Saturday, October 25, 2008

Now You Too Can Own Subaru's Recalled Pendant!

A very rare Rockman item is currently on ebay; a promotional replica of Subaru's "shooting star" pendant from the Shooting Star series.

A promotional pendant? Whoopty doo. What's so rare about that? Well, it's deadly. Seriously.

In 2006, Capcom of Japan announced a recall on the item due to its potentially dangerous design. The pendant, as you can see, has several sharp edges. If one were to trip and fall while wearing it..ouch.

Collectors should definitely consider picking this up, just be sure not to wear it to bed.


  1. Hah...

    What were they thinking when they made that? Imagine the accidents that could occur with that... not a pleasant thought at all.

  2. Times like these I wish I had my own credit card, or even a PayPal account.

  3. >_> It's cheapy looking. Not yellow enough.

    THe Hikari family emblem is better looking anyway. ^_^

  4., now I feel really stupid for occasionally wearing mine around. XD


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