Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miss Forte? Vent Your Frustration!

The announcement of Fake Man certainly struck a cord with some fans. Many had hoped Forte would make his triumphant return in Rockman 9, but things turned out otherwise. Beyond the appearance of his schematics during the closing moments of the game (right), Forte was virtually absent from the title. What gives?

Maybe Capcom felt his presence would take away from the retro/NES/Famicom vibe of the game? Or maybe they simply could not figure out a way to properly include him in the plot without his appearance feeling "forced."

Regardless, Forte sat this one out.

Did a lack of Forte tick you off? Do you even care? Discuss!


  1. Honestly, given how little attention Capcom gives the guy, I wasn't surprised. Maybe they're just trying to spare him the hype backlash.

  2. Having Forte in the game would of been awesome. I still have hope that they have 1 more additional DLC which would be Forte, who can dash and double jump.....*prays*

    I really expected Forte to make an appearance in Mega Man 9. Oh well, can always hope for Mega Man 10 to include him.

  3. I can live without Forte, his appearance would've been forced, given the plot of this game. Even Proto Man might have been pushing it.

  4. Yeah I'm kind of disappoined.
    The screen shows an 8-bit Forte so they had to make that from scratch for this game. It doesn't really look like the Wonderswam Forte.
    So for a cameo, they did put effort into it, unlike the 9 Wily begging screens which are easy recolors.

    Radix, I wouldn't say that Capcom doesn't give him a lot of attention. They give a lot less attention to Blues than to Forte if you ask me.
    He's been in every Classic game since 7, he was secretly playable in 7 and unlike Blues he's actually part of the story.
    He was in the intro scene of 8 and you fight him twice in the game.
    They could have easily made Rockman & Blues but they went with Forte instead.
    He's been in 5 out of 6 Exe games and was a big part in the movie.

    I still have hopes for DLC which perhaps makes him playable.

  5. Yeah i mean he was not a big part in mm8 but he was there, and capcom have made sure he gets atention in other games so I really dont understan why he does not show up at all in this one. The only reason i can see why that is, is how you said it, capcom was afraid he woyld not fit in to the 8-bit retnoness =)Me on the other hand think he's perfect for the job as a rival in the game. i mean what else do we got? oh yeah this Fake Man guy an he was even worse then Dark Man and I hated that guy...

  6. Where is Forte ? Where is he ?! He was in Megaman 8 and Megaman & Bass (8.5) before Megaman 9. So it is make a sense for Forte to be continue into Megaman 9. If they are bring him back in megaman 10 to continue. They better tell us whats happened to his absent in megaman 9.. maybe he was watch Rockman in Megaman 9 ? Who knows. They better bring Forte or else.

  7. I honestly don't care. I wonder what it is about Forte that makes people like him so much. :P

    I mean, he's a cool character, but he doesn't make me go, "omigoshomigosh... FOOOTAAAY." :P

  8. Yeah I'm kinda ticked, there should've been some boss fight with forte, and having his schematics on a wall was kinda like capcom laughing at us. . . .Maybe fake man will be fake?

  9. I'm not really surprised. Capcom loves to just conveniently omit characters they've introduced in one MM game and pretend as though they never existed or only make small references to them. I mean, what ever happened to Dr. Cossack? I know they've mentioned him since, at least, but have we really see him since? No.

    I think it's a shame that they didn't even put Forte in this, though. To me it speaks of laziness. I mean, Auto gets to be in it, but Forte doesn't? Weren't they both introduced in MM7?

    Including Forte would have actually required them to come up with some sort of story instead of, "OH NOES! Dr. Wily framed Dr. Light!"

    But I doubt people really care either way, so who knows if they'll put Forte in the next one, either. I mean, it doesn't affect sales, right? And in the end that's all that matters.

  10. I enjoyed playing as Bass, so this definitely annoyed me. I'm just hoping for more DLCs in the future.

  11. Actually, I thought that that Forte on the screen was something like Blueprints...

  12. Forte (or Bass) has a strong chance of appearing in the next Rockman (10). If you think about it, there was NO reason or context to put it on Rockman9 right now.

    That blueprint was intentional - but I never expected a *so* negative reaction. Personally, I don't mind about a playable Forte, as I'm a classic true player.

  13. "He's been in 5 out of 6 Exe games and was a big part in the movie."

    What are you talking about? Forte is in practically every EXE game. (And I say "practically" because I don't feel like trying to count all the mobile/arcade spin-offs.) He's in all 6 main games (yes, all 6), 4.5, Transmission, BCGP...

    But on the flip-side, although Forte got a starring role in the movie, he only appeared in 11 of the 209 regular episodes, whereas Blues was a regular since his introduction in the ninth episode, and let's not forget Blues is in every EXE game... playable in a few of them, whereas Forte is only ever playable in games where you don't technically control him (like 4.5 and BCGP).

  14. Yeah i miss forte to i hope capcom make another megaman and bass game cause it was awesomeness.


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