Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rockman 9 Hits Mobile Phones In Japan

Capcom released Rockman 9 for mobile phones in Japan today and from the looks of it, the new on-the-go version is a faithful port of its home console counterparts.

The game is currently exclusive to Docomo and Au phones, available for 315 Yen ($ 3.75 USD) per month via Capcom Party. It remains to be seen if the game will support the many downloadable features of the original, or if the content comes preloaded.

If you've got the means to obtain the game, you can do so right here. If not, just keep on hoping for a world-wide release!

Vote For Your Favorite Bonne Mecha Proposals

With all entries accounted for, Capcom US have begun accepting votes for the Bonne Mecha design contest at the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom.

To vote, head on down to the contest's official forum. Click on a thread to view a member's entry, which will include an illustration and some commentary about the machine. At the very top of the thread, you'll find a star scale:

You're allowed one vote per thread. Adhere to the following scale when voting:

  • 1 star: I didn't like it at all.
  • 2 stars: I don't hate it, but I'm not a huge fan.
  • 3 stars: It's all right. 
  • 4 stars: Better than most, but not quite a favorite.
  • 5 stars: This idea is the best!
Do bear in mind this isn't an art contest -- votes shouldn't be based solely on one's artistic ability. Take into consideration other information provided; ask yourself, based on the ideas provided, is this a boss battle I'd like experience?

Votes will be accepted until December 5th at 11:59PM PST. Shortly after, Capcom will select the top five Western submissions. What happens after that is anybody's guess, but we'll probably have more details shortly.

Best of luck to all of you who submitted a design. I'll follow up with the results as soon as they're published!

Mega Man 2 Video Guide Is A Blast From The Past

Back in the day before the rise of GameFaqs and the like, stumped gamers would seek solace in video-based walkthroughs to aid them in their time of need. Case in point, this retro-tastic Mega Man 2 video guide from the now-defunct Game Player's magazine, which recently surfaced in this century thanks to Retro Realities.

Yes, there's certainly a lot of inaccuracies and "well, duh!" moments throughout, but I can see how this would be helpful way back when. That or you could have picked up one of these.

Credit: Mega Man Network

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mega Man X Collection Gets Re-Printed

With each passing year since its release, supply of the Mega Man X Collection, both used and new copies, grow few and far between. However, it seems the collection has reemerged at retail, with a new low price to boot.

Reports from users of the Cheap Ass Gamer Forums indicate that new copies of the collection were sold at GameStop during the retailer's Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale for a budget price of $19.99. What's more, Hubba Games has also seen a re-supply, too, stocking an estimated 600 new copies of the game as of last week.

The re-printed X Collection apparently comes in the new flimsy, eco-friendly PS2 DVD cases, which noticeably lack the memory card slip above the disc holder. The new packaging alone is a clear indicator the game has seen an official resupply. There's been no sign of a GameCube reprint, currently.

If you've been looking for a brand new copy of X Collection, you just might be in luck. Call your store of choice ahead of time and see if they have it in stock before making the trip!

The Hidden Imagery Within Mega Man Legends

It's pretty common for developers and programmers to sneak in little hidden messages and graphics inside games -- some accessible, others not. The Mega Man Legends series is no exception, as all three titles in the series play host to handful of fun hidden graphics, buried within their respective texture and tile data.

While nowhere near as juicy as some of the stuff found within games like Erika to Satoru no Yume Bouken, the concealed goods of the Legends series are pretty neat in their own right, with content ranging from gag-faces (such as this one here) to hidden Mobile Suit Gundam references.

I've collected all known graphics after the break, complete with complementary info. Hit the read more, and check it out!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reminder: Bonne Mecha Design Contest Ending Soon

Just a friendly heads up: The second community-wide Mega Man Legends 3 event, the Bonne Mecha design contest, comes to an end on November 29th at 11:59PM PST. If you've yet to submit a design, let alone create one, you might want to hurry!

The winning design will find itself within Legends 3, piloted by none other than the Bonne family as they confront Mega Man Volnutt in what can only be described as a water-based Ruins. As for you, well, you get your name in the game's credits. How sweet is that?

