Friday, July 31, 2009

Auction - 20th Ann. Shirt Signed By Infaune

Get ready to unload your Unity points. Capcom's got a spiffy Mega Man 20th anniversary shirt signed by Keiji Inafune up on the auction block.

To bid, you have to be a registered Capcom Unity member and have a sufficient amount of Unity Points (read up on that here.) There's other stuff up for grabs as well, check those out here.

Fortunately for me, I'll be saving my Unity Points for another day; I already own such a treasure.

Three To Four New Characters In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Eagerly awaiting the unveiling of new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom characters? Well here's a little something to wet your appetite. In an interview with Siliconera, Ryota Niitsuma, producer of TVC, discussed his intentions of adding at least three to four (maybe more) new playable characters for the North American version:

S: What can you tell us about these new characters? Are they going to be split evenly between the Tatsunoko and Capcom sides?

RN: In the end we want to have a good balance between the Tatsunoko side and the Capcom side, a split down the middle with characters on both sides. We’re still working on which characters to add and ones to put in so I can’t give you any specifics on that.

RN: Right now I’m looking at around three to four, maybe more. Nothing has been finalized yet. We will be making an announcement very soon about how many characters and who they are.

Hopefully, we'll get an announcement or two sooner than later. I've been so patient! Check out the full Ryota Niitsuma here for more NA version details!

Credit: GoNintendo

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mega Man Megamix Up For Preorder

Hitoshi Ariga's acclaimed Rockman Megamix manga is FINALLY coming stateside courtesy of Udon Entertainment:Amazon is currently accepting preorders for Mega Man Megamix Volume 1, slated to release on February 13th, 2010 for $12.95.

You stoked?

The Mega Man Chevy Uplander

What's cooler than the Oscar Mayer Weenier Mobile? How about a spiffy Mega Man Chevy Uplander? It's ture; way back in 2005, select models of the Chevy Uplander came equipped with a 40GB multimedia entertainment system featuring built-in Mega Man games to entertain backseat passengers during those long-winded family outings.

Unfortunately, it was never specified which MM games graced the system, but an old preview for the automobile seemed to indicate they spanned across the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

Care to enlighten us, Uplander owners?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Mega Man: Complete History" Coming Soon

It appears a new Mega Man book is coming down the pike. Barnes & Noble have begun taking pre-orders for "Mega Man: Complete History", set to ship on October 1st, 2009. The book, announced in the summer of 2007 alongside a Street Fighter counterpart, is said to include in-depth information on the franchise's history:
"From napkin-scrawled idea to production to million-selling success, both series’ histories will be told in extreme detail in original text and interviews with the developers, animators, and other industry folks. We’re going to pack in tons of art, too–early concept stuff as well as memorable character sprites. My favorite part may be the package itself, though–these are going to be paperbacks, but they’ll come in a partial slipcase that looks like an original Nintendo cartridge sleeve. "
Very sweet. I'm certainly looking forward to this!

Of note, this has nothing to do with R20. R20 is being split into two volumes by Udon Entertainment: Mega Man Official Complete Works on Oct. 14, Mega Man X Official Complete Works on Dec. 14th.

The "Real Truth" About Mega Man

Comedian Kevin Lieber (aka 'Julius Bloop') uncovers the hidden truth about Mega Man and co. in this special expose video:

Thanks for the link, GM!

Rockman Pinball?

Not much is known about this contraption other than the facts that it is a) licensed by Capcom and b) produced in 1993.

Based on this lone picture, it appears the objective is to hit the back row of Mettool icons to score points while a looming Dr. Wily moves on a fixed path to block your shots. Yup, typical Wily antics.

Notably, this isn't the only time Rockman graced the good game of pinball: Japanese mobile phones were treated to Rockman Pinball in 2004 followed by a European version some time after.

via Gyroman

Playing Mega Man For Charity

On August 14th at 6PM cst, The Speed Gamers will embark on a 72 hour Mega Man marathon to raise money for the Earth Day Network charity, an effort to "broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable environment."

