Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Side View, We Missed You

While we eagerly await to see more of SSR3's side view in action, will have to make do with this SSR2 awesome hack.

Mega Rock.exe, a renowned hacker, has created a series of codes that alters the battle camera's position in Shooting Star Rockman 2.

As you can clearly see, we have ourselves a lovely side view, bringing back memories of the ol' EXE days. So, how does it fare?

The original code is a bit glitchy, but Mega Rock.exe has carefully gone back and fixed up to the best of his knowledge. The result; a fairly nice experience, but one that doesn't really compare to the style or action of EXE battles from the days of yore.

To view the code and some other zanny camera angles, head on down here.


  1. MegaRock.exe-- a renowned hacker? XD! Sure. :P

  2. Ooh... shiny... But yes, nowhere near the good olden days. ;__;

  3. @Anon1:

    Lol, in my opinion, yes :)

    He's made some pretty interesting things..

  4. Sounds cool, I'll give it a try too.

  5. "Zanny" camera angles? Don't you mean "zenny"? XD

    I'll admit, MegaRock does good work.

  6. Mega Rock.exe is a quite good hacker. He made EXE hacking guides (available after registering) and this time he's trying to hack RnR series. If anyone is interested, my name is a link to The RockMan EXE Zone Home Page.

  7. In this case, granted, he did a good job. But in his other "hacks" they were just straightforward follow-the-books sort of things. :P Some of them under the instruction of Barubary.


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