Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Form a Brother Band With MegaMan Himself. No Really.

This is a surprise.

North American DS Download Stations (at participating stores) have added the ability to form a Brother Band with "1st MegaMan" (AKA Classic series MM)" in MegaMan Star Force 2 (Ninja/Saurian versions).

In addition to "1st MM", users can also download the secret Battle Cards, "King Grand Ranger" and "Le Mu."

The promotion previously ran in Japan way back in December 2007. Participants of the Wave Masters tourney received 1st Rockman and the two cards as promotional gifts.

Still playing MMSF2? Head down to your local DS Download Station and download away.

More pics of 1st MM here.

News Credit: GoNintendo


  1. How long does this last and what stores?

  2. Usually, DS Download assets hang around for a month.

    GameStop, EBGames and Toys R Us usually carry DS Download Stations. You don't have to go inside the store to access them, you can usually sit outside and still get a signal.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this. I'm not sure any stores in my area actually have a Download Station, but I guess its time to find out.

  4. Grr, I haven't even beat SF1 yet. How far do you have to go in SF2 to get the brotherband system? I don't wanna spoil anything....

  5. Aw sweet! I better find which stores hold these.


    You can form a brotherband in SF2 as soon as you get the brotherband explanation, pretty early before the first boss.

  6. i hope they'll do this in UK, specifically England, aswell, we dont get many special events here

  7. Nintendo Europe probably can't do anything at the moment, since the game isn't estimated in PAL regions until at least 31/10. I've never seen a DS Download Station in Australia, or heard of any here or in other PAL regions.

    Although, this is probably something people in the US can check: Are these goodies on the Wii Nintendo Channel's DS Service? As for locations in the US, stick with what Protodude said up above.

  8. True, and don't you also have to have a copy of the game from that same region? My copy is USA region so wouldnt that be useless if they did it over here?

  9. No real point in having data for a US game in a PAL unit, right?

  10. yeah, i guess, curse my impatience

  11. Dunno if anyone is still reading this thread, but is this still on the download stations? Do all download stations have the same content?

  12. ^
    Most download stations have the same content, some get new material before others, etc.

    I havnt been to GS in a while, so I'm not sure if its still up for grabs


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