For all the details, head on over to the contest's page at the North American MML3 Devroom. Ready to submit your design? You can do so by making a thread here.

Best of luck, all!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

E-Tank Mugs For Your Sipping Pleasure

Mega Man fans and hot beverage aficionados will finally have themselves a piece of merchandise to call their own. Online retailer Fangamer are currently accepting pre-orders for an officially licensed E-Tank Mug, set to release in mid-December. Official product description below:

"Drink your coffee like a boss. After 6 months of prototyping and development, the E-Mug is finally here -- a ceramic wonder featuring state-of-the-art glaze and high tech coffee storage solutions for a global economy.
  • Custom cast ceramic
  • Holds 14 fluid ounces
  • Comes with a custom coaster (design to be determined...)
  • Blue and black semigloss glaze
  • Special decal print beneath the glaze on the bottom
  • 4.5" tall
  • 4" wide (5" with handle)

Yes, this has easily made it's way onto my Christmas list. Pre-order yours for $28.00 USD right here!

Thanks for the tip, Tony. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mega Man 10 Discounted For Thanksgiving

Microsoft has slashed the prices off of a boatload of Xbox Live games, add-ons, and movies in honor of Thanksgiving. Among the lot, a very cheap Mega Man 10 -- down from 800 to 400 MSP. That's 50% off!

The sale, eligible to both Xbox Live Gold and Silver members,  kicked off yesterday and will last through Monday, November 29. What's more, Xbox.com will announce more deals on Black Friday, which is said to inlcude discounted add-ons. Perhaps we'll see some MM10 (or MM9) stuff in there?

If you've yet to purchase MM10 for your 360, now might be the time. Enjoy, and have yourselves a happy Thanksgiving!

Source: Joystiq (thanks again, Jeff!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anatomy Of A Super Fighting Robot

We've seen some spiffy custom-made figures over time here on the blog, and today adds one more into the mix. Toy artist KodyKoala, the chap behind creations such as the working Air Man and Guts-Dozer, has fashioned together a cross-section of Mega Man himself -- robot guts and all.

(Reminds me a bit of this official piece, albeit slightly more disturbing!)

The figure is currently being auctioned off on Ebay, however it's far too pricey for my budget. Interested? Check out the auction here. Of course, for those of us with little to no cash, you can admire more images of the figure at Kody's Flickr page.

Source: Destructoid (thanks, Jeff!)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jazewares To Produce New Mega Man Figures In 2011

It's been a little something I've been sitting on for a while now, but they made it official: Jazwares is bringing the Mega Man line back in full swing starting in 2011, according to a recent press release:

"Jazwares, Inc., a leader in the consumer products marketplace, has been awarded the toy licenses for Capcom’s Street Fighter® and Mega Man® video game franchises. Under the terms of the agreement, Jazwares will be the master toy licensee for Mega Man. The Street Fighter license is a category-specific agreement that covers only the categories of Boys BS/PVC/Vinyl figures and accessories, 4-inch and under playsets and vehicles.
The Jazwares’ team of design experts have built a reputation for producing true-to-life toys that bring action-figure play to kids and collectors alike. In 2011 they will translate two of the most popular iconic video games into new collections for the fall.“We are extremely excited to put a new punch in the popular Street Fighter and Mega Man brands with all new action figure collections for the next generation of fans,” said Laura Zebersky, executive vice president sales, Jazwares."

Created by Capcom in 1987, Mega Man is one of the most iconic video game characters in the world and starred in more than 140 different games. Mega Man collectively sold over 28 million copies worldwide. Mega Man® 9 and Mega Man® 10 brought the reputation of the franchise back by recreating the classic game and graphics of the original Nintendo release.
Capcom and Jazwares team up in spring 2011 to combine classic entertainment with an all new line of kid and collector action figures, allowing kids and parents to continue the adventures of Mega Man at home. "


It remains to be seen just what will make up this collection, however, in the past, there's been talks of bringing out a new 3 and 3.75'' figures, and the long awaited second Retro Roto wave.

