Thursday, October 9, 2008

Going...Going...Gone. MegaMan 9 Press Kits Sold Out

Just four minutes after being stocked, the MegaMan 9 Press Kits sold out. Completely. Gone.

"If these kits were a Robot Master, they'd be Flash Man, cause they were gone in a flash (Protodude comment: Actually, more like Quick Man). 3pm PST came, and within 4 minutes, we were sold out of the remaining stock.

I'm glad some select Unity members were able to get theirs early, and hopefully a few of the rest of you managed to snag some of these. If you didn't manage to get through, don't forget about the contest!

We'll be working to try and fulfill all the orders and we'll see what comes next when the smoke clears. Stay tuned here for more details, and a heartfelt THANK YOU! to all the crazy Mega Man fans that have helped to make this game a hit--seeing all this love has truly warmed the heart of an OG Mega Man nut."- s-kill

Well it's over.

Those who weren't fortunate enough to get one, don't give up. There's always ebay! However, good look finding one under $200 :/


  1. ...and Capcom still doesn't believe in MM9 success? ;)

  2. Some people have asked elsewhere, if you are told the order is back-ordered, does that mean you didn't get one or is everyone getting that message?

  3. ^
    I'm hearing multiple things from various sources. According to s-kill of CoA:

    Stay calm guys--all the kits are on backorder because they are still in
    transit to the warehouse (where they get shipped out to you). Being on
    "backorder" does not mean you are out of luck :)

    Also, although you get a confirmation saying your card will be charged,
    nobody's card is charged until the item actually goes to you. All is

  4. If anyone somehow managed to nab 2 of these - and is a collector of everything rock - I'd be willing to trade you the 2 CD Jewel Case edition of the China Only Game "Rockman Strategy" (went for 150 USD on ebay recently) or the Jewel Case version of the Taiwan Only Game "Rockman IQ" (never seen on ebay) for it. Please help out a collector... I was there first - last night - see i'm the first poster except for the topic starter - and of course - only to find out the refuse to ship outside North America...and I'm in friggin' europe ;p

    Or as previously stated I'll pay Kit price + 10 % extra as a thank you...+ shipping to you - and to me...

    C'mon ppl HELP a true collector out...

    And hypercoyote - IF you do get them PRETTY please - I still want one baaaadly! I did send you an email - hope you ordered 2 ;) Please reply to me on that ;)

  5. *Sigh* I was probably in college when the madness started. Congratz on those who got their press kit.

    There's a contest at Capcom-Unity for three lucky winners to have another chance at getting one. I entered so here's hoping.


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