Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Look At Panic Shot! Rockman

A little while back, we learned of the existence of an official Rockman arcade machine by the name of Panic Shot! Rockman. Details were pretty scarce then, but recently uncovered fliers and advertisements for the machine offer a better idea of what the game was all about, and even reveals an interesting series milestone. 

"Everyone's favorite hero, Rockman, has taken a big role in prize machines!" screams the flier(s). "The super popular characters from the Famicon and GameBoy, Rockman and the army of Dr. Wily have arrive in a flipper-type ball game. If you manage to hit through the card in the moving Wily figure, you win. When you hit the ball, the figure will perform a surprising action! The background and the vehicle lamps will also flash brightly! The first great achievement of the Rock Man series: Hear Dr. Wily's voice!"

The machine appeared in arcades in 1992, and was successful enough to warrant a followup version the following year -- the one we covered previously. This particular version of the game tasks players with knocking over Robot Master cards while avoiding a mechanical Wily figure that moves back and forth on a fixed path, blocking your shots. Version 2 swaps out Robot Masters for series trademark Mettools (right). Successfully knock them all down within the set time limit and you win prizes and such.

As mentioned in the fliers, the machine marks the first time in series history where Dr. Wily was voiced; predating his vocalization in 1993's Rockman: Wishing Upon A Star animated series. Wily here likely he taunts the player in you typical mad scientist mannerisms throughout gameplay and maybe even explains how to play the game. The identity of the voice actor remains unknown, but considering the game came out a year or so before Wishing Upon A Star, Ken'ichi Ogata likely assumed the role.

Regardless of its simplicity, Panic! Shot seems like a pretty fun game and definitely quite the collectors item if you're into obscure Rockman products.  Scoping out Japanese auctions is probably your best bet at securing a machine, though they're extremely difficult to come by. If you do happen to spot one, it's best to make sure everything is functioning properly or else it really isn't worth the time and money to import. If you've got Panic Shot! at home, we'd love to see more of it, so pictures and videos would be greatly appreciated!

Credits: Images (The Arcade Flyer Archive), translation (Belie)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update On Megamix, MMZX Volume 2

I bet you're wondering what happened to the second volumes in the Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man ZX manga series. It's the end of July and neither book made their target release dates -- May and early July, respectively. Where are they? Well, I've got a couple updates on just what's going down.

According to Udon's managing editor Matt Moylan, both books were recently approved by Capcom as of July 13, and are off to the printer for production. Matt wasn't able to provide a specific release date for either book; however, just recently Udon's own release schedule was updated showing both books with a mid-August release window.

Moylan will be revealing firmer release dates shortly. Until then, it's a matter of patience. The good news is these books are still on, so it's not like either series was canceled, if that's what you were worried about. In fact, Megamix volume 1 is one of Udon's better selling mangas to date!

More updates as they come in.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rockman Online Headed To Japan?

Last month, Japanese site Nikkei Trendy posted an interview with Capcom of Japan’s COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, where he discussed the release strategy for Rockman Online, the upcoming online RPG from Capcom and NeoWiz.  In a nutshell, Tsujimoto revealed the game would remain exclusive to South Korea, passing up a Japanese (and Western) release in order to focus on branching the game's appeal to Asian markets. However, despite this statement, it would appear that Capcom is indeed looking at releasing Rockman Online in Japan, too.

According to My Game News Flash and NeoGaf, Capcom Japan recently registered the Rockman Online title at the Japanese Patent & Trademark Offices -- a surefire sign the game is making the jump to the Blue Bomber's native country. Taking into consideration the game wasn't initially set to release in Japan, I'd say this is a good chance we'll be seeing the game registered abroad, further fueling the chances of RMO hitting other regions.

