Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morishita Seeks Fan-Art for MM Legends 15th Anniversary Project

To celebrate 15 years of Mega Man Legends (and 25 years of Mega Man in general), singer Reika Morishita has announced a surprise commemorative project. We're not entirely sure what the project will entail (might be a new CD), but she's looking for art submissions from talented artists to be included in the venture.

Hit the break for all the details.

Monday, October 29, 2012

'Wreck-It Ralph' Animator Looked to Mega Man for Character Design

As far as we know, Dr. Wily is no longer in Disney's video game-inspired flick Wreck-It Ralph. However, the visage of the 8-bit Blue Bomber actually helped animator Wayne Unten in designing the look and movement of the 8-bit version Ralph, according to the New York Times. Sure, it's not quite the Mega Man cameo many had hoped for, but it's a noteworthy contribution to the film overall. The full article is here, highlights below.

"Before drawing the 8-bit version of Ralph, Mr. Unten turned to Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man for inspiration. “These are characters that, instantly, when you think of an eight-bit character, is where your mind goes,” he said. Mr. Unten joined the project when the 3-D version of Ralph, near left, was being developed. But he had seen some early concept work on the eight-bit version that he improved on, far left, following the rules of 8-bit game design."
“I was seeing things where, instead of two pixels wide for the eyes, it was one and a half pixels,” he said. “And to break a pixel into a half was a big no-no for me. That’s not how it was in the games. I would say, jokingly, ‘We have to respect the pixel.’"

Be sure to check out the full article for more interesting details! Wreck-It Ralph opens in theaters Friday, November 2nd.

So About That D-Arts Bass (and Treble)...

Some disconcerting news coming from Bluefin Tamashii Nation's Facebook page today. Read on:

"Treble would be an "accessory" with Bass just like Rush with Megaman, assuming this becomes a product."

Our keyword here is "assuming." That's right, Bass and his faithful canine Treble have yet to be given the official go-ahead for production. So much like Sigma and that beautiful Ride Armor, availability is more than likely contingent upon fan demand.

Well, what are you waiting for? Demand your Bass and Treble at their Facebook page!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mega Man in Sonic Generations is Probably the Best Thing Ever

Game mods are pretty neat. They can instantly grant players all sorts of new and exciting possibilities from new modes to character swaps. In the case of the latter, YouTube user Megamaniscrazy integrated the skins of Mega Man, X and Zero into Sonic Generations. It sounds like an odd pairing at first, but I think you'll agree the end result looks very cool.

Food for thought: is this the sort of game we could see if Capcom and Sega choose to take the Archie crossover one step further?

Source: Sonic Generations mod: MegaMan and Rayman (100th Video)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

iOS Mega Man X Gets Halloween Price Drop

For those interested in the iOS version of Mega Man X, I've got some good news: until October 31st (Halloween!), you can download the game for no less than 99 cents. That's a whole $4 off!

It may not be the best MMX port around, but it's mildly entertaining as a time-waster. And hey, price drops are always a good thing, right? Last time that happened, the game's popularity skyrocketed on the charts.

You can find Mega Man X in the App Store here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Rockman Holic" Animated Trailer and Track List (Updated)

UPDATE: YouTube version is now available. Thanks, SuperMega233!
SOUND HOLIC has added some new information about the upcoming "Rockman Holic" arrange album. First and foremost, we have this neat animated promotional trailer for the CD (featuring the track "X-Buster").  If you've got a couple minutes to spare, I implore you to give it a watch. It's awesome cool, to say the least.

Moreover, the album's full 16 tracks have been revealed. There's some pretty tanatzling stuff in there, so hit the jump for the lowdown.

D-Arts Bass and Treble Revealed

Well, well, well... what do we have here? Why, another batch of D-Arts! And not just any D-Arts: freaking Bass AND Treble.

The dynamic duo made their debut earlier today at the Tamashii Nations 2012 exhibition. Yeah, the prorotype Ride Armor and Sigma were there, too.... but guys? It's Bass and Treble. Is there anything more to say?

No, actually. Details are slim to none at the moment. No price, no release date. I imagine those details will bubble up in no time at all. For more images, head on over to Rockman-Unity and the Charanet Facebook gallery.