While the playing is happening, you'll have the opportunity to view a live stream of the action on their website. Viewers will have the option to donate funds and maybe even win a few prizes.

So far, these guys have raised 82,000 from their past efforts, a majority of which recently came from their 168 hour Final Fantasy marathon a few days back. Simply amazing.

Learn more about the marathon and The Speed Gamers at their official website here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marvel VS Capcom 2 Releases Tomorrow

Friendly reminder: fan favorite fighter, Marvel VS. Capcom 2, hits the Xbox 360 tomorrow via the Xbox Live Market Place for 1200 MS Points.

For the unfamiliar, this particular edition of the game offers new features including online play, achievements, and cleaned up visuals. What more could you want?

Unfortunately, PS3 owners will have to wait a couple extra weeks to get their hands on the game; MvC2 won't release until August 13th.

Irregular Hunter/Rockman Rockman Value Pack Website Opens

Capcom has recently opened the doors to a small web page promoting the upcoming Irregular Hunter X/Rockman Rockman PSP value pack.
It's a pretty bare bones web page, not much to look at other than a few shots of the packaging and the bonus soundtrack (pictured). The value pack, and it's subsequent soundtrack (featuring 30 tracks worth of IHX/RR music) will ship on September 17th, 2009 with a 2,900 Yen price tag ($30).

Credit: Cap Kobun

UPDATE - Bigger album art from Famitsu:

Rockman Happy Meal

Rockman Happy Meals? You bet. In late 2006, Capcom teamed up with McDonalds to distribute a series of holographic Ryuusei no Rockman trading cards for Japanese Happy Meals. The TV commercial for said cards, below:

Man, those kids are excited.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Virtual Console Troubles

A bit of disturbing news has come to light regarding the lack of Nintendo Wii Virtual Console releases in NA territories. Courtesy of Nintendo Raw:
" Jorge from The Gamebag emailed Nintendo of America support about the lack of Virtual Console titles and Nintendo Channel. Here’s what they said…

We understand your concern about the lack of service on the VC as of late. Due to sales numbers being far greater recently on Wiiware than on Virtual Console, we have decided to steer in the direction of WiiWare.
Also, we in America have NO plans to update the Internet Channel or the Nintendo Channel. We hope you understand”

Incredibly depressing, more so when you consider the immense amount of high quality classics that have yet to hit the service (MMX1-3, EarthBound, Yoshi's Island, just to name a few)

Hope to here more on this soon.

"Super Mega Man" - Early Mega Man X Preview

Back before Mega Man X came to be known as Mega Man X, the game assumed the title of "Super Mega Man." Game Players magazine, in March of '93, featured an interview with Capcom's former senior VP, Joeseph Morici where he talked a little about Super Mega Man among other topics of interest (such as why he renamed 'Rockman' to 'Mega Man'). The scan below.

What I found particularly interesting was the reference to Super Mega Man's "battery backup" save feature, which remains completely absent in the final product and its subsequent SNES sequels. Capcom finally took advantage of this feature with the Super Famicom version of Rockman & Forte in '98.

Crimson Meteor Battle Card Now Available On Nintendo Channel

North American Wii owners can download the all powerful Crimson Dragon battle card from the Nintendo Channel today. Simply head on over to the DS Download Play menu, follow the on screen instructions and boom - there you go.

Crimson Meteor, a Giga class card, unleashes an attack that hits all panels twice with a whopping 300x2 attack power; 600 damage total.


Star Force 3 Sales Update

VGChartz indicates that Mega Man Star Force 3 brought in an additional 19,000 in sales last week, bringing our total up to 42,500 units as of July 18th, 2009. SF3 now places at number 18 on the North American charts, eleven points ahead of last last weeks rankings.

Not too shabby.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ultra Cool Wonder Festival Rockman Models

Wonder Festival 2009 kicked off in Japan today, and with it comes new home-made Rockman models.

Two Zero series styled Zero models were on display; a buffed version (pictured) and a Omega Zero version complete with interchangeable weapons.