You will be hearing about these figures very, very soon but I can't say much more than that right now. Stay tuned! You're in for a surprise or two!

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Zero's Long Lost Ultimate Armor

X series fanatics will note Zero never quite gets any additional armor love (black Zero doesn't quite count). However, at one time, an Ultimate Armor for Zero was once tossed around during the development of Rockman X4. This revelation comes from an old issue of Capcom's CAP! magazine, discovered by none other than #20 of the Reploid Research Lavatory:

Above left, the only known piece of art of Zero's scrapped Ultimate Armor. The Japanese text reads:
"The truth is, Zero was going to have a Mega Armor, too. For various circumstances, we wound up with just X this time. You want to know what his Mega Armor would have been like? Well, it has to do with Zero’s connection to W… actually, I’m not allowed to say any more than that. But, at least I can show you the rough design. I hope that sometime it will see the light of day. That’s all for now! Enjoy Rockman X4!"

#20's analysis/observations:
"This armor sported a face guard and a central fin on the top of the head, along with a claw-like beam blade emitted from each arm and an overall spikier design. And are those wings in the back? The note pointing to them reads “these parts connect to his hair portion (the hair transforms)”. Transforming hair? Interesting! Could this have been what fans were so often craving, an armor bestowed upon Zero by his father, Dr. Wily? Not that black Zero isn’t awesome, but it’s a little sad to think we could have had this in X4, and instead got a recolor that played exactly the same. It’s a blast to compare this design with Command Mission‘s Absolute Zero."

To say this was a loss is an understatement. Transforming hair? Uh, awesome! I guess all we can do from here is merely imagine the possibilities this guise would have held... that and think of the merchandise and model kits it could have warranted. This is all too much for me... what a pity.

Full report on Zero's armor and a little history behind X's own available at The Reploid Research Lavatory. Thanks, Andrew!

Even More Rockman Online Tidbits

When it rains it pours. We've got a some new bits of Rockman Online info coming from an interview with a Neowiz staff member Min conducted at G-Star 2010, translated by the crew at Mega Man X9.com. Below, I've provided highlights of some of the more noteworthy bits; for the full read, you'll have to hop on over to MMX9.

  • Rockman Online is roughly 30-40% complete, with large scale testing set to take place next year.
  • Instead of immediately dying when falling into a pit, your character will be repositioned losing health.
  • Min touched upon the game's stages, specifically outlining scenarios that involve escorting an NPC instead of simply battling your way to a boss.
  • Neowiz are currently undecided if Ride Chaser-oriented stages will appear.
  • Proto Man and Bass are not playable characters. 

Additional details about the game have also surfaced via a Game Watch report, translated by The Mega Man Network:

  • NeoWiz is aiming to have a closed beta test started during the first half of next year.
  • The game was originally planned to be an MMORPG, but is now being developed as just an MORPG.
  • The G-Star demo featured the Gaia area, which contained the forest stage and secret base stage. Additional areas being planned include Atlas, Oceanus and Nike.
  • Besides X, Zero and Duo, Cinnamon is indeed an additional character type, and they are thinking of adding 2-3 more.
  • Stages are being planned with three levels of difficulty, and the G-Star demo represented the absolute middle. Having four players is recommended to tackle the game’s hardest difficulty.
  • One of X’s special attacks is described as a Capoeira-style spinning kick he can do in the air to repeatedly hit enemies at close range.
  • Trap elements include items like decayed floors, bombs and switches to open and close doors.
  • One of the features of the game will be “up and down” movement. Despite being a 2D platformer, this will make use of the 3D graphics to bring out more depth. (Perhaps like Metroid Other M).
  • There are five points of character customization: head, body, weapon, legs and case (presumably for a carry-on item). The more you level up, the better equipment you can use, and already there is equipment as high as level 50.
  • The matching lobby will be able to hold roughly 200 players, where they can buy equipment and communicate with one another. PVP is also planned on being added.
Credits: Mega Man X9.com, The Mega Man Network

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    Mega Man Balloons And Party Favors From Betallic

    Just another example that the licensing of the Mega Man brand truly knows no bounds. Behold, Mega Man birthday balloons.