A Western release is still up in the air, mind you. Capcom of America showed some interest in the title last month, when they asked fans via Capcom Unity, if this is something they'd like to see released stateside. The news was met with mostly positive reception; but there's been no indication if it'll sway the possibilities. Until we hear otherwise, keep rallying support.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Auction - EXE 3 Black Tokyo Game Show Edition

Now this is definitely one of those items for completists or the super hardcore collector. Currently up for grabs on eBay is the uncommon Tokyo Game Show edition of Rockman EXE 3 Black, a pre-release variant of the game that was limited to only 1000 copies, distributed a month ahead of Black's retail release on March 28, 2003 in Japan. 

Three things separate the TGS edition from the standard March retail version: one, the cartridge came preloaded with special data; secret Battle Chips already unlocked. Two, a holographic Shadow Style Rockman trading card was bundled with the game, and three, to distinguish the TGS version from the retail version, the packaging lacks the gold CESA Game Award emblem present on all copies of the retail version.

While it is a rather interesting item, I don't recommend it to the casual collector. Nevertheless, you can purchase it here for $169 USD. The seller is willing to make an offer, so perhaps you can get him to knock it a bit.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rockman Invades Wonder Festival

Over the weekend, garage kit convention Wonder Festival kicked off in Japan. Aside from the Kotobukiya figures, the show also played host to an impressive assortment of fan-made Rockman models and figures. From Classic and X to ZX and DASH, there were models of characters from practically every series on display.

Most if not all the models were for sale in limited quantities, and for those of us who couldn't attend, Tomopop has assembled a gallery's worth of photos of each individual figure from all sorts of angles.

Click the above link to check them out or view a few select photos after the break. Like what you see? Obtaining these custom figures is by no means an easy feat, yet they do pop up on eBay occasional. I suggest snooping around there, or better yet, check out Tokyo Hunter's import services.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mega Man, Servbot Cameo In Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom's big surprise yesterday was the unveiling of Street Fighter X Tekken (and Tekken X Street Fighter), a brand new collaborative project between Capcom and Namco Bandai that pits characters from both the Street Fighter and Tekken universes against each other.  What's noteworthy about this announcement are a couple Mega Man nods featured in both the game's announcment trailer and subsequent gameplay footage...

Blues Getting Kotobukiya Treatment Too

At this weekend's Wonder Festival in Japan, Kotobukiya exhibited a poster teasing a new, third figure in their Rockman line: Blues (aka Proto Man).

Blues will be joining the ranks of the Rockman and Roll Kotobukiya figures some time later this year; Rockman in September, Roll in December.

Thanks, Steve [via Moeyeo and GA Graphic]

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mega Man Universe Has A Release Window

While Keiji Inafune wasn't too forthcoming about a release date for Mega Man Universe at last night's panel, the actual Mega Man Universe kiosk on display at Comic-Con says the game is dropping some time in "Winter." Capcom's jgonzo confirmed the release window during a video tour of Capcom's booth, which you can view below. Jump to the 5:00 point for the reveal.

No indication if this refers to a Winter 2010 release, or early 2011. I'm currently seeking out an official comment, so hang tight.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capcom Opens Official Mega Man Universe Website

Hot on the heels of tonight's Mega Man Universe press conference, Capcom Japan has opened up an official Mega Man Universe website.

Nothing too spectacular going on right now, the site is limited to a mere two pages: the Unity page contains links to Capcom Unity's various posts and Tweets, and the movie page where you can watch the trailer for the game. Yup, that's about it.

Curiously, the site makes constant reference to the "Mega Man Universe" name and not "Rockman Universe." Perhaps the game will simply be called Mega man Universe in Japan? Makes sense, especially when you recall that the MMU title was even registered in the Japanese Trademark Offices.

Hopefully we'll be seeing some significant updates in the future.

