Thursday, October 9, 2008

Roll Confirmed For 'Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom'

Straight from the TGS show room floor courtesy of Dengeki Online, Roll is slated to appear in the upcoming fighter, 'Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom' alongside Rockman Trigger.

So, which Roll incarnation exactly? If you guessed Roll Caskett, you're wrong. It's Classic series Roll, equipped with her trusty broom stick!

So, now we have Rockman Trigger and Classic series Roll in the roster. Does this indicate the possibility of more seeing Rockman representatives from other series? Zero perhaps? Rockman.EXE?

Check out Dengeki Online's TGS coverage for more pics.

News Credit: Charles


  1. Tron Bonne ;_;

    plz capcom! :<

  2. I'm really hoping for an X character, maybe Sigma, he'd really fit in with the other fighters.

    I don't think we'll see any other "Mega Men" with Voulnut taking the scene

  3. yeah an X character would've been great. But Roll is good too.

  4. I'm so psyched for this - I never would have expected classic Roll. And this does give hope to other-series characters as well. Too bad classic Rock isn't in the game and it's doubtful he will be with Trigger in there... Otherwise though, this is awesome. :D


  5. An awesome game, even more awesome now. Please do what you have to do to release it to the west, Capcom! *crosses fingers*

  6. Licensing snafus are pretty much going to make sure that this game has little to no chance of being released in the West, unfortunately.

    As for more Rockman characters? I wouldn't count on it, really. The roster is already pushing 19, with at least 1 more scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow (signs point to Go Mifune/Speed Racer). Maybe there might be more where that comes from, I'm not sure.

    But at this point, Rock and Roll are pretty much good enough for me. Makes more room for some one else like Phoenix Wright or Viewtiful Joe... ^_^

  7. Im rooting for Pheonix Wright, Dante, Amaterasu, Viewtiful Joe, Nathan Spencer, and Frank West on the capcom side and Samurai Pizza Cats, an Eva, Karas (who is already in :3), and Speed for Tatsunoko. This is seriously gonna be the best game evar.

  8. Hopes for EXE Hopes for EXE... >_<

  9. if they go by the megaman series i think itll go like this
    megaman x= Sigma
    megaman zero = zero of course
    megaman zx = vent/aile or hopefully prometheus/pandora
    megaman battlenetwork= protoman.exe
    megaman starforce= solo/rouge

    either way itll all be cool

  10. Roll Caskett should've been added! Classic Roll is a JOKE!


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