Monday, February 28, 2011

Auction: Creepy Mega Man Costume

And not just any creepy Mega Man costume... an official creepy Mega Man costume. This hideous beast, once used for promotional purposes by Capcom Europe, has made its way onto Ebay... yours if you're willing to fork over a pretty penny.

You might remember this guy from a couple years ago, when Capcom Europe chose to give it away in a contest. Well, I guess whoever won doesn't want it anymore!

The seller is asking for a whopping $500 for the complete costume... and that's just the starting bid. Including a minimum of $100 for shipping and six days left to bid, you can count on this one to skyrocket in price.

Collector's looking to score this bit of obscure Mega Man history can check out the complete auction here.

Thanks, Rock Miyabi!

Capcom Comments On Future Virtual Console Mega Man Releases

It's been pretty quiet on the Virtual Console front when it comes to Mega Man. Actually, come April 19th, it will be approximately one year since the last VC release, Mega Man 4. When can we expect Mega Man 5 and so on? In response to this very question on Friday's Ask Capcom Live, the Capcom crew had this to say:

"I don't know. Mega Man one though four were put online by the online group in Tokyo," said Christian Svensson, Capcom's VP strategic planning and business development. "I don't think Mega Man 5 or beyond are on route but the original four popped up at short notice so I wouldn't rule it out."

Following up on this response, Svensson returned with some additional details on the Ask Capcom forums:

"I answered this on the Ask Capcom stream on Friday... and my answer was, unfortunately, I don't know. VC projects (pure emulation ones, which don't require new development) don't show up in our usual product roadmap and often come to us with very short paths to market. I'm not aware of more projects headed to VC in general at this time. Again, that doesn't mean there aren't, but they aren't on my radar at the moment."

Long story short, future Virtual Console releases aren't in the cards right now, but that may change upon short notice.

In the past, there was a bit of a pattern when it came to VC Mega Man releases. IIRC, Mega Man 1-3 released on the Virtual Console as a means to promote Mega Man 9, with MM4 coinciding closely with Mega Man 10's release. Seeing that there are no Wii-based Mega Man projects in the foreseeable future, I don't believe this strategy will apply for quite some time.

Best advice I can give: if you're hankering for some classic Mega Man action on Wii, pick up a copy of the GameCube version of Anniversary Collection. It's not that expensive nor too difficult to find. Otherwise, fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Source: Ask Capcom Live, Ask Capcom Forums

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mega Man X Promotes Real Estate

When not fending off rabid Mavericks or the likes of Sigma, X makes a humble living advertising real estate:

This curious, albeit unofficial use of X's image was spotted by Nuevos Jeugo Retro at an undisclosed urban location. Translated as "Mega Available", the billboard is apparently advertising vacant property within the area, likely the very building it adorns.

The billboard is a popular attraction among Spanish-speaking MM fans, with pictures dating back to September of 2010. Wherever it is, the sign is pretty new and likely still hanging.

You can check out a few more photos of this odd sighting at Nuevos Jeugo Retro.

Rockman Manga Reprints Delayed

Not long after the small delay for Mega Man Battle Network: Official Complete Works, word has it Japan is seeing their own set of delays in the form of the reprinted editions of Shigeto Ikehara’s Rockman 7 and Koji Izuki’s Rockman 8 manga adaptions.

Online retailers such as Tanomi and even the books' publisher, Wedge Holdings, have chosen to delay both titles until a little later this Spring. Originally scheduled for a February 22 release, Rockman 7 Volume 1 is now set to ship towards the end of March followed by Volume 2 in late April. Rockman 8, being released in a single volume, won't hit store shelves until late May. A reason behind the delays wasn't disclosed.

We've yet to hear if these reprints will offer any additional content to set them apart from the original prints. At best, I think we can expect some new cover art by Ikehara/Izuki, and perhaps some commentary or a nice conceptual art section, or two.

And who knows, maybe UDON will translate and release these some time later. One can only hope!

Source: CAPKobun

Friday, February 25, 2011

Round Two Of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC Voting Kicks Off

With the results of round one tallied, the second round for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC has begun. Voting is now being limited to the top 25 most desired characters from both Capcom and Marvel.

