Monday, October 6, 2008

REMINDER: Blues DLC Available Today (For Wii)

The day has come! Blues is scheduled to make his Rockman 9 debut in the form of DLC for mere 200 Wii Points

Plus side of playing as Blues:

-Blues CAN slide and charge shots.
-Deflect small shots with his sheild
-Utilize Adapters (Sled, Coil, etc.)

On the downside:

-Contact with bullets/enemies pushes Blue back twice as far as Rockman
-Lose Charge (Charge Shot is interrupted when hit)
-Twice as much damage taken than Rockman
-Maybe a few more tidbits I'm forgetting.

View pictures and video of Blues in action here and here!

Xbox and PS3 users unfortunately have to wait a short while longer to play as the red robot. Blues will be available tomorrow on XBLA while PSN users will have to wait till Thursday.

I don't know about you, but I'm quite excited.


  1. You did forget one thing: from the videos I've seen, it appears that Proto Man takes twice the damage from attacks that Mega Man does as well (as in, double damage AND double knockback). Of course, we can't be sure of this until the DLC actually hits.

    Makes sense though, what with that unstable power reactor of his...

  2. is he available now?

  3. and Shining Force II comes out as well! What a good Monday.

  4. oh mans Endless Attack is rough, but so addicting. Currently my best is 93 screens but the guy on the top of the leaderboard is at 194. I haven't even bothered to start the Proto Man mode yet because of Endless Attack

  5. It's funny how "Blues" sounds better than "Proto Man". Perhaps I'm infected with some japanese thoughts... ^_^;;

  6. Another downer on Proto that they didn't mention is he can only have two shots on the screen at a time.

    But seriously, I've found the endless stage to be way more fun than playing as Proto Man.

  7. I found Protoman to be quite a waste of my Wii Points :/ He sucks so badly.

    Endless attack though, I love.

  8. No Blues for XBLA, scheduled for October 7th. Perhaps later?


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