Credit: 2ch

Minor Mega Man Universe Details From SDCC; "Oft-Requested" Mega Man Game Teased

Capcom's San Diego Comic-Con panel literally just came to an end, and as expected, Keiji Inafune was there to talk a little about the mysterious Mega Man Universe. Unfortunately, details were very, very slim as Capcom looks to continue keeping the game shrouded in mystery for the time being, but nevertheless, here's what we got:

  • According to Inafune, Mega Man Universe will be a game where players can play as their favorite Mega Man characters (including the macho, middle-aged Mega Man from the original game's NES boxart) or other Capcom characters. A primary goal for the title is to offer an experience where Mega Man fans can "unite", a possible implication that online multiplayer will play a key aspect.
  • Inafune then went on to say more details on the game are expected to arrive in the future. There was no gameplay shown, but Inafune assured the crowd he's determined to show us something soon. Concerning a release date, the game "won't be out for a while."
  • In closing, Inafune let loose that many more Mega Man announcements are coming this year, and confirmed that an "oft-requested thing that we all want" is coming to fruition. The crowd immediately began to shout for "Mega Man Legends 3",  to which Inafune replied with a swift "Thank You."

        So, tonight's event kind of turned out to be a bust for big MMU news. However, Inafune's tease about forthcoming announcements has certainly piqued the interests of many, especially that "oft-requested" game tease. Could it finally be the much demanded Mega Man Legends 3? I certainly hope so!

        Capcom will be holding another panel Saturday where another game is expected to be announced; perhaps we'll learn more about MMU there.

        Capcom's Comic-Con Panel Is Live (Ended)

        Unfortunately, I'm not at Comic-Con this year, but my buddies from Eye Lazor Beams and the folks over at 1Up are. The 1Up crew are currently live blogging Capcom's press conference, which you can follow right here.

        Mega Man Universe details will likely be revealed at the show, so expect to hear news about the title throughout the night. I'll be posting the relevant details from both 1Up's live blog and ELB after the break for your convenience. Should screen shots, videos, etc. come out, I'll be posting those in a separate post. Check back often!

        Kotobukiya Roll Figure On The Way

        Looks as if Roll is getting the Kotobukiya model treatment. The Mega Man Network reports the manufacturer plans on releasing a Roll model later this Fall, likely after Rockman's late September release.

        The 1/10 scale figure is slated to come with swappable parts that can be arranged to resemble Roll's classic look (right) or her Mega Man 8 look (left). Three different face plates and three different types of hands will also be included.

        Pricing has yet to be announced, but considering the fact the model will contain more pieces than its predecessor, it'll probably be a bit pricey. More details as they come!

        Wednesday, July 21, 2010

        Inafune Talks Mega Man Universe

        I'll admit I'm a tad behind on this story, but nevertheless, it should keep your appetites whet for the impending flood of Mega Man Universe info coming within the next couple days, tomorrow the earliest.

        Coinciding with the game's announcement trailer the other day, Keiji Inafune sat down with GameSpot to talk a little about the game. Mum on specifics, Inafune's words offer some subtle hints at just what fans can expect from MMU. Select portions of the interview after the break...

        Monday, July 19, 2010

        Mega Man Swag At Comic Con

        Heading out to Comic Con later this week? Don't forget to stop by Capcom's booth for all sorts of free Mega Man swag. In addition to those cute Servbot Bobble Buds, here's some other Mega Man goods to expect at the show:
        • Mega Man Universe foamies: 50 of these will be given out every hour. 2000 pieces total.
        • Mega Man 10 Trucker Hats: Cosplayers who visit the Mega Man Universe kiosk will receive one of these nifty hats.
        • Lithographs: lithographs of sorts will be given out during producer signings. 
        • Servbot Bobble Buds: 1000 of these will be on-hand for booth attendees.
        • Mega Man Kubricks: Capcom will be selling the Mega Man and Proto Man Kubrick figures at their booth. Limited to 500 pieces.
        • Grab Bags: Returning this year are the famous grab gabs featuring games, collectibles and misc. promo goods. You'll never know what kind of Mega Man stuff will be inside!

        You can also score some merchandise on Saturday, July 24 at 1PM during a Mega Man cosplay contest. The first 50 cosplayers to show up will get both the trucker hat and foam busters, while the winner of the contest (as judged by Keiji Inafune and MMU producer Ito) will receive a sketch signed by Inafune!