Making the cut on the Mega Man front, the following characters:

  • Bass.EXE (Battle Network)
  • Classic Mega Man
  • Mega Man.EXE (Battle Network)
  • Mega Man X (currently leading the Capcom poll)
  • Sigma

If you're a registered member of Capcom Unity, you can vote up to three characters on each poll (Marvel/Capcom), until March 5th at midnight.

Please understand that the results of this poll may not necessarily affect the outcome of future DLC. This is a fan-lead effort, not endorsed by Capcom. Granted, Capcom is well aware of the poll and have gone on to say they are watching it closely, so it really couldn't hurt to participate.

That said, go off and vote!

Thanks, Major Tom.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Animated MAD Series Spoofs Mega Man 10

There's a fun little show running on Cartoon Network based off of MAD Magazine aptly titled "MAD." In true MAD style, the show pokes fun at pop culture figures, movies and even video games. Case in point: A sketch by the name of "MAD's Guide to Video Game Cheat", which pays a little homage to Mega Man 10 (and a couple other games). Check it out:

Not laugh out loud hilarious, but, hey, it's pretty cool to see Mega Man 10 getting some mainstream exposure. Actually, this won't be the last of Mega Man on MAD. A commercial for this coming Monday's episode shows Mega Man standing in as a judge for "Gaming's Next Top Model" -- a spoof of, well, America's Next Top Model.

I've seen the spot air about four times now every couple hours, so if you've got CN, tune in and see if you can catch it. That episode airs February 28th, 2011 at 8:15PM PST, with reruns scheduled throughout the week.

Hopefully, someone will record it!

The Mega Man Mania Revival Pitch

Ah, Mega Man Mania. It's hard to forget such a promising collection: all of the original Game Boy Mega Man titles, I-V, in a single cartridge, complete with newly added color pallets and extras.

As fate would have it, Mania wasn't meant to be. Originally announced in 2003, the anthology was met with a plethora of delays until the project was eventually canceled in 2006, due to a misplaced source code.

Though the project may be dead, the passion from the fans to see this baby green-lit remains, unwavering. Our pal Heat Man over at The Mega Man Network whipped up this truly inspiring pitch for a revived Mega Man Mania... a pitch that has gone so far to catch the eye of Capcom.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Game Center CX Features Rockman 4

The latest episode of Game Center CX aired in Japan last week, and Rockman 4 headlined the popular segment "Arino's Challenge" in which host Shinya Arino attempts to best a classic video game, or meet a set challenge.

The Rockman 4 portion, broken into three parts, is available to watch online, albeit in raw Japanese format. Thankfully, Arino's shenanigans transcend the language barrier, making the experience enjoyable for all. Part one's below; hit up this link here for the rest!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March Release For Battle Network Official Complete Works

Lately, there's been some confusion in regards to the North American release date for UDON's Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works. Some sources say the art book won't be out until July, while others say it already released this past week. To shed some light on the situation, UDON has come forth with some official news.

The Mega Man Network has confirmed with UDON managing editor Matt Moylan that the book will release in March. Comic book stores will have it in stock on March 9th. Online? Well, dates have always been less precise on that front. If the past is any indication, online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble usually ship their UDON books out a few days afterwords.

So, no need to fret about that July release in the slightest. Just a few more weeks, folks. Hang tight and do look forward to the inevitable flood of preview pages!

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mega Man Invades Gameplanet

New Zealand's go-to hub for all things gaming, Gameplanet, is touting a lovely new display at their headquarters entitled Invaded.  The artwork consists of 46 6"x6" canvases, each with their own unique character from Solid Snake and Doomy guy all they way to, you guessed it, Mega Man.

In turn, each canvas represents the pixel on a Space Invader's invader sprite. You can see each and every individual tile at Gameplanet; it's truly a sight to behold!

The artist behind this colorful display is none other than Becky Dreistadt from Tiny Kitten Teeth ( I'm a pretty big fan of her style, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Plenty more of her artwork can be found at her official website in the above link.

Thanks for the tip, Velguador!

