Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Interesting Rockman 9 Find

You knew it was coming. Sprite rippers have begun ripping the Wii version of Rockman 9.

Sprite ripping brings about the usual suspects: animation frames, tile sets, backgrounds, items, etc. But sometimes, rippers manage to find unused data buried in within the game. Rockman 9 is no exception.

The fine folks at Sprites Inc. have discovered this little fellow above. I most certainly don't recall ever seeing him in the game, (Note: I've yet to play the special stage, so I could be wrong) thus we can assume he's a removed enemy most likely from an early build of RM9.

Of course, maybe he wasn't removed from the game at all, instead he may be apart of future DLC. New enemies? Who knows.


  1. Not to mention there are sprites of Mega Man sliding too...

  2. Yes, Tobes has stumbled upon the truth -- this is none other than the precursor to the epic GBD. All Hail!


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