        Needless to say, I'm very jealous of everyone on the West coast! (Better bring me something back...) Regardless, please have fun! You can check out the complete list of other Capcom goods at the show and booth map here. It all kicks of July 22!

        Kotobukiya Rockman In Greater Detail

        Moeyo has released some nice, up close and personal glamor shots of the forthcoming 1/10 scale Kotobukiya Rockman model, currently on display at Kotobukiya's own store in Akihabara, Japan. Moeyo is a bit on the NSFW side, so I took the liberty of dumping the pics here. Check them out below and more after the break!

        Sunday, July 18, 2010

        Mega Man X, Private Investigator

        Remember that old Japanese commercial I featured last year? You know, the one featuring a guy in a Mega Man X costume riding a bicycle for no inexplicable reason? Turns out the costumed characters starred in a second commercial, one just as if not more bizarre than the first. This time, X and crew are attempting to solve a murder. The victim? The PlayStation 2 console itself.

        Apparently, these zany commercials were part of a cross-promotion with Mega Man X7, Ape Escape, Monster Rancher 4, Bomberman, and JikkyŨ Powerful Pro Baseball 10 that aired during the summer of 2003. There's supposed to be a couple more ads featuring the costume-clad heroes, but they've yet to surface online. I can't even begin to imagine just how bizarre the must be. Hopefully we'll see them one day!

        UPDATE: According to a reader, these commercials are actually a spoof on a famous Japanese detective show whose opening theme is used in these commercials. Click here to see the original!

        Friday, July 16, 2010

        Mega Man Universe Revealed

        Capcom official revealed Mega Man Universe today over at Capcom Unity. Slated to release on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, the game is said to revolutionize the classic formula in new and creative ways. Keiji Inafune, directly involved in the project, had this to say:

        “We are thrilled to finally be able to announce Mega Man Universe. This game will break the mold and challenge the conventional wisdom of what a Mega Man game can be. When fans finally get to see it, I believe they’ll envision their most far-out Mega Man dreams coming true.”

        Not much else is know about the game at this point, but the above trailer does drops some cryptic hints that MMU might act as a sort of crossover with other Capcom franchises, namely Street Fighter and Ghosts 'n Goblins. The tagline, "Your world. Megafied", also seems to suggest that the game will support user created content and customization.

        More details for the game are said to come from Comic-Con next week. The show will also play host to some cool MMU merchandise such as a foam buster, and a cosplay contest. More details on that here. Naturally, I'll be keeping you up to date with the news as it comes in.

        Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

        Thursday, July 15, 2010

        Capcom's "Charging Up" For Something

        Capcom's teasing something Mega Man related over at Capcom Unity. The site is featuring a single, cryptic image depicting Classic Mega Man and (possibly) X's Busters with the phrase "We're Charging Up" attached.

        One week from today, Keiji Inafune is set to reveal a new game at Comic-Con. Perhaps this a teaser of what's to come?

        A penny for your thoughts.

        [via Capcom Unity]

        More Homemade Crocheted Plushies

        Craft savvy Mega Man fan Juri brings us another batch of photos of her crocheted Mega Man plushies. New to the crew this time around are Bubble Man, Top Man, Elec Man, and Crash Man. Check them out below!

        ...and yes, Top Man's wheels are buttons (creative!). Once again, Juri assures us she's planning on selling them via Etsy someday, but it's a ways off as she plans on making even more.

        You can see the original plushies here. Thanks, Juri!

        Want An Operate Shooting Star Translation Patch?

        To the dismay of some, Capcom has chosen not bring to America Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star, the "enhanced" port of the original Mega Man Battle Network. However, that's not enough to keep one fan down.

        A buddy of mine is toying with the notion of translating OSS into English. However, before work can begin on a patch, he'd like to know if this is something the community would want, otherwise it's not really worth the effort. So, question for you is, would you like an English patch for OSS?