Upon A Star Promo Will Make Your Ears Bleed

I don't know what it is with Mega Man and promotional spots -- they're awful. These brief thirty second ads almost always feature children professing, no, screaming about their love of the blue bomber. The idea sounds cute on paper, but its execution comes off as, well, pretty annoying.

Continuing this tradition is a recently unearthed promotional spot for "Mega Man: Upon A Star", viewable below. This ad, like many before it, once again features children (or at least adult voice actors attempting to sound like children) as they gloat about how spiffy Mega Man is. It gets real bad towards the thirty second mark...

Yikes. Well, thankfully, this promo did not hit airwaves; it was originally attached to programs released on DVD by ADV Films.

One of these days, we'll get ourselves a real commercial. You know, something on par with the quality produced by Japan; those are soooo much cooler than the ones we get in the west.

Thanks for the submission, Jake!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Look At Zero Minimate

We've seen the schematics, but now it's time for the real deal. has scored a sneak peek at Art Asylums' upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 minimate line, bring us our first look at the Zero figure in the flesh -- er, plastic.

The MvC3 line is looking to release some time in July, according to this display here. It's worth mentioning that Zero will likely be sold in a box set among other MvC3 characters, so don't expect to purchase the guy as a standalone.

Still no sign of the Tron minimate, but she's supposedly on the way, too. I'll keep you posted!

Source: Minimate Multiverse

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zero Collection Goes Budget In Japan

Just one year after its release, Rockman Zero Collection is heading back to market under a new budget price.

On April 21, 2011, Rockman Zero Collection will be re-released under Capcom's "New! Best Price!" label, priced at 2,000 Yen (roughly $23.95 USD). The game itself will remain unchanged from its original 2010 release, save for a slightly alternate packaging.

Usually, Capcom does these best price things in groups so it's a little odd to see Zero Collection all by its lonesome; where's Operate Shooting Star's budget re-release? No sign of that at the moment, but do recall the game was already marketed far below the standard DS game price tag... that and it wasn't a hot seller to begin with.

News Credit: @Rockman Unity

English Voice Recording Begins For Legends 3

Ah, now this is the news I've been waiting for! It goes without saying, but the Mega Man Legends series is home to some of the best voice work ever done for the Mega Man franchise. Ever! That said, I really can't wait to hear the work done for Mega Man Legends 3 -- with, or without the original cast.

According to the U.S Devroom, voice recording has already begun for the English version of the game, starting with the vocalization of series newcomer Aero.  Although Capcom didn't reveal who will be providing the voice for our newest heroine, the actress in question dropped an interesting tease: she's voiced a character from a previous Mega Man game. Coming from the U.S Devroom:

Q: What prior experience do you have with Mega Man?  What about the Mega Man Legends series specifically?

A: I have actually worked on another game with the MegaMan characters last year and so I became much more familiar with the series that way. Though I was playing a different character for this title, it was still fun to play in the MegaMan world. My husband told me a lot about the characters and the world when I found out I was cast, since I grew up without a TV and missed many shows (especially Japanese animation). I am excited with what a respected franchise it is though.

Hm... who could she be? We really didn't have ourselves a "vocalized" Mega Man game last year, unless, of course, she's referring to Mega Man Universe whose production would have taken place within 2010. The possibility that she's referring to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is something that shouldn't be overlooked, either.

Now that voice recording is taking place, perhaps we should begin to ramp up our support for the return of some of the original cast members? Huge fan of Rob Smith, here, and I'm praying the man will return to voice Teisel Bonne. I'd be great to hear Caroly Larson (Tron) and Tracy Ryan (Roll), too.

If they can't return, well, that's okay in my book. As long as Capcom can continue to uphold the quality of acting Legends is known for, then I think we'll be alright.

More on this story over at the U.S Devroom!

RUMOR: "First Armor" D-Arts Mega Man X Sighted

For the past couple of days, we've been taunted by this ominous armor capsule appearing along side Bandai's D-Arts Mega Man X action figure. What is it exactly? Some kind of fancy display or something else? Tonight, we've got our answer...

As you can see, the capsule does indeed house X's "First Armor" from the original Mega Man X, thus confirming some of our earliest speculations.

