Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finalized Noise Updates, Red Joker Gets the Short End of the Stick

The Wave Station has updated once again with new tidbits concerning Black Ace and Red Joker's abilities:

Black Ace
-Auto Lock-on
-Quick Gauge
-Air Shoes
-Float Shoes
-NFB: Black End Galaxy

As for Red Joker's abilities, well they seem a bit...lacking:

Red Joker
-Super Armor
-Status Guard
-NFB: Red Gaia Eraser

So, at first glance it seems Black Ace is the "superior" of the two, but we mustn't forget about their shared abilities:

-No weaknesses
-Folder is automatically changed to a unique one
-'Warrock Attack' deals 2x damage
-Buster Level MAX
-No Charge Shot
-Form lasts for three turns, after wards, you revert to a 0% Noise Ratio.

There are four flash videos up on the site, each depicting the abilities of both forms. The videos give us a pretty good look at some new Cards.

In other Wave Station news, we have yet another new wallpaper! A stylish wallpaper featuring Denpa kun. DAAWWW.

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