        The process of creating a patch would take at least three to four months, he notes. Most of the work involves lifting the script from the original GBA game, making the necessary changes, and translating the new material introduced in OSS that wasn't present in the original game (new dialog, new chips, etc.). Again, this will only happen if he sees quite a bit of positive reception to the idea. What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

        Wednesday, July 14, 2010

        Servbot Bobble Buds Coming To Comic-Con

        If you're making the journey to Comic-Con next week, you might want to zip ovet to Capcom's booth ASAP. The company announced they'll be selling an exclusive Servbot "Bobble Bud" figure at the show, limited to only a 1000 units.

        "Designed by our good friends at SOTA toys, these servbots come in a little plastic ball (picture #1) which eventually becomes their head! Tucked away inside of its own head is the rest of the servbot's body (pic #2). Picture #3 shows you the figure fully assembled. Picture #4 shows you that you can either have the head in bobble mode (left) or in a fixed state (right)."

        These are guaranteed to go fast, so grab em' while you can! If you're not going to the show, well, there's always Ebay.

        via Capcom Unity

        Tuesday, July 13, 2010

        Hitoshi Ariga, Mega Man VAs To Attend FanExpo Canada

        Anime News Network reports that Mega Man Megamix author and illustrator Hitoshi Ariga will be appearing at this year's FanExpo, held from August 27-29 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Ariga is slated to attend the "CNAnime" portion of the show and will likely be on-hand for autographs and the like.

        Other guests of interest include Megumi Ogata, the voice of Sage Harpuia from the Mega Man Zero series and Brad Swaile who provided the voice of Lan Hikari in Mega Man NT Warrior. Needless to say, it might be a wise idea to bring some stuff to sign!

        More details about the show, location and how to secure tickets here!

        Credit: Anime News Network

        Possible Release Date For Kotobukiya Rockman

        Originally slated to releasing "sometime in September", it appears Kotobukiya's 1/10 scale Rockman model has been given a more specific release date, if Amazon Japan is to be believed.  According to the site, the figure will ship out on September 25th, 2010 -- a date which was recently confirmed by the model's manufacturer through a pre-order confirmation message sent to PRC reader RollChan yesterday.

        While Capcom themselves have yet to announce an official release, the Sept. 25 release is likely within the ballpark. We'll be keeping you posted!

        Looking to purchase the model? A list of import shops selling the figure can be found here. Thanks for the tip, RollChan!

        Monday, July 12, 2010

        A Closer Look At The Interactive Rockman Storybook

        A little while back we caught a small glimpse of a neat interactive Rockman storybook from Japan, which had readers taking on the eight Rockman 6 Robot Masters through solving puzzles and brain teasers. Furthermore, "boss battles" were carried out through a unique, built-in slot machine; line up the appropriate numbers and defeat the Robot Master!

        Today we're taking another look at the book, but this time in its entirety. Thanks to the efforts of an anonymous reader, we've obtained photos of every page and activity the book has to offer. Yes, it's mostly in Japanese, but still pretty fun to look at. Images after the break!

        Sunday, July 11, 2010

        Buy DQIX, Get Zero Collection Half Off At K-Mart

        If you're looking to snag a copy of Mega Man Zero Collection for cheap, K-Mart has a pretty tantalizing deal going on. According to reports, the retailer is offering 50% off of Zero Collection and a number of other games if you buy Dragon Quest IX between today and July 17. Additionally, you'll also get a free $10 gaming coupon to put towards a future purchase.

        Not a bad deal if you ask me, especially if you've yet to buy MMZC and also intend to purchase DQIX. Save yourself a trip and call the store ahead of time to see if the deal is going on in your area! Full details and more deals at Examiner.

        Credit: GoNintendo

        Saturday, July 10, 2010

        Hitoshi Ariga Drawing Rockman and Co. Live

        Rockman Megamix author and illustrator Hitoshi Ariga has opened up a Ustream channel where fans can tune in and watch the artist draw Rockman characters and the like live. He even takes requests! The stream is currently off-air as of this writing, but Ariga is known to pop-in every now and then to sketch some stuff. Check back often!