    Produced by Betallic, the foil party balloons measure in at 18 inches, normally sold in packs of ten. These guys are real cheap, too: individually, they're a mere $0.38 USD or a box for $16.28.

    I contacted Betallic a short while back to inquire about the license. Apparently, the company was awarded the rights to produce Mega Man party favors back in 2008.

    They haven't done much with the brand recently, however I'm told they'll soon be producing more Mega Man-themed goods in the form of grab bag toys (miniature figures), food mats, napkins and plastic plates featuring Mega Man characters. They've no idea when these are coming out, but they're on the burner. Needless to say, these items sound great for the young'ins or older fans with children of their own!

    It's interesting to see such a wide variety in Mega Man products this past year; almost reminds me of the marketing blitz of 2004. From new comics and books to other miscellaneous goods, there's a whole slew of little products and merchandise for the collectors out there.

    Downloadable MvC3 Zero Wallpaper, Theme Song

    The Japanese Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 web page is celebrating the inclusion of the red crusader with a brand-new wallpaper for your desktop. The wallpaper features a nice commanding shot of Zero against a New York City skyline with the MvC3 cast embedded in the background. One size fits all, apparently:

    What's more, Zero's MvC3 theme song, a spiffy remix of his X2 tune, has been ripped from the site and is now available for download! You can snag it in its entirety for yourself, courtesy of the gents at Mega Man X9.com, right here. As a fan of the original, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out!

    Credit: MegaManX9

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Rockman Online Details From G-Star 2010 (Updated)

    4Gamer.net has posted a rather lengthy look at Rockman Online, which is currently being demoed at G-Star 2010 in Seoul, Korea. A detailed translation of the report isn't yet available, but for the time being, here's an initial translation provided by PRC contributor RockX:

    • RMO begins in a lobby set in a space station high above the earth (pictured). There, you choose a character to play as (demo featured X and Zero).  Once you've chosen a character, you can either depart on a mission or shop at the "town." In the currently nameless town, you can purchase new equipment, weapons and avatars. The higher your character's level, the more attributes your character can equip. The town was not featured in the G-Star demo version.
    • Up to four players can form a unit and set out on missions. This feature was not available at G-Star but will be implemented in the final version.
    • The game is controlled via keyboard (gamepad support has yet to be implemented):
        • All characters can crouch and scale walls.
        • Double tap left/right arrows or press 'C' to perform a dash. 
        • 'Z' is jump, 'X' is normal attack. 
        • Holding down the attack button executes a character's charge attack. 
        • Special attacks are mapped to the A/S/D/F keys.
    • HP Recovery items are mapped to '1', MP (Weapon Energy) recovery items are set on '2'. These types of items are purchasable in the town.
    • Characters go through a 'cool down' period once a recovery item has been used. This feature prevents players from spamming recovery of HP/MP. The cool down period ends in a matter of seconds. 
    • Rockman Online is slated to launch in Korea at an undetermined 2011 date. News of beta testing will be discussed at a later date. Neowiz is currently undecided if the game will release in Japan; No word on the rest of the world.
    UPDATE: The Mega Man Network has secured the complete report in English, which not only expands upon the above details, but also introduces a few new tidbits. Read up on the report here or check out some of the more noteworthy aspects below:

    • There were four kinds of 'Battle Disks' present in the demo. You cycle through these with the Tab key, and press the B key to activate. The Battle Disks give characters special abilities such as becoming immune to spikes.
    • The cool down period is speculated (by the author of the original report) to be for the G-Star demo only. It might not necessarily be in the final version.
    • As your character levels up, the ability to access to stronger equipment and how it relates to your avatars appearance is said to be very "Rockman-ish."

      That's all we were able to scrounge up for now.  Thanks, RockX!

