Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well Well, Look What's On Ebay...

Desperate to get your hands on the MegaMan 9 Press Kit? Are you willing to pay over $300 USD for it?

Then you're in luck!

Somehow, a lucky ebay seller has gotten a hold of the press kit (and T-shirt to boot) and is auctioning it off for a pretty penny:

"This limited edition retro 8-bit inspired package comes in a cardboard case shaped like a classic NES cartridge box and has a replica of an NES cartridge that has a CD-ROM disc inside. Please note the disc does not contain the Mega Man 9 game, it contains artwork, screen shots, and game information. The box features never before seen art as well as Captain Commando character pre-redesign. Capcom comissioned 8-bit artist Gerald de Jesus to design the art for this box. Mint, never opened, still in shrink wrap, featuring a retro price tag with $9.99 printed on it. Only 200 of these were available from Capcom. Also with this package comes a shirt featuring the Mega Man 9 box art. Original a run of only 4 shirts. Size XL. Never washed/worn. "


  1. I hate profiteers like that so much. That's just blatant assholery.

  2. Yeah, and I wonder if he even has it on hand yet because capcom hasn't even shipped the press kits out yet.


  4. Not interesting.. No game in it but art, etc ? This artbox is so so ugly!!!! Ugh! Nah, not interesting.


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