There was some classic series love, too. Designer group, Dimension Diver, showed off fully pose-able Rockman and Roll kits standing at 11cm in height. Very, very cool.

Unfortunately, these guys aren't for sale, at least not at the moment. Usually, the creators of said models will independently distribute them through auction house services such as Yahoo Auctions Japan, which requires a proxy in order to bid.

For more pictures of these and many other non-Rockman related models, skip on over to Dengenki.

MM9 Dr. Wily Machine Theme/ Lady Gaga Mix

For your listening pleasure, here's an impressive mash-up of Mega Man 9's arranged version of Dr. Wily Machine with Lady Gaga's "Just Dance", created by Keiji Dragon. Surprisingly, the two songs work really nice together:

Another Mega Man T-Shirt Spotting

A new retro Mega Man tee has been spotted at a Hot Topic retailer in Kentucky. Available in blue, the $19 shirt features all six original robot masters circling an oversized Mega Man sprite.

Snag your own at Hot Topic's online store, which is offering the shirt in a variety of sizes and prices.

Thanks for the heads up, Hardcore Hecxz.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What's Next For Mega Man?

The topic of "what's next for Mega Man" reared its head during Capcom's Comic Con Q&A session. Seth Killian took the reigns to answer. From G4TV:
Killian said Mega Man 9 was a "big surprise" to much of the company. Keiji Inafune, the man behind the blue bomber and a driving force for much of what Capcom develops these days, is the one who makes that decision.

"When Inafune-san wants to make a game happen he can really make it happen quickly," said Killian. "I think it's worth being hopeful." (G4TV)

And with that, we can only hope for the best. Bring on MML3 and X9!

Bear McCreary Does Mega Man

Bear McCreary, composer for Capcom's Dark Void is a big Mega Man fan. So big that he felt it would be appropriate to compose an arranged version of Dark Void's theme in 8-bit "Mega Man style." Have a listen:

The track was made as a special tribute to Keiji Inafune who is working alongside Bear during Dark Void's production. Nice!

Source: Original Sound Version

Big Mega Man Plush Spotted

A humongous Mega Man plush (14 inches tall!) was recently spotted by PRC reader Aubrey at her local crane game machine. Produced by "Good Stuff", the plushie is a common item around the Buffalo NY area. This particular example was found (and won) in South Syracuse.

A few pictures of the big guy can be found here. Thanks, Aubrey!

Coffee Blend #107

Coffee blend "#107." Sound familiar? Ace Attorney fans will note that blend #107 is a reference to legendary prosecutor Godot:

Don't you just love cross franchise references? Props to Drallkan for pointing this out and RupeeClock for the video.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SF3's Inside Joke

Playing through Star Force 3 the other day, I came across a character who had something very interesting to share:
"I finally got my grandson the correct version of the game he wanted. And now I hear they're coming out with a sequel! People these days are always out to milk money out of customers!"
Huh, if I didn't know better, I think Capcom's trying to imply something...

You can find this particular character at the Spica Mall event area. His dialogue varies depending on your progression, so you might not have this exact conversion.

Servbots Take A Beating

The Servbots are going against Shuma Gorath over at the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Showdown Spotlight poll. Unfortunately, the little guys are getting their butts kicked; as of this writing the Servbots hold a mere twenty nine percent of the vote, Gorath with a whopping seventy one.

Will they overcome? Only you can decide! Add your vote here.

Apparently, Guts Man Married Roll

Matthew Hawkins dug up some old Nickelodeon Magazine articles about past video game characters and what they've been up to since their last game appearance. Guts Man's profile in particular is downright goofy, since he's apparently become a veterinarian and settled down with Roll:Wow.

Credit: GoNintendo

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rockman 1 Complete Works Coming To PSN

For those with access to the Japanese PlayStation Store, you can grab yourself a copy of Rockman 1 Complete Works for a mere $6 starting on August 12th, 2009. Previously, RMCW was only available as a downloadable raffle prize during a special Rockman 9 promotion.

