Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Capcom Teases An Undiscovered Rockman 9 Secret

According to this topic over at Capcom-Unity, there is an undiscovered Rockman 9 secret which may in fact be a secret weapon.

Taking a gander at the Rockman 9 tile set, Tornado Man noticed a peculiar "throwing" animation for both Rockman and Blues (pictured). This animation is not in the game, which has led many to believe it belongs to a secret weapon of sorts.

Actually, if you'll notice, the pause screen contains a vacant spot for a potential twelfth weapon. Hmm....

We'll see how this one plays out. Stay tuned!


  1. In many posts people are talking about a secret in the game levels. But as said in the Capcom forum "I don't predict anyone will discover this one for quite a while yet...".
    Quite a while...uhm...
    Maybe we are talking about something relative to time, like changing the system date to christmas, new year, or even December 17.
    I don't have time to try it right now, but if anyone discovers anything, tell me, please!!

  2. I'm skeptical... >_O

  3. Or maybe it's something we can access now but no one has found it. Remember how you could get the X-Buster upgrade in X1 in Flame Mammoth's stage, but for some reason Nintendo Power and most other magazines said nothing about it. Maybe something like that but much harder to find.

  4. Don't tell me Rockman can fight against Cutman, eh? The Cut Boomerang uses that animation frame.

  5. Maybe it's a Hadoken! XP

    "Megaman, I'm incorporating this into your younger brother, but I guess you can have it too..."

    XD Hee hee...

  6. I wonder - if such secret is NOT a weapon, what would explain those sprites?

    By thinking a bit more, just notice the Dr.Wily's account number, as "19-871-217", or "1987 December 17th", the first Rockman release.

    I believe this is the secret, as "nobody will figure it out for a while" makes sense. By the way, what would be the effect of this!?


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