Monday, October 20, 2008

Translated Preview of Takamisaki's SSR3 Adaption

Ryo Takamisaki's Shooting Star Rockman 3 manga adaption is set to debut in next month's Coro Coro Comic. Those eager to see Takamisaki's take on the series can rest easy, we have ourselves a three page english.

Props for the scans and translations go out to Malik of Shooting Star Rockman On-Air. Check out her efforts here.

For the uninformed, Ryo Takamisaki was the creative force behind Rockman.EXE's Coro Coro adaption. It was long rumored he would helm the Ryuusei adaption (upon the manga's announcment in late 2006), but he was seemingly replaced by Masaya Itagaki.

I must say, it's a bit refreshing to see Takamisaki return to the franchise. The previous SSR manga was far too silly (both in the plot and art departs) for it's own good. Here's hoping for more Takamisaki quality!


  1. Ryo Takamisaki's NT work was in a league of its own. Quality, fan service, humour -- all top-notch. It's strange that he's worked on so few manga. Here's to hoping he does as well with SF.

  2. Looks interesting... But no matter how good it is, the ryusei series as a whole will never reach the EXE series. I hope this manga doesn't make people forget even more about EXE. Sure, ryusei is fun and it should be enjoyed. But I was disappointed when all the EXE fans and fan sites went over to Ryusei world. Now REO is the only one left and it's dead. ;__;

  3. I had some sort of weird dream or something (Maybe just a daydream) about a third iteration of the anime... It was cool. Even though I haven't even seen much of the first two. XD

    Ryusei is shaping up. Still not quite as good as EXE though. >_O


    I really liked his EXE manga (got all the volumes too), it was awesome and I liked how different the story was from the games. I hope his Ryusei manga does well (and gets translated) :)

  5. Nice! Ryo Takamisaki returns! I loved the EXE manga (Got every volume too), so I can't wait to see his work with SF. I hope it gets localized too.

  6. I wish Takamisaki's EXE is more like the other counter part "Battle Story".

    The first part of EXE is actually good, but lately it becomes something like DRAGON BALL Z in NET SPACE! okay, for kiddies it might work but... I hoped for the better.

    Anyway, I hope he could handle Subaru's emotion right.


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