improvement over them.

Of note, this is the very first time I have actually enjoyed playing an SSR game. I was a hater, but not any more. Seriously, all of you give this a try, though I encourage you to not download the Rom but buy the game. Take it from me, chums: this one is 100% worth the price of admission."

Hey, sounds good to me.

So, do any of you have plans to purchase (not download) SSR3? Anyone out there who hasn't been interested in the Shooting Star series up until now?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old, Cheesey Mega Man Bandai Toy Commercial

Cool back then, nauseating now.

"Namco x Capcom" Translation Reveals DASH Plot

A translation of Namco x Capcom's script has surfaced and with it comes plot details of the Rockman DASH portion of the game.

Taking place in between DASH 1 and 2, Juno is inexplicably revived to reap vengeance upon "the Decoys" (humans). Although considered non canon (due to several inconstant plot details), the story sheds some light on the functions of Eden (Carbon Reinitialization Satellite) as well further insight to the world of the series.

Without further adieu, here is the translated DASH plot as summarized by "Zan:"

"He (Juno) introduces himself without any memory of the DASH1 events. Roll wonders who it is. Tron and Rock however are immediately alarmed by his presence as he is the one Rock fought inside of the Main Gate. It seems that as a result of the DASH1 events, Juno's previous body was destroyed by Rock and his memory was almost completely erased by Data. His current self is a new Rockman Juno with only portions of his memory restored because the reconstructive process did not entirely succeed. (The reconstruction was carried over by crossover character Grand Master Meio who became interested in the technology used to create Juno. He also seems to be responsible for Juno's new body.)

Rock knows he has to destroy Juno before he regains his memory, as Juno would attempt to wipe out the Decoys again. Over time, Juno begins to realize he met and fought Rock before, Rock's strong emotional responses toward Juno also motivate him to regain his lost memory. As Juno's memory recovers, Roll too is informed about the mysteries of Rock's past. The name Rockman Trigger is brought up and Juno notes that it is significant, he also begins to speak to Rock as his superior "Lord Rockman Trigger." (Rockman Trigger-sama?)

Juno plans to reinitialize the Decoys of Earth using Eden and by the magic of crossover he's conducting an experiment to enhance Eden's area of effect beyond regional scope, able to terminate all Decoys on the planet. Juno however is constantly met with resistance and begins showing irregular behavior, his logic systems seem defected as he starts blaming others for own failure. Rock questions him about it not even aware of the meaning of the term, despite realizing this is what is happening to Juno. Having turned completely irregular according to Rock, Juno completes his experiment and gives us previously unknown information about the nature of Eden.

The final battle between Juno and Rock finally occurs, Juno regains his memories and realizes Rock's memory isn't complete either. Roll's interested in knowing what this "Trigger thing" is. And Juno explains Rock is Rockman Trigger Purging Officer First Class. Roll questions who Rock is and Rock has to reassure her he is himself, his name is Rock Volnutt. Rock defeats Juno and says his final farewell to him.

Credit: Zan

"Not For Sale" Promotional Goodies Can Be Yours

Have you ever desired to own some sort of promotional display from GameStop? You know, like those over sized standees or cardboard banners? I know I have, thankfully there's plenty of these items on ebay, but not too many are related to our beloved Blue Bomber.

And that's where Yahoo! Auctions Japan comes in. Currently up for bidding, is a set chock full of Rockman.EXE promotional materials ranging from cardboard cut outs and banners to empty display boxes. Presumably, these items where on display at local Japanese game stores and could not be purchased by the public consumer.

Of course, the items are small and measly, but somebody out there may value them. Interested? Check out the auction here.

Credit: Ralene

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mega Man 3 On North American VC Today

Get ready to drop 500 Wii Points, Mega Man 3 landed on the Virtual Console today!

"Mega Man™ 3 (NES™, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Cartoon Violence, 500 Wii Points): In the year 200X, the notorious Dr. Wily, now reformed and working for the forces of good, works hand-in-hand with Dr. Light to build a new type of peacekeeping robot. When a new set of eight Robot Masters escapes the lab to wreak havoc on the world at large, only Mega Man can save the day. This time, Mega Man must rely on his new slide move and canine companion Rush to conquer the stages and vanquish evil. A new character, Proto Man, adds to the mystery and appeal of this seminal title in the famous action-game series."

Missed the ability to slide in MM9? MM3's got you covered.

News Credit: Jimb0

SSR3 At Akihabara: Advertisments and New Trailer

Trailer begins at 0:45

How Likely Is DASH 3? Minoru Nakai Speaks

411mania took the opportunity to interview Minoru Nakai, Rockman DASH 2's scenario writer and producer of the up and coming Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop!. As with all interviews with Capcom staff previously involved in the DASH series, the usual question was popped: "Any plans for a sequel anytime soon?" Nakai san's answer:

"Certainly we hear this question a lot. People are really looking forward to the day when we finally do get a chance to do a sequel, especially one for Rockman DASH. There's a lot of people, myself included, who want to make the sequels, but you really have to weigh the capacity of the company and look at all the other games that we're involved in creating right now, and right now it seems like the capacity and the timing isn't quite right for that sequel, but there are a lot of people who really want to make one, so it's certainly something to think about, but not right at this moment."

Nakai san also noted he's more interested in developing a sequel to Rockman DASH 2 than Tron Ni Kobun (The Misadventures of Tron Bonne).