Source: andriasang
Credit: The Mega Man Network

Interesting Mega Man 9 Easter Egg

Discovered by Capcom Unity forumgoer Alexis:

On the left, Dr. Light's lab from Mega Man 9. The right, the intro cutscene from Mega Man 4. Depicted in both shots is the device used to transform Rock into Mega Man.


The final MM9 secret, perhaps?


New Fan-made Star Force 3 Programs

The Rockman EXE Zone has released an updated version of the Star Force avatar tool generator. The latest patch now supports the Team Logo system in SF3, enabling users to create and design their own logos right on their PC. Grab it here.

Additionally, there's a new profile editor program too. With it, you can remove all sorts of limitations such as name and message censorship. Very neat!

Tutorials for both programs can be found right here in video form. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rockman's Day Job

When not fighting for "ever lasting peace", Rockman is a hard working employee at the inner sanctums of Capcom Japan.

Complete video tour available at Nico Nico Douga.

Thanks, Super Mega.

Dr. Light - Crappiest Videogame Dad?

1Up has put together a list of the "crappiest videogame dads" - father's who drive their offspring nuts with their own burdens. Surprisingly, making the cut at number one is...Dr. Light?

"I think building a little blue robot boy technically makes you his father. Given that, it seems pretty much criminally irresponsible for the kid's upbringing to consist exclusively of fixing the old man's mistakes. Especially when those mistakes are other crazy robots with giant scissors attached to their heads. Maybe we could let it slide the first time, but... holy hell, Dr. Light... after the ninth occasion where you send your robot kid out against impossible odds and craploads of instant-death spike pits, we can't help but wonder if you're just trying to be rid of the little tyke in the most passive aggressive way possible. But hey, you gave him a robot dog for his third birthday, so I guess that's okay. "

Well, that sort of put a few things in perspective. Makes you think...

Complete article here.

Mega Man And Roll Get Updated For Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Apparently, Mega Man and Roll are seeing a few minor tweaks for the North American version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. This information derives from the latest build of the game, which was playable during the EVO 2009 tournament.

7 8 9 = \ ↑ /
4 5 6 = ← N →
1 2 3 = / ↓ \

Roll updates
Faster air dash
Can combo 2B/5C into 3C!
Still has her OTG combos.

Mega Man Volnutt updates
5A - 5A - 5A - 5B - 5C xx 236+Attack Infinite no longer works.
236+Attack has more delay at the end of the move.
/\ J.C xx 236+C - JC \/ still works.

Full summary available at Shoryuken and Capcom Unity

Credit: GoNintendo

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mega Man vs. Iron Man Spotlight

Another week, another MvC2 spotlight teaser. The fourth episode features a thrilling duel between Mega Man and Iron Man.

Don't forget, MvC2 will arrive on XBLA July 29th followed by the PS3 version on August 13th.

Credit: The Mega Man Network

More Jin Saotome Custom Mega Man Figures

Jin Saotome returns with a few new G.I Joe/Mega Man crossover figures. This time, the likes of Zero, Heat Man and Snake Man join the fray. As usual, Jin has provided small back stories for the characters, Zero's below.
"Where one hero exists others will follow, Zero being no exception. Arriving from his reality to reunite with X, Zero found himself hip deep in Cobra and Wily's troops. They were waiting for him to arrive but what they weren't expecting was the incredible power and speed that Zero possessed. With a blade that can shear through steel and stone he escaped the trap and found his way to the Joe headquarters. Now it was time to regroup with X and stop Wily once and for all!"
The rest of the lot can be found at Jin's Ebay store.

Mega Man Star Force 3 Sales

According to VGChartz, Black Ace and Red Joker collectively sold a total of 23,792 units since launch (6/30), currently placed at #29. A detailed look at the game shows SF3 debuted with 9,214 units. Sales saw a small surge the following week with an additional 14K.

