Friday, October 24, 2008

SSR3 Demo On Its Way (Japan Only)

Starting October 30th, Nintendo of Japan will offer a playable demo of Shooting Star Rockman 3 via DS Download Stations. The demo consists of the basics of the battle system, most likely giving players a chance to test drive Noise Changes and new Battle Cards.

I'm also told there is a slight possibility that the demo will also appear on "Everybody's Nintendo Channel" on Wii (aka "Nintendo Channel). The channel acts as an online version of the Download Station in which users can download DS demos onto their DS for a limited time (until the system powers off). Most if not all the time, Download Station demos make there way onto the ENC.

News Credit: Thomas, the MegaMan Network


  1. Only if you turn off the power ? That's suck. They are being unfair. They should have demo file that can be use often or as collector's item rather instead of turn off the power and it was gone ? Come on.. For real ? Oo

  2. Hm. Interesting, but I don't live in Japan. :P

  3. @anoymous
    Didn't you know that? The DS doesn't have an internal hard drive or anything to save the demos. They are deleted from the memory as soon as you turn the DS off.

    Anyway, it would be nice to have a demo on the US My Nintendo Channel as well, to try out the new battle cards and Noise Changes. Even though I am getting the game anyway XD

  4. Yeah but why not transfer to SD card .. Maybe Nintendo DSi can ? :)

  5. I'm hoping the DSi will store downloaded demos as well. :D

    Even know I'm not buying one. >_> XD


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