      High-Res Rockman Online Screenshots

      Ruliweb has come through with a batch of new Rockman Online screens, which give us a nice, crystal clear glimpse of the game. The most significant of the lot, a confrontation with classic series Robot Master Wood Man:

      What's more, Ruliweb are also featuring some HD gameplay footage of X in Sting Chameleon's stage:

      For more screenshots and gameplay, head on down to Ruliweb.

      Credit: MegaManX9.com

      Wednesday, November 17, 2010

      First Rockman Online Screenshots, Gameplay Footage

      It's the moment you've been waiting for: actual Rockman Online gameplay! Korean gaming site This Is Game has scored a handful of screenshots and some footage of the game in action. Check out the assets below:

      (Many thanks to The Mega Man Network for keeping us in the loop!)

      More screens here and here.

      If you're new to this whole Rockman Online hubbub, allow me to summarize what we know so far: Rockman Online is a side-scrolling action RPG, boasting 3D graphics on a two dimensional plane, much like Mega Man X8 and Maverick Hunter X. Familiar faces and NPCs from the classic and X series will make up the game's cast. A slew of key plot details and summaries can be found here.

      The game is being cooperatively developed by Capcom and NeoWiz with plans to distribute the title exclusively in Korea and Asian markets by 2011 .  While there's been no word of a release for the West, a Japanese release is likely, if a trademark is to be believed.

      Keep checking this post for more updates. You can check out more screenshots in the above links. I can't get either gameplay videos to embed here right now (loading VERY slowly) but I'm working on it.

      Stay tuned!

      New Rockman Online Trailer Debuts

      A bit earlier than expected, but here it is!

      Thrilling, to say the least!

      More Rockman Online updates in the coming days. Stay tuned.

      From Aero To Sephira

      In case you missed it, Mega Man Legends 3's newest character Aero has seen another name change. A post over at the North American devroom updated with the following tidbit:

      UPDATE FROM THE DEV TEAM: Apparently, Capcom Japan intended for Aero's name to be Sephira and have asked for us to update everyone. So there you have it! Allow me to re-introduce...Sephira!!
      (via Capcom Unity)

      Interestingly, the name change only applies to English side of things. Over at the Japanese devroom, she's still referred to as Aero -- so I think it's safe to assume this has to do with localization. The change shouldn't come as a major surprise; Capcom's made a practice of altering names and titles when it comes to bringing games outside of Japan for quite a while now.

      For those of you keeping track, 'Sephira' marks the character's third name change. She was internally referred to as "Lilly" for a short while, then Aero (final name in Japan) and now Sephira for the rest of the world. Don't know about you but I like it; has a nice ring to it.

      Also, desktop wallpapers!

      Source: Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom

      Sneak Peek At New Rockman Online Trailer

      Various Korean-based gaming sites have gotten a hold of a couple new Rockman Online assets. The first of these, screencaps from the newest animated trailer set to debut online tomorrow.  From the looks of it, the footage will be heavily Rockman X centric with one scene in particular focusing on Axl and Ferham (Command Mission) engaged in an aerial combat:

      You can barely see her, but that's Ferham in the bottom right corner of the center image. What's more, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first mention of Axl in RMO. It remains to be seen if he's actually playable so hopefully we'll get some more info on that shortly.

      Furthermore, here's some new environment art and a closeup shot of Rockman Killers Punk and Enker in their RMO armor. These pieces were shown at the game's G-Star booth earlier, but now we've got them in much better quality:

      The new trailer is set to debut online sometime tomorrow coinciding with new information about the game. G-Star is ever approaching so do look forward to future updates!

      Sources: Ruliweb, Khgames

      New Rockman Online Characters Spotted In The Wild

      With G-Star 2010 kicking off shortly, the official Rockman Online blog felt compelled to let its readers in on a behind-the-scenes look at the RMO booth, which is currently under construction. In the process, the site let loose a couple of photos depicting a set of new, familiar faces slated to appear in the game:

      For those with untrained eyes, the characters spotted consist of Pharaoh Man, Cut Man, Enker, Punk, Ballade, and a tricked out Blues (Proto Man). All classic series characters. Throw Duo into the mix, the known classic series characters in RMO now totals at seven.