All in all, SF3 seems to be off to an "okay" start. Let's just hope things will pick up from here.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seth Killian Still Teasing Mega Man 9 Secret

The wild goose chase continues:

Just goes to show you that no matter how much you bug Seth, he won't cave. Gotta keep on looking! Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Rockman EXE Animation Model Sheets On Ebay

Here's a little something EXE/Battle Network aficionados will go bonkers over. Ebay is hosting an auction for 80 photocopies of Rockman EXE Axess model sheets ("settei"), specialty reference assets used when animating the show.

You can purchase the set for a flat $49.99 plus $9.50 shipping.

Legends Featured On Worst 2D To 3D Games

An old video that's been making the rounds lately: Mega Man Legends made ScrewAttack's list of top ten games that "managed to get worse while making the jump to the third dimension. " Their reasoning is pretty harsh:

(jump to 4:46)


One More Rumor...

According to The Shadow (yup, that guy), Udon Entertainment, in addition to translating and distributing Rockman manga in English, is considering releasing the titles in multiple cover variants. This means that each book will feature different cover artwork from different "non-mangaka" artists. It's a possibility, nothing concrete yet.

The Shadow speculates the comics will be official revealed at Fan Expo where Udon and IDW will present new projects (August 27th - 30th).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strange Mega Man Legends Findings

Metal Man of Sprite's Inc. found a handful of hidden textures in various Mega Man Legends games, a few of which correlate to unused items. Let's have a looksee:

Unused key items in Mega Man Legends 1. What's up with that demented Data? Yikes.

This is a weird one. Apparently, the image of Star Gladiator's Hayato is embedded within the textures of MML1 forest areas. Additionally, the images of other Star Gladiator characters can be found within the files of demo MML1 builds. No pictures, unfortunately.

Unused image of a bummed out Tiesel with a Servbot at his side. A similar image can be seen in the final game, but it is much smaller, lacking in the detail.

Unused Servbot expressions from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Bizarre, no?
Unused room from TMOTB; the "shower room." One can only wonder the kind of mischief that would have taken place here...

Plenty more where that came from; a whole slew of other interesting findings can be found throughout this topic.

Rumor - Rockman Megamix Coming Stateside

Otakon attendee Robert reports that Udon Entertainment has picked up the license to translate Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Megamix manga. An official announcement, including a press release, is supposedly coming in the next few weeks.

A little while back, Udon announced plans to bring Rockman manga stateside in the fall including Shin Ogo's Rockman ZX adaption:
" Also this fall from UDON comes new Mega Man manga brought to you straight from Japan! Initial titles will focus on the adventures of the original Mega Man and also Mega Man ZX, the latest addition to the core Mega Man universe. More details on these and other titles will be coming soon. "

Bear in mind, this is a rumor. I'll keep you up to date as news comes in.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Star Force 3 Website Updates

The official Mega Man Star Force 3 website saw a couple minor updates under the "bonus area" tab recently:

- the "Title Star Menu" section has been unlocked. Here, you can view the requirements for each title screen icon complete with detailed descriptions.

- Crimson Dragon SP information added. This secret boss will be come available after you've collected a number of title screen icons.

- The Cipher Codes section has increased in numbers. We're up to twenty codes now.

- Finally, the White Card section saw the addition of four new cards.

Unused Mega Man 9 Animations

Featuring the ever mysterious "throwing" animation.

Irregular Hunter+Rockman Rockman Value Pack Revealed

Well, here it is: the Irregular Hunter + Rockman Rockman Value Pack.

According to e-Capcom, the bonus soundtrack is a limited time only deal, you know, a "available while supplies last" sort of thing. In any case, those fortunate enough to get a hold of the soundtrack will be treated to 30 tracks of IHX and RR music complete with bonus artwork.

Unfortunately, it is unknown at this time if the soundtrack will be available through import outlets such as Play-Asia. I'll keep you posted!

If Looks Could Kill

While scrounging through some back issues of Nintendo Power, my eyes fell upon a truly haunting visage:
This guy is a product of the 1993 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), where Mega Man 6 and Mega IV were being shown off to the press. Needless to say, it's downright creepy.