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

“We are ROCK-MEN! 2″ Gets Battle Network and Star Force Tunes

A short while back, we caught word that Capcom's in-house sound team were gearing up to produce “We are ROCK-MEN! 2." Though we're still without a track list, Capcom of Japan’s summary of the new CD reveals brings some rather tantalizing news:

"On top of a foundation of classic Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes blasted in rock and techno, there are richly arranged tracks from series up to Battle Network and Star Force adding to the variety!

Yep; Battle Network AND Star Force arrangements. We've been long overdue for some of those, so this should come as good news for fans of both series. Hopefully, we'll be treated to some nice samples soon!

We are "ROCK-MEN! 2" is due out in Japan on December 19th.

Source: Rockman Series Official Site (via The Mega Man Network)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ride Armor Still Under Consideration, Says Tamashii

It's been quite some time since we heard from that ridiculously sweet Ride Armor concept from Bandai/Tamashii Nations. However, Tamashii Nation USA's Twitter account managed to rectify that with a brief (but hopeful) status update: the Ride Armor is still under consideration.

And there you have it. Nothing's set in stone just yet, but the forces that be are still trying to decide if the vehicle will be a viable product. Fortunately, there is something we fans can do to help drive this baby into production: you make some noise! Tamashii does a great job of listing to fan input thanks to a tight-knit Facebook and Twitter community. All you need to do is say, "I want that Ride Armor!" on either social network and hope for the best. They're all ears.

And hey, the Tamashii guys pop up here every now and then, too. If you'd like to see the Ride Armor on sale, please feel free to drop a comment of support.

Source: @TamashiiNations

Street Fighter X Tekken Patch Brings Updates for Mega Man

Much like Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken will be getting a free balance update patch at the end of the year. Capcom has detailed some tweaks coming with the "v2013" patch, including changes made for Mega Man. Have a look:

• Close HP - Reduced startup from 10F->5F
• Close HK - Lower half of the body now invincible against airborne attacks
• Far MP - Can now be cancelled
• Far HP - Can now be cancelled
- Reduced startup from 10F->5F
• Far HK - Lower half of the body now invincible against airborne attacks
• Ice Slasher - Increased frames bi 1F on hit (On hit +4F)
• Thunder Beam - Decreased damage from 80->60
• Mega Uppercut - Decreased damage from 120->85
• Mega Buster - Decreased damage from 80->65
• EX Mega Buster - Increased damage from 80->150

Special move meter gain:
• Ice Slasher: whiff 15->5/On hit 40->20
• Thunder Beam: whiff 15->5/On hit 40->20
• Mega Uppercut: whiff 15->5/On hit 40->30
• Mega Buster: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->3

If you're like me, some of these terms are probably a bit foreign. That's why they made this handy-dandy glossary of terms! Now for those who are familiar with this stuff, the general consensus says Mega Man received some decent buffs. A lot of players could find him a tad more durable from here on out. What do you think?

Head on over to Capcom Unity for more v2013 patch details.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Megamix Box Set Delayed?

It appears there is a possibility that the Mega Man Megamix box set from UDON has been delayed. A tip from RockX points out that the AAA Distribution listing for the set has changed from its original October release to a vague "TBA." Meanwhile, Rightstuf has gone and updated their listing with a November 14th release date.

Mind you, UDON haven't even formally announced the set yet. What we've been seeing so far are early leaks. That said, an official release date will probably surface right around the time the set is, uh, actually announced (e.g. press release). I suppose we'll see what happens.

In any case, I think a Megamix box set is a great way to get caught up quickly. And who knows? Maybe a Gigamix set will follow soon after.

Source: Rightstuf

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Solicitation for Archie’s Mega Man #22 Now Available

Courtesy of Mega Man Monthly, here's the latest solicitation for Mega Man #22, coming in February 2013:

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Gary Martin & Various (CA) Matt Herms & Various

Cold Crush.’ Is love in the air – or is that just frost? Mega Man, Roll, and Quake Woman go to the far north to assist Ice Man in a perilous research mission. Will Roll’s attempt at match-making be more hazardous than the ice?

Ice Man's fondness for Roll dates all the way back to Battle & Chase, what with that giant snow sculpture and all. Will he finally reveal his true romantic feelings? Guess we'll have to wait to find out!

At this time, it remains unclear who will be penning the interior art for this issue. However, that info should drop when Archie reveals further solicitation later this month.

