Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tripping Balls. Man.

You'll find some very odd pieces of merchandise on Rinkya, such is the case with these awesome Ryuusei no Rockman 2 balls.

For 1,080 Yen, (around $10) that's quite a bargain I guess.

Don't pass on this one collectors!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Surprise! RnR3 Rumors

Just days after the teaser site launched, the enigmatic “anonymous source” reared his/her head again with new RnR3 rumors. Joy!

-RnR3 will follow a Rockman EXE 3 pattern. There will be only ONE version. However, a second “special” version will be available at a later date. Like RnR2, the game comes packed with “two versions in one.”

-There will be multiple playable characters, seven to be exact. (Characters that appeared in the wallpaper?)

The method used to play as other characters will be one of the major aspects of the game. Each playable character has their own set of abilities and advantages/disadvantages. Rockman is the most “balanced” of the seven.

-The theme of the game is not “noise/sound”. Rather, “white noise”, the event of static disturbances within EM Waves. Anon suggests the enemies could be a new class of EM Viruses.

-Capcom will be stepping it up gameplay wise. Anon mentions RnR3 will be significantly different from the past two games. Battles are more action oriented and give the players “new freedom.”

-A customization system reminiscent to the EXE series' “Navi Customizer” will be a vital role to the gameplay. Everyone's Rockman will be unique, it's “impossible” to have the same abilities as someone else.

-Brother Band seems to be the same, however Brothers can share and trade the attributes that make their Rockman to be “unique.” The amount of online Brothers has been upped to eight.

-A new multiplayer mode will be available via a location similar to the Sky high Coliseum. Here, you can play a cooperative mini game with Brothers who are On Air. The mini game involves deleting a set of enemies, while at the same time, collecting points to determine who has the most at the end of the game. Several exclusive power ups and Battle Cards are given away as rewards.

-The unnamed new guy has an FM-ian of his very own. It's red.

-Overworld will look VERY different. (I was told to put an emphasis on 'very' ) Expect sprites to get a make over along with new “head shots” for the returning cast.

-In a homage to the EXE series, Rockman.EXE will appear as a secret boss, who upon defeat, will reward you with something “cool.”

-Wifi play will remain almost the same as it was in RnR2. Expect a tournament mode (up to eight players) and voice chat via the Mic or the DS headset.

-No specifics about Rockman's “transformations”, but Anon remarked that they will be very unique.

-First official details of RnR3 will appear at Wave Masters Spring on May '08.

Sounds believable, we'll see...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Pixel Perfect Rendition

"Dergutemoritz" created this godly sprite of Rockman out of 7x7CM of Post-It notes. Yes, Post-It notes.

View his step by step process here.

Who knew the greatest invention since the TV could create such beauty?

By the by, added a new feature on the right side of the blog, my e-mail.

Got some Rockman news? Send me an email with the news (including sources) and your story will appear on PRC.

Friday, April 25, 2008

RnR3 Site Launch

Capcom of Japan has just opened their teaser site for the upcoming Ryuusei no Rockman 3.

It's somewhat bland at the moment with the exception of a wallpaper and a few tidbits about the game: Bly will be returning as an alley, a new protagonist will eventually be revealed, and it appears that "sound" might be a vital gameplay role.

"The future of this planet is now up to them."
"2008. Noise will conceal the world."

Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Censorship Ahoy!

Sometime, I don't understand Capcom.

Localized games suffer the fate of unnecessary name changes, removal of gameplay elements, horrid translations and the occasional censorship of “violence.”

However, when it comes to the kinky/obscene side of the franchise, Capcom doesn't touch.

For instance:

I'm bewildered.

The future of Rockman censorship looks bright. Capcom has indicated that Ryuusei no Rockman 2's Wave Command Card system will remain intact for the U.S version. Has the end of unnecessary gameplay removals ended?

Monday, April 21, 2008

RUMOR: ZX "Extremus" To Be Unveiled At CAPTIVATE '08

I received an e-mail today from PRC reader, "Alzo" who claims to have a "list" of Capcom titles to be shown at Capcom's CAPTIVATE '08 event, in particular a new entry in the ZX series by the name of "ZX Extremus."

The "list" noted that the name Extremus was tentative and is subject to change. Other notable titles on the "list" included a new "Dino Crisis", "Resident Evil 5" and "Street Fighter IV" for the PS3/360 respectively.

