Thursday, October 9, 2008

'MegaMan 3' Heading to the Virtual Console

Ahh the every faithful OFLC, the rating board that brought us news of Rockman 9. When have you failed us?

According to the most recent OFLC entry, MegaMan 3 is slated to hit the Wii's Virtual Console sometime in the future.

Don't expect to see the game soon though, the rating was recently registered on October 2nd. If MM1 and MM2 were any indication, we may have a bit of a wait ahead of us.


  1. Am I seeing things or does that screenshot say multi-platform?

  2. Please for the love of Dr. Light, release MM1-3 on Xbox 360. I am having a blast racking up achievements on MM9, and I'd love to do the same on 1-3.
    That, and the graphics on MM Anniversary get a little weird sometimes.

  3. @santaclaus89:

    Indeed it does say that, however I wouldn't look too much into it. The applicant seems to be a subsidiary of Nintendo, Nintendo of Australia.

    After all, MM2's rating says Mulit Platform but we've yet to see it released anywhere outside of the VC.

  4. You know, it would be pretty cool if they released these games with leader boards and achievements like they did with Mega Man 9. I can beat Magnet Man's stage pretty quickly.

  5. 'Bout effin' time! 'Course if this is anything like MM1-2, yeah there could be a wait.


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