Pleasant dreams.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 PS3 In August

According to Capcom's official Twitter, the PS3 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will arrive on August 13th for $15, a mere two weeks after the XBLA version.

As it turns out, the August 13th release date also falls upon the rumored PS3 Retail Pack version. Unfortunately, the pack doesn't come with a copy of the game, but it will contain a redemption code, a free one month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, 2000 Capcom Unity Points and a disc containing exclusive wallpapers.

The pack will run you $20, $5 more than the cost of the actual game.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mega Man 9 Prototype Disc?

A rather interesting item has appeared on Chase The Chuck Wagon. Believe it or not, somebody is auctioning off a disc based version of Mega Man 9. The description is as follows.
" Up for bids, a PlayStation 3 prototype/beta/review disc, Mega Man 9. This disc will not play in any PS3 system other than a TEST/debug system. As you can see in the picture, the label is printed onto the disc. The disc is in decent shape, there is a scuff on the underside (outside of where the data is burned), as well as a few other light marks, but nothing that should prevent the disc being readable (my computer recognized it perfectly fine).

Now...I know some of you are thinking, "What? Mega Man 9 was released as a downloadable game only...why does this disc exist?" I thought of this myself the first time I saw it... The only explanation I could devise for this is that perhaps the developers needed a way to get the game from one computer/debug station to another, so they just simply burnt a disc (since blank DVDs are cheaper than comparable-capacity flash drives) and took it along with them. If nothing else, this is one very interesting conversation piece (a download-only game on a disc...who knew?). "
Currently, with two bidders the auction sits at $25, although it has an unknown reserve price. For $200 you can opt for an immediate purchase.

What do you make of this? Legit or not?

Mega Man Legends Not Ready For PSN

Those hoping to see either Mega Man Legends 1 or 2 on PlayStation Network might be in for a bit of a wait. According to Capcom's Chrisitan Svennson, there are a few licensing hurdles to overcome:
"I know that people want them and I'm working with Japan to see what we can do about that. But they're not on the docket right now as they need to be recleared for rights issues (voice actors, musical score, middleware, any IP infractions, etc.) before we could contemplate putting them up. As it stands today, they are not "cleared" by the IP dept for future use."
Hopefully, things will get sorted out sooner than later.


Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star Website Opens *UPDATE*

Capcom of Japan has opened a teaser page for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star. Right now all that's available is a message to fans from Takeshi Horinouchi (producer) confirming that OSS is a remake of the original Rockman EXE. Full transcript below.

Courtesy of The Mega Man Network:
" As we head towards Rockman’s 25th anniversary, we are beginning to work on various projects, both big and small, thinking of what activities we’d like to work on. And though the Rockman EXE series ended three years ago, we’re receiving a strong sentiment from everyone saying “We want EXE!” So, we the development team are thinking of this splendid title Rockman EXE: “Let’s try doing something again…” …That is, I myself wanted to see Rockman EXE and Netto one more time. Therefore, our next title is such. This game’s inspiration is actually a celebratory image drawn by the designer for Rockman’s 20th anniversary. From that time, I’d secretly been thinking “In time we should try something neat with ‘EXE’ and ‘Ryuusei’.” Thus, our next project “Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star” has come to be started. Essentially, this is a Rockman EXE 1 remake for the DS, porting it and adding something extra. You the fans may be wondering, what sort of theme comes with combining EXE and Ryuusei? This is something that EXE fans of course, and Ryuusei fans as well, will enjoy. Details will be published the middle of next month, so please wait a little longer. So everybody, until it goes on sale, please look forward to seeing Rockman’s and Netto’s friendship! From here on, please give us your support. "
Credit: kosmos via RPM

: Last night, the Japanese Satellite Server webpage saw an update of its very own. If you access the main page, you'll be greeted with a rather interesting message:
"Currently, it sounds like the Satella Police are secretly developing a new program to be included in Wizards. It’s rumored that if used one “can control time” but… is something like that really possible?"
A possible OSS storyline hint? Speculate!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peculiar Satellite Server Update

It appears the Satellite Server on the official Mega Man web page is advertising some of the "locked" gameplay features. Beyond the "Multi-Noise Generator" lies two new pages. The first, devoted solely to Noise Gear and Purpose Cards abilities; the second, a hub discussing the Secret Satellite Server.
Maybe Capcom is planning on "unlocking" these features after all? The again, maybe not.