Question is, are we looking at an entirely new figure or just the regular ol' D-Arts X wearing interchangeable First Armor parts? Your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for sure: we aren't supposed to be seeing this. That little sign at the bottom? Yeah, it's meant to deter photography. Whoops!

Hopefully, Bandai will come out with some official news on this soon.

UPDATE: The legitimacy on this one is now in question. Looking back at the original report, we've actually quite a few shots of nothing in the capsule. This new image could be doctored, however, that's not to say this doesn't come from a completely different display at the same event... perhaps one intended for "press only" (hence the 'no photography' warning).

We shall see.

News Credit: /toy/ (thanks, William!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Want Mega Man In Marvel Vs Capcom 3? It's Time To Make Your Voice Heard

It really goes with out saying, but the lack of any Mega Man incarnation in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 came as a huge, huge surprise. For a character so closely associated with the Capcom brand, his absence is truly unsettling. Thankfully, we can change that. Maybe.

Beginning earlier this week, the Capcom Unity forums have begun accepting character suggestions for upcoming DLC.  Users can vote on a total of five characters for Capcom and Marvel until February 28th. The thread(s) lock during the night, so if you want to speak up you've got to do so during the day.

You're free to suggest any characters that you want, not just Mega Man. However seeing that he is one of if not the most demanded character on the Capcom side, it couldn't hurt to toss him a vote.

This is a massive effort being fueled solely by the fanbase with hundreds upon hundreds of individuals participating. Join in on the action here! (and be sure to read the rules)

News Credit: everyone

Monday, February 14, 2011

Winning Reaverbot Design Revealed

The results are in and we've got a winner for the Mega Man Legends 3 Reaverbot design contest. Out of a total of 400 entries, this is the design the MML3 staff selected...

Meet "Calamity" by Capcom Unity Devroom member kankan. This towering behemoth will go on to be featured within Legends 3 as an actual foe, though the design and concept seems to suggest it'll be a "boss Reaverbot." We'll just have to wait and see!

Congratulations are in order for not only kankan but the runner-ups, as well. You can check out their designs and developer commentary over at Capcom Unity.

If you didn't place in the event, fret not; there's plenty more Legends 3 events on the way! Speaking of which, the easter-egg event is still going... I gotta think up of something soon.

[Capcom Unity]

Auction: Complete Plug-In PET

To those of you who collecting all kinds of rare Mega Man/Rockman merchandise, it doesn't get much more rare than this. Check out this auction for an original Plug-In PET, which comes complete with all accessories. Current price is at a hefty $250 ("buy it now"), however, the seller is willing to negotiate via the "make an offer option." Shipping is, thankfully, free.

The original Plug-In PET toys are pretty hard to come by these days, complete sets especially. The Plug-In PET boasts a lot of neat little features and gimmicks, all summed up quiet nicely in this video review by reader Amir. I highly advise checking it out if you'd like to know more about the device... or just want to see it in action.

Part one of the review is here, part two here.

Thanks, Amir!

Mega Man In The Smithsonian? It Could Happen!

The Smithsonian Institution, one of the largest (and undeniably coolest) museums in the world, is on the verge of paying tribute to the world of gaming with the exhibit "The Art of Video Games." Lots of Capcom games are in the running to be featured, and to the surprise (and dismay) of some, Mega Man 2 is eligible.

The lowdown:

"The Art of Video Games exhibition will explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects, the creative use of new technologies, and the most influential artists and designers. We want you to help us select the eighty video games that will be represented in the exhibition. Remember, this is an art exhibition, so be sure to vote for games that you think are visually spectacular or boast innovative design!"

The exhibit is being broken down into eras, with Mega Man 2 representing the 8-bit console generation. So, how do we get the Blue Bomber in? Voting, of course. Register at The Art of Video Games (free), and simply place your vote for Mega Man 2 under the era 3 category.The title looks to be facing heavy competition from the likes of classic 1st party NES titles.

Do your part and vote. The Art of Video Games is scheduled to be open to the public on March 16, 2012.

