Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Rockman X and Medarot S Crossover Event Detailed

The previously teased crossover event between Rockman X and Medarot S is scheduled to begin on February 22nd. During the event, Medarots based on X, Zero, Vile, Full Armor X and Sigma will be available to obtain, among other X series-based items. 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Rockman X and Medarot S: Unlimited Nova Crossover Event Teased

Not too long ago, Medarot S: Ultimate Nova delighted fans with a series of popular crossover events featuring Rockman EXE, introducing EXE-themed 'bots and items to mess around with. Today, the mobile RPG is building anticipation for yet another crossover that aligns perfectly with our interests.

The official Medarot S Twitter account recently shared the image above, hinting at an upcoming Rockman X crossover event. The accompanying text notes that the full announcement is scheduled for 17:00 JST on Twitter, followed by coverage on the game's YouTube Channel at 19:00 JST. In other words, the reveal is just around the corner.

Medarot S: Unlimited Nova is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Source: Medarot S

Saturday, February 10, 2024

MDLX Mega Man Now Available to Pre-Order

ThreeZero's MDLX Mega Man is now available for pre-order, directly from ThreeZero and authorized retailers. These include Big Bad Toystore, Entertainment Earth, and Toy Dojo. It's scheduled to ship in July 2024.

For those unfamiliar, MDLX Mega Man stands at approximately 4 inches in height, featuring two interchangeable faceplates, seven distinct hand parts, a charge shot effect, and an E-Can. Its built-in magnets on the feet enhance poseability, providing a wide range of display options. 

The Limited Event Exclusive Edition is expected to go on sale shortly as well. It includes an additional 1-UP accessory that can be displayed alongside the figure. You can see what that looks like here. The Event Edition will be exclusively available at physical conventions, with a list of participating events provided in our prior coverage.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Capcom Survey Asks Fans if They'd Like to See Mega Man 1, 2 and 3 Remakes

Capcom continues to celebrate their 40th anniversary through the special website Capcom Town. To kick-start the year, the company is asking fans ten questions, covering topics such as "which Capcom games do you like the best?" to inquiries about sequels and new entries in existing franchises.

The survey takes an intriguing twist when it delves into the topic of remakes for classic titles... 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

MDLX Rockman Pre-Orders Open February 11 (Updated)

To commemorate the start of Wonder Festival 2024, ThreeZero has officially unveiled the final design for MDLX Rockman. As expected, the figure features a wide range of articulation with a height of approximately 4-inches.

A Closer Look at Teppen's First 2024 Supplemental Cards

The first supplemental cards of the year for Teppen are here, featuring a single card for the Mega Man Battle Network-themed card pack 30.MINUTES.EXE, and three cards for the newly-launched Absolute Zero  pack.

The next card pack won't drop until early April, so we have to wait a little longer than usual. In the meantime, feel free to explore these latest supplemental cards after the break!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Sigma, Forte.EXE, & More Revealed in Kotobukiya's Rockman Anniversary Stream

After a small delay, Kotobukiya is back with their Rockman 35th/Rockman X 30th anniversary live stream event! With several exciting new announcements, including Sigma, Forte.EXE, and weapons from Rockman 11, I think we can safely say that it was worth the wait! After the break, let's discuss everything that was announced!

Monday, January 29, 2024

Mega Man 10 Prototypes Include Evidence of Unused "Assist Co-Op Mode"

The Hidden Palace community recently shared several Xbox 360 prototypes of Mega Man 10. These early versions were sourced from PartnerNET, a testing environment for authorized developers. While the prototypes exhibit few discernible differences from the final release, they do reveal a significant omission: Co-Op multiplayer.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Rockman EXE: Phantom of Network and Legend of Network English Fan-Translation Project Announced

SciLab Secrets recently preserved the Japan-exclusive mobile games Rockman EXE: Phantom of Network and Rockman EXE: Legend of Network... and now, The Rockman EXE Zone has confirmed the development of English translation patches for both titles.

The project's lead programmer, Prof. 9, shared that the team will start with Phantom of Network first, followed by Legend of Network. Each game will receive a separate translation patch upon completion, distributed as applications that inject the English scripts into the games. It's important to note that you'll need to obtain the game and an emulator separately. 

At present, the release dates for the patches have not been provided. For additional information, screenshots, FAQs, and updates, refer to the translation project thread

Best of luck to everyone involved! 

Monday, January 22, 2024

Rockman EXE x Capcom Cafe Goods Revealed

The Capcom Cafe is set to receive a fresh influx of Rockman EXE merchandise later this week. Running from January 26th to March 6th, visitors to the Ikebukuro and Umeda locations can get equipped with a range of new items, including keychains, shirts, and even EXE-themed food and beverages. 