Get Equipped With Air Fresheners

Does anyone remember those officially licensed Mega Man "scent blasters" from Epic Scents? Of course you do! Mid-October is upon us, and that means Mega Man’s “Cool Rush” and Proto Man’s “Apple Cinnamon” air fresheners are hitting Think Geek right now.

At $2.99 a pop, these little trinkets are perfect for the rear view mirror or just wherever. Ditch those pine trees and smell fresh. Mega fresh!

Source: Think Geek

Friday, October 19, 2012

Here's Another Xover Flash Game... Starring Bad Box Art Mega Man

Pretty much hot off the heels of Team Cutstuff's popular Rockman Xover flash game, Iragination is joining in on the fun with "Bad Box Over."  The name of the game says it all, really: it's Xover starring everyone's favorite Mega Man incarnate. Click here to play it!

As Xover continues to find itself the butt of jokes, you can't help but wonder if we'll be seeing even more fan games before the actual game launches later this month.

Source: Iragination

So What's Dust Man Been Up to Lately?

Since his last battle with the Blue Bomber 21 years ago in Mega Man 4, Dust Man has found himself a quiet job at Capcom's Tokyo office: sanitation officer.

24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week; ol' dusty keeps close watch over Capcom's garbage disposal habits, diligently reminding employees to properly do away with needless materials and recycle bottle caps. It's a busy job, but someone's got to do it. After all, Wily never did get around to developing Recycle Man. Or Green Man.

Source: Rockman Unity

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bandai Talks Sigma, Legends D-Arts at NYCC

The latest Preorder66 podcast is out, and they had some time to chat it up with Bandai's Adam Nemwman at the 2012 New York Comic-Con. The Mega Man-related bits start at 18:50, but I've gone ahead and pulled those out for convenience sake:

  • Bandai still hasn't decided if they will release the Sigma mockup shown at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. They know people want to see it articulated, but right now they are looking at its mechanics and seeing if they can actually get it articulated.
  • Bandai thought there was a HUGE demand for Mega Man Legends D-Arts -- fans on Facebook specifically wanted Volnutt and Tron Bonne. However, the poll they're seeing at NYCC is in favor of Mega Man X products. That, unfortunately, tells Bandai they will have to delay a Legends line. Don't get them wrong; they want to do Legends, but feedback from customers is really going to be the driving force behind production (gee, that sounds so familiar!).
  •  On the upside, Mega Man D-Arts make up 80% of Tamashii's sales in the U.S alone. The numbers are stronger here than Japan, believe it or not!

Well here's hoping for the best. Banda/Bluefin/Tamashii are always looking out for feedback on their Facebook, so hop to it!

Thanks for the tip, Rick!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mega Man Releasing on European eShop This Week

Months after its Japanese debut, the original Mega Man will finally be making its way to the European Nintendo 3DS eShop later this week. The title was confirmed directly from Nintendo of Europe, due out October 18th for £4.49 / €4.99.

Here’s hoping that Capcom/Nintendo will share the Virtual Console love and we get news about the game on our side of the pond soon!

Source: Nintendo of Europe

Archie Mega Man/Sonic Crossover Promo Pays Tribute to MvC

Spotted at the New York Comic-Con, here's an exceptionally sweet promotional piece that mimics the player select screen from Marvel Vs. Capcom. And you know what? I can't find a single thing to nit-pick here. The poses, the style... all of it. Just awesome. Dare I say, this almost makes me wish we had a real, true blue Sonic/Mega Man fighter!

Archie's 12-issue "When Worlds Collide" crossover officially kicks off Spring 2013. Look forward to it!

Source: TSSZ News (thanks, RockX!)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Morishita Live Interview Saved for Your Consideration

Did you miss out on Get Me Off the Moon's live interview with Mega Man Legends singer Reika Morishita this past weekend? Worry not because we saved it!

It may be a little lengthy for some of you, but a lot of interesting topics were tackled. I'm not going to give it all away, but you're in for a real treat if you're a fan of Morishita's work (or Legends in general).

If you want to to let Morishita know what you thought of the interview, feel free to drop her a message on her official Facebook page!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Are You At NYCC? Tamashii Nations Has a Question for You...

Coming from Bluefin Tamashii Nation's New York Comic Con 2012 Facebook album:

"These surveys at events and on facebook really do help us out for determining future products! Come on down to booth #1810 at NYCC to vote! Really wish we could make this mega hint more obvious....."