So, it appears all hope is not lost; DASH 3 may be on its way, though not any time soon. All I can say is, We the fans are the backbone of the franchise; we make it what it is. Through continued support, we'll eventually prosper. DASH 3's arrival will be our doing.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

GameFaqs Character Battle Heats Up: Zero and MM Join the Fray

Good news: MMX survived the previous round. Bad news: MegaMan and Zero face off today. You can only pick one. Where does your loyalty lie?

Yes, Classic series MegaMan and Zero have made their way to the next round of GameFaq's seventh annual character battle. Facing the dynamic duo are none other than Portal's Companion Cube and MGS' Solid Snake. Oh boy, this one's going to be a doozy.
Currently, Solid Snake has the lead with MM and the Companion Cube neck and neck. Zero however, remains dead last. :/

As much as I'd love to see the Companion Cube make number one, it'd still be great to see someone from our beloved franchise make it to the top.

Head over to GameFaqs and vote away!

News Credit: Ralene

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whoa, Dr. Light To Be Playable In "Street Fighter IV?"

If the newest issue of Famitsu is any indication, Dr. Light may actually appear as a playable character in Street Fight IV. Joke character anyone?

Currently, a translation of the scan does not exist, so his presence in SFIV is pure speculation. However, the idea of Dr. Light appearing in SFIV doesn't seem so far fetched: the X series games are known to contain hidden Street Fighter moves, all of which are given to the player by Dr. Light himself.

Of course, this may turn out to be nothing at all. JunkmanSP has informed me the article might be making fun of Gouken's beard in comparision with Light's own. Until a translation of the article surfaces, consider this to be one hell of a rumor.

News Credit: JunkmanSP, Destructoid

Under Appreciated Robot Masters

Do you have a personal favorite Robot Master that no one talks about?

When discussing Robot Masters, the usual suspects always come to mind: Cut Man, Metal Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Shadow Man, Air Man, Fire Man. The list goes on. But, there are many RMs that remain forgotten, some of which might even be ones you absolutely adore and respect.

Gemini Man, my personal favorite, always remains forgotten. C'mon, who doesn't love a robot who can clone himself? That's just freaking awesome.

So, how about you? Any personal favorite RMs that remains forgotten in the public eye? Discuss away!

Secret Satellite Server Data Book Details+A Lone Wallpaper

Oh joy, the Wave Station updated once more!

-First and foremost, Capcom has posted details about the upcoming "Secret Satellite Server" data book. Using an enclosed "master card", players can unlock special Folders to be used with various Noise Changes. The master card can also be used to gain special access to a Satellite Server on the Brother Band screen. By traversing through various "levels", players will be awarded with exclusive Battle Cards. Access Codes are needed to further progress through the Satellite Server. These codes are presumed to be found within in the game or in the pages of the Secret Satellite Server book.

-The newest wallpaper features Rockman striking a pose against a very tantalizing back drop. The message, “Get ready to face the ultimate climax” seems a little daunting. What exactly is Capcom trying to say?

News Credit: Tim

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rockman ZX Garage Kits Invade Y! Auctions Japan

Thanks to Ralene for pointing this out:

Yahoo! Auctions Japan is featuring three Rockman garage kit auctions: Model X, Model ZX (Aile) and the infamous Prometheus kit.

Notably, all three kits are unbuilt and unpainted, leaving the lucky winner with all the work! Still, the end results look to be worthy of the time and effort involved.

Even if you're not considering bidding on the kits (which I might add, are quite pricey), check out their individual pages to view the completed models. Well worth a look, particularily the finised Prometheus. Oh so awesome.

News Credit: Ralene

Bearded Barons Promote SSR3+Secret Boss Battle Rumor

This has got to be the strangest promotion campaign I have ever seen.

Japanese comedic duo, "The Bearded Barons" have kicked off their SSR3 promotional campaign with a short video on the Wave Station. The two men speak of a sixteenth century prophecy that foretold the coming of SSR3. Weird? Yes. Entertaining? Indeed.

In other news, I received a tip that the latest issue of Coro Coro Comic will reveal a "secret boss fight" in SSR3. The identity of the boss is unknown at this time, however Coro Coro has apparently labeled the hidden boss as an "old foe." Hmm... Will see what comes of this.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Search For the MegaMan Promo Tape

As much as I enjoyed the Ruby Spears Mega Man toon, I would have liked the show a lot more if it had looked a little something like this------>

No, that's not a still from the "Upon a Star" OVA, rather, a snap shot of the precursor to the Ruby Spears toon that most of us know and love.

Before production even began on the MM cartoon, Capcom distributed a short five minute promotional VHS featuring animation and character designs similar to that of the games. The VHS was later sent out to several networks in an attempt to "sell the show."

Once a network picked up the show, the animators, for one reason or another, decided to change the animation style to the one seen today. Notably, scenes from the promo can still be found within the final product's opening titles.

Years after the show's conception and cancellation, many still ponder the location of this promotional tape. I've been told from numerous sources that at least two copies of the tape exists, one of which currently resides in the hands of an "unknown MegaMan fan."

Hopefully, one day, this unknown fan will reveal himself and distribute the promo online for all to enjoy. Until then, let us enjoy what we got instead.(click the link to be amused)

For more information about the promo video, check out the MegaMan Homepage's write up.

Image credit: MMHP