      More information about the game, and maybe some specific on just how these characters are involved, is expected to surface tomorrow. Also, be on the lookout for a new animated trailer hitting Pmang's official YouTube channel around that time, too.

      Rockman Online will be on-hand to play at the event so if by chance you're going to attend, information and/or footage would greatly be appreciated.

      More photos of the booth available here. Thanks for the tip, Blake!

      Tuesday, November 16, 2010

      English Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom Open (Update)

      Well, almost open. Though it currently lacks Servbot registration, Capcom Unity's version of the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is up an running.

      UPDATE - Servbot registration is now open!
      Become a Servbot here. Look at the left side of the page and click on the "become a Servbot" tab to sign up. (I proudly hold the title of #48!) Not working for you? Read up on this.

      A few of the new devroom areas and blog posts include:

      Click on the above links and have a look around! The Save Mega Man Rocket Project initiative in particular is very cute; the section features a discussion between the Servbots concerning the rocket being built to bring Mega Man back to Terra. The dialogue is typical Servbot chit-chatter, and will most certainly brighten any Legends fan's day.

      EDIT: Just a heads up, everyone; while the devroom is technically open, the interface behind it is still in-the works. As such, a number of features aren't live yet. Also, you may want to hold off on registering to be a Servbot for now. Coming from Capcom's jgonzo:
      “I know everyone is excited to see that the Dev Room is being upgraded, but please wait until all of the features, blog posts, and stories are in place. You’ll see the official announcement on Capcom Unity later today.”
      Patience is a virtue. Hang tight!

      More updates as they come. Stay tuned!

      Legends 3 Devroom Opens, New Heroine Named (UPDATE)

      November 16 is here and sure enough, the Japanese Legends 3 devroom is open! The English devroom isn't open just yet, but we've got some nice details from the Japanese side of things in the meantime.

      First and foremost, the devroom has a new look at Legends 3's newest character, Aero (EDIT: It's Sephira, now). Komaki's winning design has not only been renamed but has also seen a few alterations in design:

      Pictured right is her finalized look. Not to shabby, no? In fact, she matches up quite nicely with the other leading ladies of Legends 3, Roll and Tron...

      The above image is a wallpaper Japanese fans get upon opting in for the devroom. I imagine the U.S side will have something similar.

      Lastly, for now, the devroom is featuring a nice Legends 3 completion meter towards the top right of the page. As of this writing, the "rocket to go save Rockman" is only at 1% completion. Long ways to go, but we'll get there!

      Stay tuned for U.S devroom updates later today.

      Credit: Andriasang


      UPDATE: The U.S Devroom is slowly coming to fruition.

      The page is sporting a few new features and English translations of today's Japanese devroom updates. No sign of registration just yet but in the meantime, enjoy these officially translated Aero design assets:

      Komaki's translated notes about redesigning Sephira:

      ① The main design points of the original design were her “pink feather-like hair” and the “chaps on her arms”.
      ② The first rough sketch. What would happen if I took the chaps on her arms and brought them to her legs with a slightly bigger pattern? This was no good because it went against the original two design points.
      ③ Since the last try was unsuccessful, I decided to draw Komaki-san’s design in the traditional Legends style and then analyze any mistakes.
      ④ Trying to find a balance between Tron and Roll, I went for a younger, more peepy look, and gave her hair a short bob. Was this too much?
      ⑤ I took the flame pattern on her chaps and changed it to a more feminine flower pattern. I toned down the color in her scarf and made other various adjustments to add some balance. I put her hair back to its original style and gave her face a little bit more blush.

      More translated material at the devroom!

      Monday, November 15, 2010

      Rumor - Classic MM, Mega Man.EXE For Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

      Following the unveiling of Zero, word has it that Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will see the addition of more Mega Man reps: classic series Mega Man, and Mega Man.EXE of Battle Network fame.