Get a sneak peek of the menu by checking out the details below!

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Kotobukiya Rockman Anniversary Stream Rescheduled to January 31st

Late last year, at the very last minute, Kotobukiya unexpectedly postponed their Rockman 35th/Rockman X 30th anniversary live stream event. Today, they have now finalized a new date for the program: January 31st at 4AM CST.

The show is anticipated to run for roughly 90 minutes. Viewers can look forward to new Rockman model kit reveals, as well as updates on kits that were previously announced. We can expect to see the final paint work for Axl, reveals for Black Zero, Third Armor X Thunder Triad version, among other goodies. Additionally, a segment of the stream will be dedicated to Kotobukiya's Arcanadea series, which is unrelated to Rockman.

We'll be following the stream closely for those who may be unable to watch it live. There's sure to be a handful of updates -- stay tuned!

Source: Kotobukiya Collection

Monday, January 15, 2024

Mega Man X7 Fan-Made Improvement Patch Now Available

Can Mega Man X7 be... better? Well, the odds are looking pretty good. Enter Mega Man X7: N's Edition, a recently-released fan-patch that's making strides to address a number of issues and design choices. The result might just make your next (or first) playthrough a lot more enjoyable.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Capcom Wants Your Input on Mega Man X DiVE Offline Home Console Ports

Capcom has rolled out a post-release survey on Mega Man X DiVE Offline, seeking player input on various aspects of the game. For example, you're asked to evaluate the story and character roster, whether or not you liked the graphics, controls, and so on. 

But one of the more interesting questions gives you the chance to suggest which platforms you'd like to see the game on in the future. The available options include Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and "other". While there's no guarantee that the feedback will directly influence future ports, it's noteworthy that Capcom is seeking input on this specific aspect. 

The survey is set to conclude on February 29th. Those who take part will get a digital wallpaper for either desktop or mobile as a thank-you gesture. Hit up the link above to participate!

Source: Capcom

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Rockman EXE and Capcom Cafe Collaboration Announced

Capcom Cafe locations in Ikebukuro and Umeda are set to host a six week-long collaboration featuring Rockman EXE, Capcom announced. The event (January 24th~March 6th) will showcase a variety of new merchandise, along with a delectable array of EXE-themed food and beverages. Details regarding these items will be revealed at a later date.

In the meantime, Capcom has unveiled the main visual for the event, which you can view above. While the artist's identity remains unknown, there is speculation that it might be the same individual who contributed to Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. If the previous Capcom Cafe collab is any indication, you'll find this piece spread across all sorts of goodies.

Source: Capcom Cafe 

Fumi Oto Drops 2024 Version of Rockman DASH 2's Ending Theme

In a heartfelt tribute to Rockman DASH 2, Fumi Oto, the original composer of the Japanese ending theme "Naite Ii Yo" ("It's Okay to Cry"), recently treated fans to a new rendition of the beloved song. Originally performed by Fumina Hara and arranged by Yasunori Mitsuda, the song has become synonymous not only with the emotional climax of DASH 2 but an athem for fans longing to return to the world covered by endless water. 

For comparison, you can listen to the original version here, subtitled in English and Spanish. 

Thanks to Number 20 for the heads up!

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Fan-Mod Adds Prometheus to Mega Man X DiVE Offline

Prometheus was *this* close to being playable in Mega Man X DiVE, according to the dev team. And while DLC for the Offline Version remains largely up in the air, that didn't stop the modding community from making magic happen.

That's right -- Prometheus is now a fully-fledged playable character! He comes with his own unique voice lines, skills, attacks, and key artwork. Just by watching the trailer above, you'd struggle to tell he isn't an official addition. That says a lot about how much care went into this guy, on behalf of the mod team.

To add Prometheus to your roster, simply download the mod from NexusMods. Make sure to read the install instructions carefully, and download all the necessary plugins. That said, enjoy! A big congratulations to the team for making this happen!

Monday, January 1, 2024

Fan-Made Mega Man X8 16-Bit Demake Gets a Massive Update

AlyssonDaPaz's 16-bit Mega Man X8 demake is back, and it's better than ever. Demo build #3 just dropped, and it's loaded with new stages. You'll get to explore 16-bit renditions of the opening stage (Noah's Park) and ALL eight Maverick stages. It's all exceptionally well done. I'm seriously impressed by what was done with Optic Sunflower's stage, to name one. Check out the video above for a sneak peek! 

As previously reported, the 16-bit demake is being developed in Godot Engine 3.5. True to its 16-bit inspiration, the project aims to be a "vanilla" X1-X3 experience, featuring only X as the playable character. You won't find any Metals or retry chips here—it's all about capturing that authentic vibe from the SNES era.

You can grab the latest demo build from the game's official SAGE Expo page here.