Friday, October 3, 2008

Press Kits Are Shipping Out

Title says it all.

Myself along with other fortunate readers, have just received e-mails confirming our copies of the MegaMan 9 Press Kit have begun shipping. Awesome.

Those who did not yet receive a promo code still have plenty of time; Capcom continues to observe Unity members who are "worthy" enough to receive the redeemable code. You can prove your worth by being an active Capcom Unity member (don't spam the boards) or personally displaying your affection.

Of course, if you're too lazy to work for the code or have over $500, there's always ebay.


  1. are you gonna post the artwork when you get it?

  2. The asset disc? No need to, it's stuff we've seen (and played) already.

    As for the box, I will be taking some pics.

  3. Yeah, mine shipped as well - yay! Wonder how long it would take to get here though.

  4. Darn it, they look like they're gonna be shrink wrapped. I can't in good conscience open mine! That would make it worthless, WORTHLESS!

    So proto, you finally got a promo code?

  5. Yup, finally got one. I was so relieved.

  6. Looks like at least one bidder chicked out of the auction on ebay too.

    Retracted: US $520.00
    Explanation: Entered wrong amount
    Bid: Oct-02-08 16:56:28 PDT
    Retracted: Oct-06-08 17:11:55 PDT

    "Entered wrong amount"....yeah right, and then realized it 4 days later lol

  7. and another one bites the dust:

    Retracted: US $500.00
    Explanation: Importo errato Bid: Oct-02-08 08:03:05 PDT
    Retracted: Oct-07-08 01:19:29 PDT


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