We have quite a few Mega Man X D-Arts already, and a classic Mega Man D-Arts on the burner. Is the time right for a Mega Man Legends (Volnutt) D-Arts? Stop by booth #1810 and send your feedback!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is the Cover for We are Rock-Men! 2

Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san tossed this up on the blog yesterday and man, it's perfect. The colors. The pizzazz. The Proto Man.

"We are ROCK-MEN! 2" is set to come out in Japan on December 19th for 2,100 Yen (roughly $27 USD). Keep a close watch on those import retailers; pre-orders are bound to show up eventually.

Source: Rockman Unity

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fans Recreate Rockman Xover in Flash

Keen to try out Rockman Xover before it's released? Press Start, CutmanMike and Brotoad put together a little flash game that recreates the game's gameplay. It's an authentic imitation based on the screenshots and small bits of footage we've seen so far. Go knock yourself out and play it right here.
... Oh, you're back? Alright. Now you're probably wondering, "is that how the game will really play?" Essentially, yes. Click here for some real gameplay footage and compare.

Amazing, no? Even if the final product turns out a smidgen better than expected, you've got to give the guys who made this copy some props (fun fact: this was made in under 24 hours). It's pretty neat in and of itself!

Thanks for the tip, Press Start.

Several New Rockman Xover Details Emerge

The release of Rockman Xover could only be days away, so to no surprise, Famitsu has shared with us several new details about the game. All sorts of topics are tackled like Battle Memory, Armor Customization and -- surprise! -- the return of a classic heroine. Hit the jump for the lowdown.

Oh My, Another Soundtrack

Not even letting the dust settle from the Rockman EXE Transmission soundtrack announcement, we have some more bad news for your wallet. Get ready to hemorrhage more Zenny because another soundtrack is on the way!

Produced by SOUND HOLIC, "ROCKMAN HOLIC ~the 25th anniversary~" will consist of songs primarily from the franchise's heyday (the "early" Rockman games, but not necessarily limited to Classic series). The pieces cover a number of styles from jazz and rock to dance. There's going to be some vocalized pieces, too, what with aNa Takahashi, A~YA, 709sec, aki, Hanatan and anporin lending their talent.

The soundtrack comes out on December 19th for 1,980 Yen (roughly $23.25 US). The first run prints will come in a special package. Not so sure what will make it special, but these things are usually bundled with a fancy book. We'll see.

Pre-orders are go from Amazon Japan. Keep a close watch on your favorite import retails in the coming days!

Thanks for the tip, Erico

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rockman Xover Could Be Released as Early as Next Week?

Beyond a vague "autumn" tease, we haven't heard too much about Rockman Xover's release date. However, that may have just changed if a blurb from Famitsu App magazine is to be believed. Oh boy.

The next issue of Famitus App hits Japanese newsstands next week on the 18th. According to early reports, this issue will contain “limited edition items” obtained via serial codes for a number of mobile games, including Rockman Xover. Now, why would a magazine publish a limited availability promotional item before the game actually launches? That's the implication here: Xover could be seen on iOS as early as next week.

Pending official word from Capcom, we cannot take this as a guarantee. It's probably in your best interest to take this news with a grain of salt until something a bit more "official" bubbles up. We'll see.

Source: CapKobun (via the Mega Man Network)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GMOTM Conducting Live Interview with Morishita

Hot off the heels of her freshly arranged “another sun 2012″ and “あなたの風が吹くから~Your wind is blowing~”, Reika Morishita has agreed to a live interview with the folks from Get Me Off the Moon (aka "100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3). Details are as follows:

"We will be conducting a live interview with Reika Morishita this Sunday, October 14, at 9am EST to discuss her newly rearranged Legends songs! Things may be a bit slow, since we'll be assisted by a translator for communication with Morishita-San, but nonetheless, this is going to be something you won't want to miss!"

When the time comes, this is where you’ll want to be for the show. Thanks to Skybane for the tip!

So, There's a Rockman EXE Transmission Album on the Way

Hey, you remember Rockman EXE Transmission, right? The 2003 GameCube-exclusive platformer? Yeah... for whatever reason, the game is getting an official album nine years later!