CAPTIVATE '08 takes place in Las Vegas this May, and don't forget, members of Capcom Unity have a chance to attend the event.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unrealesed Jazware Figures Made Of Win

Although I personally wasn't a fan of JazWare's MegaMan action figures, I have to admit that these unreleased figures would have looked good on my mantle.
All pictured figures never made it to retail due to retailer's lack of interest in the MegaMan toy line, with the exception of Mattel's NT Warrior line up.

What a shame. They finally make a Pantheon figure and it ends up nowhere. Phooey.

Friday, April 18, 2008

CoA Restocks MHX and MMPU

Seriously, what's up with the recent love for IHX(MHX) and RR(MMPU)?

Following the unexpected sales surge of both titles in Japan, Capcom of America has restocked both MHX and MMPU at their online store--for a limited time.

Reason for the restock? Popular demand.

Chances of sequels increasing? Maybe...

If you did not get a chance to play either one of the games, please, pick them up!

Rare Rockman Neo Footage: Bug Eyed Feldynaught

Jeepers, creepers...whered ya get those eyes!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ryuusei no Rockman 3 News Begins, Nobody Is Surprised

According to Gyroman_black, Coro Coro Comics is holding the infamous character design contest, implying that RnR3 is on it's way.

No pics for the moment, but they should arrive within the week.

News Credit: MegaMan Network

Monday, April 14, 2008

Capcom Patents 'Spyborgs'

First there was peanut butter and jelly, then Bonnie and Clyde, now prepare yourself for the ultimate crossover excitement: Spies and cyborgs.

It appears Capcom has patented the name 'Spyborgs' at the US Patent office on April 7th.

So, what does this have to do with Rockman?

Well, Rockman is a robot which makes him fall under the “borg” category I guess.

Is Capcom planning some sort of new Rockman series involving espionage action?

With crappy subtitles such as “Star Force”, “NT Warrior”, “Scramble Battle” and the ever popular “Zerker”, it's easy to assume “Spyborgs”might be the subtitle for a new entry in the franchise.

Then again, Spyborgs might have nothing to do with Rockman at all. One thing is for sure, robot spies are ready to rock you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Easy Read

Rockman has had his likeliness appear practically everywhere. Toys, manga, animation and even pancakes. Who would have guessed Rock and co. starred in a toddler's picture book?

This adorable book was released in 1996, spanning twenty something pages. The story is simple: While out and about, Roll is attacked by PlantMan who brings her back to Dr. Wily. Upon hearing the news, Rockman and Rush set out to rescue Roll. Rockman fights PlantMan, Blues shows up, yada yada yada, you've heard this before.

The end.

Regardless of it's simple and predicable plot, I would have loved to chew on this book as a young lad.

See the rest of the story here

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who's Ready For Some Penguin no Mondai?

For those curious, here's the show that took over Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe's time slot

I like penguins just as much as the next guy, but I don't know what to say about this.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lol, Are You Serious?

No, HeatGuts Style Rockman did not get his own show. What your looking at is the saddest rip off of Rockman yet: "Eon Kid"

“The story centers around Marty, an enterprising kid who deals in scrap robot parts. One day he stumbles upon the ancient Fist of Eon. Unexpectedly, the Fist attaches itself to Marty's arm, endowing him with unknown fighting powers and at the same time putting him at the heart of a centuries-old struggle between good and evil. Marty soon realizes that fist attaches to him because he is the descendant of the Eon clan.”

YouTube user, Flyingtreecko789 , summed it up best:

“eon kid is just some cheap $2 bugeted rip off of megaman I mean seriously human turns into robot (megaman) has robot friends has robot dog (rush) fights evil robots and has some human girl who helps some how (roll)"

I lol'd.

As a bonus, I give you the action packed opening:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Rockman Rockman, Now IHX?

Remember the sudden surge of Rockman Rockman sales a while back?

Although RR is long gone from U-Capcom's charts, it appears that Irregular Hunter X has re-emerged on the charts at #8.

Although not as amazing as RR's ability to outsell Devil May Cry 4, IHX has been absent from U-Capcom's charts for at least two years.

What gives Japan? Why the sudden interest?

Although this is some very uplifting news, it will take a much bigger sales spike to convince Capcom to create sequels for both IHX and RR.

Monday, April 7, 2008

"MegaMan Scramble Battle" Does Not Exist?

Remember "MegaMan Scramble Battle"? You know, the supposed Wii Action RPG title?

