Friday, October 31, 2008

Rockman 3 Coming Nov. 4th to Japanese VC

According to Nintedo's Japanese Virtual Console release schedule, Rockman 3 will apparently be released November 4th, 2008 for 500 Nintendo Points. Hopefully, Wii owners outside of Japan won't have to wait too long to purchase the game.

I wonder, will the "player 2 controller easter eggs" be left intact? We'll find out November 4th!

News Credit: Heat Man

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  1. Facts:

    1. The VC uses emulation of ROM images, *but* such files have the iNES header, used a long time by (unofficial) emulators.

    2. The Sony PlayStation version is updated and modified (yup, it is emulated too). It fixes a couple of things and removes the controller2 cheats.

    - It's very hard to guess which version they will use; though, I really doubt about using the fixed version.


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