Thanks for the tip, Rideshort

The Mega Man Lullaby

Destructoid's geek dad, Craineum, sings his son to sleep with a Mega Man themed lullaby written by himself! Lyrics below the video.

Doctor Light's Son

" Rock my little lab helper
My love for you grows much deeper
I think of you as my son
And marvel as I watch you run

Our world cowers in such fear
As Dr. Wily draws so near
Its time for you to make a stand
You need to save our just land

You must change into Mega Man
So you can kick some major can
Your transformation will complete
The need for you to be leet

Your task is not an easy one
Just stay the course till you have won
Don't you worry, don't you fret
Rush will help you with this threat

Your Mega Buster is sure fun
Dispensing pews on evil scum
The Robot Masters are your foes
Steal their weapons for your woes

The final fight will test your might
The end is now within your sight
When the last rival is a heap
At last it will be time for sleep "

Super adorable :)

Star Force 3 Debug Room

Well, what do you know, two weeks after SF3's release and we already have ourselves a debug room discovery! It's a strange one:

Bonus Soundtrack Included With Irregular Hunter/Rock Rock Value Pack

Online shop Rakuten is now taking preorder for the Irregular Hunter X+Rockman Rockman Value Pack. Those who preorder will be treated to a special bonus item in the form of a soundtrack. Presumably, it will contain tracks from both IHX and RR.

It is unknown at this time if the soundtrack is exclusive to Rakuten. Once E-Capcom stocks the bundle, we might have a better idea of the situation.

Credit: The MegaMan Network

Capcom's Comic-Con Shirts Rock

Featuring Mega Man/Capcom Special Ops branding:

All kinds of awesome right there. More pictures available at Sprung64's blog.

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Details

In an interview with, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom producer, Ryota Niitsuma, revealed a small amount of additions/changes included in the North American version: Will there be any differences between the western version and the Japanese version?

RN: Quite a lot actually. The biggest feature would be the addition of new characters, but we will also be tweaking the design of the interfaces. We will be changing some sounds. We will be re-recording voiceovers, we will be recalibrating game balance given the responses we had from the Japanese users, obviously minor bug fixes, and we will also be changing the content of the mini-games that were in the Japanese version.

I'd definitely love to see a new Mega Man rep added to the roster; Zero would be a great addition, though that's just me. Anybody in particular you're hoping for?

Credit: Capcom Unity

If Mega Man and Co. Had Twitter...

It might sound a little something like this.
Plenty more at the Crispy Gamer.

Credit: GoNintendo

Acid Arrest Battle Card Comes To Nintendo Channel

As of today, North American Wii owners can download the Acid Arrest battle card free of charge. Simply head on over to the Nintendo Channel's DS Download service and follow the on screen instructions. When finished, the card will appear in your Card Box.

For those that do not have access to the Nintendo Channel, you might be able to find the card at DS Download Station kiosks.

Father Teaches Son To Become Mega Man

If you may recall, the kid featured in the video is that of Destructoid's Cranieum who diligently built his son a Mega Man costume for Halloween '08. It's still awesome till this day.
More footage of the costume in action can be found here, here and here. Oh, and be sure to sneek a peek at some super cute fan-art, here.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Irregular Hunter + Rockman Rockman Value Pack On 9/17

Play Asia is taking pre-orders for a Irregular Hunter X + Rockman Rockman Value Pack, a bundle featuring the two PSP titles in one package. The set plans to ship September 17th, running at $29.90 plus an addition $5.40 shipping.

Not too bad of a deal!