Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ariga Hard At Work on "Rockman Maniax", More Megamix *UPDATED*

Thanks to all who sent this one in:

Hot off the heels of the Inti Creates event, Hitoshi Ariga announced plans for a new Rockman publication: "Rockman Maniax."

Ariga was very hush hush on what exactly Maniax is, but he assured the crowd that future details will appear on his official blog, on December 17th, 2008 (Rockman's 21st birthday).

Ariga also announced plans to re-release the previous Rockman Megamix volumes and assured fans that the Rockman 9 Megamix adaption (Megamix 4) is progressing smoothly.

Wow. Talk about nerdgasm.

A little more information about Maniax has surfaced.

Maniax will act as a compilation of Ariga's Rockman fan art; stuff that predates his work on Rockman Megamix and Rockman Remix. Ariga previously shared these works in reprinted editions of the Megamix, but has never been conveniently collected into a single book until now.

News Credit: Tim, Jimb0, Action Hank, marshmellowman


  1. Aw man, I almost had a heart attack there */marvelvscapcom2*

    Like I always say, Japan gets all the good stuff. I would love to get my hands on those mangas. Rockman rocks!

  2. Very interesting find there. I love the cover, XD.

  3. This is pretty damn cool. I might be able to get them this time around - and the Rockman 9 one is gonna be amazing as well (from the what I've seen, anyway).

    Also, even though official artwork (or in this case, Ariga's) is so readily available on the internet for saving (and free too!), I would always rather have it in print if given the choice and would be willing to pay whatever it costs.

    One thing that may scare me away though, is that they're likely not gonna be translated to English (as far as I know). Keeping my fingers crossed!



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