According to Capcom of America's staff, the title does not exist.

Huh? Wha?

Sven, VP of strategic planning and Lost, forum admin, briefly mentioned on the Capcom BBS that the title does not exist nor have they ever heard of it before.

So, what's going on?

Attention was brought to"MMSB" when a supposed “leaked” retailer list went live on the net. The list showed an array of unannounced Capcom titles, including but not limited to MegaMan Scramble Battle.

It's possible the title might have ceased development or could have been pushed back to a later date, but, this is not the case. Capcom flat out denied its existence. However, I have my suspensions that Capcom is making a cover up.

Let's take a peek at the "leaked" list shall we?



Devil Kings 3

Mega Man Scramble Battle

Moto GP 08

We Love Golf

Zack & Wiki 2


Ace Attorney 3

Ghost & Spy

Horror Adventure

Mega Man Star Force 2 sku 1

Mega Man ZX Advent

X-Box 360:

Bionic Commando

Black Cloud

Moto GP 08

Resident Evil 5

Street Fighter 4


Bionic Commando

Lost Planet Colonies

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Moto GP 08

Resident Evil 5

Street Fighter 4

Several titles on the said leaked retail list (leaked four months ago) have just recently been announced:

Bionic Commando, Zack & Wiki's UK release, We Love Golf's US release, and Moto GP '08 and a few others.

It would appear that the list is legit, so there is a chance that MMSB does indeed exist, and Capcom is only denying it for the time being.

One thing is for sure; A Wii Rockman title has been in development.

The evidence:

-Capcom rep at the Rockman 20th Anniversary event confirmed the title was in development, no specifics.

-Industry rumor girl, Surfer Girl confirmed the Wii title exists, although it lacks quality. Supposedly, it is an Original series title.

-Inafune has expressed an interest of bringing the series to the Wii.

-It was announced one year ago that Inafune was working on a Wii title that has yet be be revealed. Possible a RM title

Until the day we actually get a press release concerning a Wii title of some sort, don't get your hopes up.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Once Lost, Now Found: EXE 4 Double Pack

I was reorganizing my room today and to my surprise, I found my once lost "Rockman EXE 4 double pack." I guess what they say is true, you find things when you're not looking for them.

Shortly after EXE 4's release, Capcom got all “limited edition” on us with countless bundles and repackages of both Tournament Red Sun and Blue Moon, but the most sought after is the “double pack” released exclusively through e-Capcom and other online vendors.

Considered to be the cheapest of all the EXE "repackages", the hefty set contains both Red Sun and Blue Moon along with a E Card for use with Nintendo's E-Reader+.

It's a nice set in general, but it's no match against the epic GBA bundled set. Now that's a beauty.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

No ZX3? You'll Just Have To Settle With ZX Gigamix *UPDATE*

What was once believed to be nothing more than an April Fool's joke, Inti Creates plans to release a new Rockman ZX soundtrack, "Rockman ZX Gigamix."

However, this isn't your usually soundtrack. Reminiscent of the Remastered Zero series soundtracks, Gigamix will contain a large sum of vocal drama tracks that will apparently introduce new information about the ZX series.

Other contents include newly arranged pieces of music, theme songs, and a collection of vocal recordings.

To top it all off, Gigamix will also contain new artwork from famed Rockman artists Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

Gigamix will be available April 11th, 2008 for 3,000 Yen.

It's no ZX3, but it is nice to know Capcom still supports the series. Who knows, this might even lead into something...

UPDATE: It appears that April 11th is not the release dat for the soundtrack, rather the date the "official" site will open. Gigamix is scheduled for a late April release.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Arcade Oddity

Behold, the MegaMan Redemption Game! So-uh what is it?

MMR is described as an arcade cabinet in which players are challenged to match three pictures to form one and win prizes. Oooo!

After doing some research, MMR is licensed by Capcom, but the machine itself is not manufactured by Capcom.

In detail, a redemption game is a challenge in which players must complete a tas;, in this case, line up three distorted MegaMan characters to form the "whole" character. By successfully doing so, players are either given a ticket that can be used to obtain prizes from the arcade that you're playing it in, or the more recent redemption games come with the prizes built in.

Prizes range from candy to little plastic toys, but judging by the picture, it appears MM stickers are the reward.

The pictured machine was from an ebay auction months ago, and if I recall, it ended up going for $300 something.