      According to a source at Joystiq:

      "A source shared what they claim to be the full roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, containing no fewer than 18 characters who have yet to be announced by Capcom, in addition to a new "War Machine" look for Iron Man. The list includes characters like the Red Arremer, Mega Man (in Battle Network and classic styles), and Frank West/Chuck Greene (probably as alternate versions of the same character) on the Capcom end, and Ultron, Squirrel Girl, and Thanos from Marvel. The most random character on the list is probably Victor Delacroix from 2003's Chaos Legion."

      If you read it carefully, it sounds like .EXE isn't necessarily a character on his own, rather, a skin for Mega Man...

      Anyway, in support of the list's legitimacy, Joystiq says "it's worth noting that She-Hulk and Zero, both appearing in the list from our source, were announced after we received it." Indeed, they were.

      More MvC3 character reveals are set to hit later this week so maybe then we'll have a better idea just how legitimate the list is. Make of it what you will, for now.

      Source: Joystiq

      Cinnamon Returns In Rockman Online

      Cinnamon of Command Mission Fame is back. Neowiz have revealed the Reploid will appear in Rockman Online alongside the likes of X, Zero and Duo.

      Cinnamon will take on the role of a support character, capable of healing other players via the Great Force Metal embeded in her chest. Story-wise, Cinnamon apparently has visions of a fabled Neo Arcadia where humans and Reploids live side by side. Largely believed to be a side effect of the Force Metal, Duo however, believes these visions might hold some truth.

      On the subject of Rockman Online's unveiling this week, Pmag also announced plans to roll out a new animated trailer for the game once the event kicks off. A single screenshot from the teaser can be seen here.

      Credit: The Mega Man Network

      Zero Confirmed For Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

      Let's all try to act surprised:

      Update: Screenshots!

      Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

      Saturday, November 13, 2010

      Dr. Light and Sons Go Trick-Or-Treating

      Craineum, the dad behind those awesome children's Mega Man and Proto Man costumes, takes his sons around the block on Halloween night in the following video, costuming as none other than Dr. Light, no less!

      Cranieum writes, "After 2 years my youngest was now ready to wear the original Mega Man Costume. My oldest wanted to be Proto Man, and I of course would be Dr. Light. The Proto Man costume came out really well. There were a couple issues with it during the course of our Trick-or-Treating, but it all worked out in the end. (Because they got candy.)"

      Simply adorable! Can't wait to see how they'll trump this next year! Instructions on how to build a Mega, Proto or Dr. Light costume of you very own can be found in the video's description here.

      Friday, November 12, 2010

      Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom Opening Next Week

      The Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is coming soon. Real soon! According to MML3 staffer Kinako Hikawa, the site will finally open its doors next week on November 16.

      The devroom is a major factor in Capcom's effort to include the fans in the production of Legends 3. The specialty site will act as a central hub wherein the creative team will interact with fans in making the game. Pictured above is a small teaser of a special wallpaper fans get when they register for the devroom, featuring Roll, Tron and newcomer Lilly (tentative name), the winning design of the heroine contest.

      Also, in Hikawa's post, new details on some of the devroom's key features:

      Zenny Point System
      Zenny will act as the devroom currency. The system will build on top of Capcom Unity's point system whereby fans can use these points to bid on auctions, or exchange them for exclusive devroom prizes.

      Servbot Numbers
      Each member of the devroom is assigned a Servbot number, distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Servbot numbers 1~41 won't be assigned to fans as they are"premium Servbot Numbers" that actually appear in Legends 3. Fan numbers will start from 42 and onwards.

      Servbot Member Cards
      When you sign up for the devroom, you'll be given a member card that corresponds with your Number.  Members who make special contributions will be rewarded with special titles, or the ability to create their own custom title.

      Again, this is all begins November 16! Check out the full details at Capcom Unity.

      Mega Man Megamix 3 Preview

      Udon Entertainment's Matt Moylan has provided me a special "just for Mega Man fansites" preview for Mega Man Megamix volume 3, which just so happens to be releasing next Wednesday!

      As usual, comic book retailers are guaranteed to have the book on November 17. Online shops will stock it sometime shortly after. Look forward to it!

      Thanks, Matt!