Wednesday, October 1, 2008

'Rockman 10th Anniversary Festival' Video Tour

I absolutely love this footage. Uploaded by my good friend 'SuperMega', the video gives us a look a the happenings at the Rockman 10th Anniversary Festival (1997) courtesy of the former Capcom Friendly Club. It's well worth a watch it, I'm more than sure you'll get a kick out of a few things. (I found the crowd's reaction to R&F's unveiling is classic. 08:55)

Part 2 will be up shortly. Thanks to SuperMega and the original NicoVideo uploader (whoever you may be).


  1. lol, and the crowd breaks out in tremendous applause.....or not.

  2. what react did they say about Rockman & Forte ? oO

  3. I love how you have that one woman scream happy about Forte and is clapping to herself. But the rest of the crowd is eh...... fucken Japan


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