Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rockman @ TGS: RM9 Gloating, SSR3 Promoting, Talks of DASH3

This years TGS was certainly underwhelming for Rockman fans, but nevertheless, there were a few notable events that took place that went unmentioned until today. Here's the Rockman lowdown courtesy of Gpara and Dengeki Online:

-Keiji Inafune made a special appearance Friday to talk about Rockman 9. The game was done as a "gift" for Rockman fans who've supported the Blue Bomber for the past 20 years (awww). Developing RM9 was a bit daunting on the developers, many were left confused on how to create a game that had intended restrictions such as color, sound and numerous mechanics. Nevertheless, they pulled through.

-Inafune expressed how satisfied he was with the game's sales.

-Commented on Rockman's "charm" through other forms of merchandise such as T-shirts and soundtracks (Inafune's actually wearing a RM9 Tee. DO WANT).

-Inafune expressed his great respect for Blues. This respect led to him being included as a playable character in RM9. Expressed his desire to create more "rivals."

-Shooting Star Rockman series producer Takeshi Horinouchi joined Inafune at the stage. There, he expressed his desire to target the series at young boys for lasting appeal. He briefly touched on the subject of Rockman's new design. The change was done in an effort to reflect the player's actual growth.

-Horniouchi discussed a few SSR3 related items such as the Noise Modification Gear (allows players to "create" their own Rockman) and promoting the game through the comedic duo, "The Bearded Barons" boy band, "Kick Chop Busters" and an upcoming animated commercial.

-Hornicouhi expressed his wishes to keep creating Shootig Star games once a year in an attempt to "reflect the players growth with the game's characters."

-Finally, Inafune expressed his great desire to create Rockman DASH 3. Inafune is well aware of the many fans who want to see a return to the series, thus he encourages these fans to continue to support the title in hopes of finally being able to produce it. Thanks to Rockman 9's success, a DASH3 is certainly a possibility, but Inafune needs our support!

News Credit: Xam


  1. I support DASH 3! I support DASH 3!! ;__;

    So, with "growing with the player"... Can we see an EXE starring teens now?

  2. I've been waiting for Dash 3 for 8 years ever since I've beaten Dash/Legends 2. I support Dash 3 too.

    And would this mean that the final Star Force game in the future would be something like Mega Man Star Force 8: The senior year?



    50% MOAR RUINS
    150% MOAR ROLL
    480% MOAR TRON

    plz :3

  4. More rivals, eh?

    Let's have us some DASH 3, dammit! I may not be the most vocal supporter, but I still want to see the DASH series get some love. (And it doesn't hurt that Trigger's design is one of my favourites.)

    As for .EXE...Why not have the protagonists be ADULTS and act like it too?

  5. That would be rather interesting... I would go for a teen or adult EXE game.

    I think Capcom should recall all EXE6 games and replace them with a version where "Patch" is renamed to something less pathetic. :P In fact, the entire series should have the Japanese names in them. ^_^

  6. So, this probably means no SEGA vs. Capcom, right? Damn.

    Still, this wasn't so bad. At least Megaman WAS mentioned.

  7. Question, any mention of the special stage boss or anything from RM9? I'm still crossing my fingers forte shows up. Yes I'd also love Dash 3, leaving us a cliffhanger for 8 years? For shame capcom

  8. Heck, I don't even like the Legends series, but even I support a DASH/Legends 3. (Although I'd much prefer an X9.) =P

  9. A Star Force game a year? Seeing as how I download them all anyway and enjoy every minute of it, it doesn't bother me personally, but I think it's really starting to piss a lot of people off, as the series is often criticized for not changing in the least, and still adhering to the same Battle Network formula from 2001. Thus, actually ending it at 3 may have been seen as a somewhat noble move.

  10. DASH 3 for the win!

  11. Dash 3! and this is me speaking, but if possible, try for PS3/360/Wii release!

  12. I dont like Dash series, but, if it comes to real, i'll certain buy the game


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