        The stream also sports a chat feature, too, so you can even communicate with Ariga and other viewers. Considering both Ariga and a majority of the viewers are Japanese, it's probably a good idea to drop comments in their native language if you're looking for a reply. A computer based translator like Babel Fish or Google Translate should suffice, however. Check out the channel here!

        Credit: Rockman Perfect Memories

        Friday, July 9, 2010

        Udon Announces Art Of Capcom 2

        Udon Entertainment has announced a follow up to their previous Art of Capcom art book. Entitled Art of Capcom 2, the new book contains more of Udon's Capcom art from the more recent games, comics, etc.

        Why should you, the Mega Man fan care? Well according to our pal Matt Moylan, the book does contain some Mega Man-related art from Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. This includes promo art, character endings, sketches, etc.

        The book will make its debut later this month at Comic Con where you can buy an exclusive hardcover version at Udon's booth. A soft cover version will follow suit, retailing everywhere in August.

        Head on over to Udon's official blog for some scans and more details. Thanks, Matt!

        Thursday, July 8, 2010

        Inafune To Announce New Game At Comic-Con

        Mark your calenders for July 22nd. According to a blurb from Comic-Con's Thursday schedule, Keiji Inafune is expected to reveal a new game:

        "4:45-5:45 Capcom 2010 and Beyond!— See the latest trailers and get the inside scoop on all of Capcom’s most highly anticipated games for 2010 and beyond: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Sengoku Basara, Okamiden, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Ghost Trick, Dead Rising 2, and more. On top of all that, hear details on an exciting new game announcement by Capcom legend Keiji Inafune, the father of Mega Man! Room 6BCF "

        No word if it's Mega Man-related or not, but it couldn't hurt to be a little hopeful. Naturally, there's all sorts of speculation as to what it could be, but I'm willing to bet that this is the event where Mega Man Universe will make its debut. Regardless, I'll be keeping you posted!

        Credit: GoNintendo

        Servbot Makes Dead Rising 2 Cover

        The official box art for Dead Rising 2 was revealed today. The illustration focuses in on protagonist Chuck bracing for an impending zombie horde; among their numbers shines a familiar face...

        Wednesday, July 7, 2010

        Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Demo Released

        At long last, the much anticipated demo for Mega Man: 8-Bit Deathmatch has finally hit the web! The fully playable demo consists of four maps (single and multiplayer), five characters, and over ten different weapons at your disposal. Download it here!

        For the uninformed, 8-bit Deathmatch is a custom Doom mod developed by CutmanMike that "aims to put Doom and Mega Man into a blender and spew out a fun new way to blast your buddies online." The game is rendered entirely in 3D, with textures based upon classic 8-bit Mega Man sprites. You can play it solo in single player or duke it out online with other players.

        For more information of 8-bit Deatmatch, check out the game's official blog here. Now, go out there and kick some ass!

        Tuesday, July 6, 2010

        Capcom Unity Reveals Mega Man 10 Package Design Winners

        Following up on from the winning Japanese designs, Capcom Unity has announced their respective winners for the Mega Man 10 box design contest, chosen by community manager jgonzo and MM10 assistant producer Ito-san.

        Winning designs and complementary judge commentary after the jump!

        Looking Back At Axed Wave Two Retro Rotos

        Now here's a rather neat blast from the past: a rare look at the canceled wave two line of Jazware's Retro Roto figures, coming from the archives of and Toy News International.

        As the story goes, wave two would have released back in 2006 shortly after wave one. The line was planned to consist of Heat Man, Wood Man, Ice Man, Snake Man and Dr. Wily figures, as seen above. Unfortunately, the market for the toys waned and many Jazewares Mega Man products were consequently canceled, wave two included. Till this day these figures have never resurfaced, not even in the form of prototypes.