According to The Mega Man Network, the album is being released by SuperSweep; the company Capcom commissioned to produce the music for the game all those years ago. SuperSweep says the album is the result of fans requesting an official soundtrack for years, so that expains why they're just now getting to it. Sort of. Maybe not. I don't know.

Anyway... the album comes loaded with 28-tracks with music by Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso and Kosuke Yasui. It's due out on November 2nd for 2,625 Yen (roughly $33.50 USD).Unfortunately, it's only being sold from SuperSweep (without any connection to Capcom). Time to rev up those Ebay accounts?

Source: SuperSweep

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rockman 4 Leaps Onto Japanese eShop Next Week

Still no Mega Man games on the eShop for us, but Japanese Nintendo 3DS owners can look forward to yet another classic. Rockman 4: A New Ambition!! is set to hit the eShop next week, October 17 for a mere 500 Yen (roughly $6.38).

I think this release definitely solidifies the theory that Capcom Japan are putting these out on a monthly basis. We still have no real idea when these are arriving on our 3DS shores, but at least we know there's a plan, or something in the works.

Thanks for the tip, RockX!

Check Out Destructoid’s Preview for Mega Man #18

Our friends at Destructoid have a preview up for latest Archie Mega Man issue, which brings the curtain down on the "Proto-Type" arc. Without giving too much away, the story charts the trials and tribulations of Blues before he became the "proto dude" we all know and love. The fragility of a fleeting life is the core theme explored in this issue, tragically depicted in the red rocker's lonely journey home. You'll be needing some tissues for this one!

You can check out the full five-page preview for yourself, right here. Issue #18 hits newsstands tomorrow!

Capcom Asks for Patience with Mega Man on 3DS Virtual Console

Capcom's Christian Svensson took to the company's forums once again to address the lack of classic NES Mega Man games on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in North America. His response is short and to the point:

That's... actually the response I wasn't anticipating.

Usually, Capcom has pointed out they have no jurisdiction over Virtual Console releases. That's Nintendo's territory. But perhaps there's some implication here these titles are being planned to release at a specific time? Maybe closer to the actual 25th anniversary? Sounds likely, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Ask Capcom

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Tron and Servbot Gameplay from Project X Zone

Can you believe this comes out in just three days? We'll certainly be seeing a lot more of PXZ this week!

Source: PXZ Channel

Amazon Lists Mega Man 5 Trade Paperback for June Release

Amazon has posted a pre-order listing for the fifth Archie Mega Man trade paperback collection, titled "Mega Man 5: Rock of Ages" for a retail price of $11.99 USD. However, it isn't due for release until June 13, 2013. That's quite a ways off, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to reserve a copy now.

No solicitation available at the moment, but we can assume the book will collect issues #17-#20 (“Proto-Type" part 1 and 2, "Roll With It!" and "Rock of Ages"). If past TPB's are any indication, expect even more bonus content and a collection of variant covers. Fun stuff!

Source: Amazon

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Capcom Has No Plans for Mega Man/Sonic Crossover

Will Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog ever appear in the same game? With an official Archie Comics "When Worlds Collide" crossover coming up in 2013, that seems to be the popular question on the minds of Mega Man and Sonic fans alike.

Responding to a forum user who asked this very question, Capcom's Senior VP Christan Svensson stepped right up with an answer: "While we're happy Archie was able to make such a collaboration happen, there are no plans for a game on such a premise."

Although plans tend to change all the time, it sounds like Capcom (nor Sega) will not be actively perusing this sort of project anytime soon. And honestly, I'd much rather see Mega Man back on his own two feet first before something like this is even considered. After that happens, hey, it's free rein from there.

Oh well. But hey, at least you can still look forward to the comic crossover. March 2013 will be here before you know it!

Source: Ask Capcom

Get Equipped with Rokko Chan Remix Album

Rokko Chan, a most bodacious Mega Man clone starring a plucky female Blue Bomber, is back in the news again. Destructoid's Tony Ponce brings word that the game's fantastic chiptune soundtrack has been remixed by a batch of talented DJs.

Dubbed "Rokko Chan: Extended Play," the eight-track album features the works of DJ Cutman, Spambot, and FantomenK. You can download it directly from Bandcamp or tune in to the embeded stream above. Either way, it's worth a listen (especially if you're a Rokko Chan fan). Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads up, Tony!