        Hope for the release of wave two is bright, however.  The company recently expressed an interest in perusing the production of the figures according to an interview with Jazeware's Scott Levine in addition to new 3.5'' figures. Perhaps the re-release of wave one is a precursor of what's to come? We can hope. Actually, scratch that, you can do more than hope -- you can tell Jazware's you want them via Twitter of FaceBook. You never know, fan support could go a long way.

        Monday, July 5, 2010

        GameSide Magazine Features Rockman 10 Concept Artwork (Updated)

        The latest issue of GameSide magazine is out in Japan, and with it comes a nice little feature on Rockman 10's development. The special spans six pages and even touts some conceptual art of RM10's Robot Masters and their respective stages. Scans below!

        UPDATE (7/5): The rest of the scans are out. Check them over at The Mega Man Network or after the break. There's some pretty fascinating stuff, well worth a look!

        Saturday, July 3, 2010

        Mega Man 10 XBLA Discounted On July 5

        For one day only, July 5th, the Xbox 360 version of Mega Man 10 will be marked down from 800 MS points to 400 MS points (5 dollars) as part of the latest "Deal of the Week." That's half off its original price! Of course, there is a bit of a catch: you must have an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to purchase.

        Again, it's a one day only deal so jump at the opportunity while you can. More information on Deal of the Week available here.

        Thanks for the tip, Hardcore Hecxz and Mr. Flint!

        Amazon Lists Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works

        It appears Udon Entertainment is bringing over yet another Complete Works art book. According to a listing at Amazon, Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works is coming stateside on December 8, 2010, retailing at $39.99 ($26.57 via Amazon).

        At 176 pages, the book "collects the stunning artwork of every Star Force game, and features character designs, promotional art, rarely seen pieces, and plenty of creator commentary." In other words, its chock full of art. Pre-order your copy here!

        And don't forget, MMBN: Official Complete Works is on the way, too. The book is expected to arrive November 23, 2010. Of course, as with most Udon releases, take these release dates as tentative until something a bit more official pops up.

        Friday, July 2, 2010

        Auction - Promo MM Hats From CES

        Currently up for bidding on Ebay are two promotional Mega Man hats from an old Consumer Electronics Show (CES), distributed only to attendees. Based on the hats' logo, I assume they might have come from CES 1989 where Mega Man 3 was featured. Yes, that CES.

        Two colors are available, orange and pink, both never worn. I imagine they'd make for neat collector's item if you're into rare promo goods. Click the above respective links to bid!

        Thanks, Skaarg.

        Thursday, July 1, 2010

        Battle-Damaged Zero Figure Is Simply Awesome

        Hot on the heels of the Rockman DASH models comes another custom creation slated to appear at garage-kit convention Wonder Festival. Dubbed "battle-damaged Zero", the figure depicts a battered and weathered Zero in the heat of battle, a display that fans of the red crusader will surely dig.

        Created by a chap going by the name of Rockman@Leopard, the kit will be sold exclusively through the Wonder Festival convention, so don't go counting on getting a hold of one. Nevertheless, that shouldn't stop you from admiring some high quality photos of it over at FG. Click the link to chem 'em out!

        Retro Roto Re-Releases Now Available

        Largely out of stock for a couple years now, Jazeware's line of six-inch Retro Roto Mega Man figures are now returning to retail. These aren't new figures, mind you, but re-releases of the original line. However, unlike the original releases, the Build-a-Bot pieces used to create the "Full Charge" Mega Man figure are no longer included. Aside from slightly different packaging design, these are generally the same figures.

        Where to buy? According to a few readers, the re-released versions have been sighted in-store at Toys R Us, Walgreens and CVS. Online retailers carrying the re-releases include GMKWorld, CmdStore and Big Bad ToyStore. There might be other stores, so shop around.

        If you missed out on the figures the first time around, these are definitely for you. Thanks to XHunter, John, RollChan and Brad for the tip(s).