Friday, October 5, 2012

R20 Revised Edition Announced

To commemorate the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary, the mega-sized R20: Rockman & Rockman X Official Complete Works artbook is going to be republished with brand-new content.

Tentatively dubbed “R20: Revised Edition”, the book will see the addition of special content from manga artists Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto. What's more, we're willing to bet Mega Man 9 and 10 artwork will be included as well, since both games released after the original R20 was published.

Lastly, Capcom's prepping a huge Q&A for all Mega Man series artists. You can tweet your questions with the hashtag “#R20増補." You're free to tweet as many questions as you'd like, but not all will be addressed (and please, keep it civil). Questions will no longer be accepted after October 11th at 1PM Japan time.

So hopefully we'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about the book soon. And UDON? Do your due diligence and localize this!

Source: Rockman Unity via The Mega Man Network

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mega Man X, Tron Bonne and Servbot Joining Capcom All Stars

Capcom shared today first details on Capcom All Stars, With Everyone -- the GREE-based social RPG that's unfortunately not the fighter we were all hoping for.

All Stars' gameplay is heavily focused on card battling. You'll have to collect cards of a number of famous Capcom characters, and square off against some familiar foes. Promotional artwork released today confirms Mega Man X and Tron Bonne cards. And where there's Tron, there's usually a Servbot nearby, too!

All Stars is due out in Japan on October 25th. The game will be compatible for iOS 4.3 and up, and Android 2.2 and up. Check out more screens and details at Siliconera.

Thanks to Rock Volnutt for the tip!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Is the U.S Devroom Still Online?

Although the Japanese branch of the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom shut its doors for good in July 2011, it's U.S counterpart continues to remain online. Today, it's a place for Legends enthusiasts to congregate and work toward fulfilling the efforts of the Get Me Off the Moon campaign.

That's all well and good, but sometimes you have to wonder: why is the U.S Devroom still open? What long-term purpose does it serve to Capcom (if any)?  Former Devroom community liaison Greg "Gregaman" Moore recently took to the Ask Capcom forums to provide some insight...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PXZ Site Updates with Iris Stuff

Running a little late on this one, but what the hey: The Project X Zone official site has updated with some additional details on Iris' appearance. Much of her personality from X4 has been retained, according to her PXZ bio. She still longs to live out her days with Zero in a Reploid-only world; a wish uttered in her final moments.

It would seem PXZ takes place some time after X4... but we're still not sure how (or why) Iris is "alive." Speculation says she could very much be an illusion rooted in Cyberspace (a central area to the PXZ storyline). As cool (and likely) as that sounds, we won't know for sure until the game releases next week.

Anyway, you can see some more Iris-related goodies at the Project X Zone site. Along with some much prettier screens of her confrontation with X and Zero, we also have some voice nice samples to sample. Check it out.

Auction: Ruby-Spears Mega Man Halloween Costume

That's right, this auction is for the near-impossible to find Halloween costume based off the Ruby-Spears Mega Man animated series (hey, say what you will about the show, but at least it had a cool opening).

Released sometime during the show's mid nineties run, the costume came in the three usual sizes. We've got the large one here, and it comes with everything one could possible need to look like Ruby-Spear's macho Blue Bomber: cuffs, helmet, boot tops and vest (with pecs, no less). Starting bid is $0.99.

So... yeah, this is for the hardcore collectors only. I mean, it's not like you're actually going to wear it, right? Right?

Source: Ebay

Monday, October 1, 2012

Win Some Mega Man (and Street Fighter) Bobble Budds

Our friends at Destructoid are playing host to a little contest where you could walk away with the complete Mega Man Bobble Budd set (and all six Street Fighter Bobble Budds). Want to participate? It's simple: leave a comment at this post about what videogame character you'd like to see given the Bobble Budd treatment. That's it! Afterwards, all you need to do is kick back and cross those fingers.

You can enter as many times as you'd like until Sunday, October 7, at 11:59 PM Pacific (a U.S mailing address is required!). Head on over to Destructoid for all the details. Good luck to you!

Sample the 25th Anniversary Arranged Soundtracks

Got some excellent fodder for the music lovers today. Every single track from both the 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock and Techno Arrange album have been revealed, along with samples! And I have to admit, they're really interesting. Rock album is my personal favorite at the moment. Tune in and check them out at The Mega Man Network.

Both albums are due out next week, October 10th. I, for one, can't wait!