Source: Capcom Unity

Archie's Mega Man Issue #2 Previewed

Whew, issue #1 isn't even out yet and we already have ourselves a tiny preview for the second issue, scheduled to hit newsstands in June.

Coming from the official Archie Comic's blog:

“Let the Games Begin!” Part Two: Rock was just a simple helper-robot. Now he’s the world-saving Mega Man! Armed with only his Mega Buster, can Mega Man face down the Robot Masters? More importantly, can he face his own reservations about fighting his own kind?

SCRIPT: Ian Flynn
ARTIST: Patrick Spaziante, John Workman & Matt Herms
COVER: Patrick “SPAZ!” Spaziante
Villain Variant Cover by Patrick Spaziante
Shipping Date: 5/25/2011
On Sale at Comic Shops: 6/8/2011
Newsstands: Week of 6/14/2011
Comic, 32 pgs, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color
$2.99 US


The anticipation is just grueling; can't wait for the comic to come out! As a reminder, issue #1 will release on May 4th, 2011, with new issues arriving once a mont You can purchase a subscription right here.

Thanks, Generic Overlord!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Even More D-Arts Rockman X Images

We have ourselves a boatload of new D-Arts Rockman X images directly from a recent Bandai event in Japan. The shots provide a nice look at the final figure, its included accessories, and few big images of the D-Arts Zero silhouette teaser. Check 'em out below and more after the jump!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Double Dose Of Zero Toy News

The Kotobukiya Zero won't be the only figure of the red crusader this year. Apparently, Bandai and Art Asylum are working on two different figures of their very own...

Above, design sheets for an upcoming Zero "Minimate" from Art Asylum. The figure is being produced as part of the company's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 line, set to release within the year. Every character will be represented in the line, so a Tron figure is expected, too.

Next up..

Rockman Unity's Ucchy-San Tweeted these two photos from Bandai's D-Arts booth, teasing the development of a Zero D-Arts action figure. No surprise here, but it's nice to see things shaping up (via The Mega Man Network).

Rest assured, we'll be hearing more D-Arts Zero news from our pal Adam Newman at Bandai in the new future.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!

Operate Shooting Star Fan-Translation Update

It's been pretty quiet on the Operate Shooting Star fan-translation front, but fret not: the project is very much alive and kicking.

Despite being noted as roughly 0.2% complete at the official translation site, LuigiBlood, head of the project, has assured me things are progressing smoothly. Basically, a lot of time is being spent on the development of a tool that will speed up the text alteration process -- one of the biggest hurdles for any fan translation.

Assisting LuigiBlood is the ever-talented Prof. 9. The prof has been working diligently at fixing some holes in the translation and is currently working on implementing a few secret codes that's not in the original game. That's right, we're getting some extra content... unlockable after you finish the game.

No word on what exactly the codes will do right now, but we should be hearing something on that front in the very near future. We still don't have a patch release window either, but do bear in mind these things take a while, years at most.

Stay up to date with the OSS translation project at LuigiBlood's official site here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Zero and Tron's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Endings

With Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 already in the hands of some, footage of several characters' story mode endings have naturally made their way online. Tron and Zero's endings (viewable below) in particular are are quite interesting: Tron's contains the usual tongue-and-cheek MML humor we all know and love, while Zero's is -- well, let's just say it'll be raising a few eyebrows.

Neo Arcadia in 21XX? Well, we knew that was bound to happen eventually. The utopia's presence within the latter years of the X canon was largely hinted at in various sources, so it shouldn't come as a major surprise or a glaring canon error. If I'm not mistaken, this scenario would pen Zero to be from the pre to mid-Elf Wars era.

Not sure what to make of that "Mega Man Zero" remark, honestly.... meh. You can almost look at it as an in-joke: Capcom's making fun of themselves and the Mega Man series' cluttered continuity. Silly, at best.

(Thanks for the tip, Amir!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Subscribe To Archie's Mega Man, Get Equipped With Autographed Poster (Updated)

Still haven't subscribed to Archie's upcoming Mega Man comic book series? Here's a nice little incentive for ya: if you subscribe now, like right now now, Archie will send you a free poster autographed by artist Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante.

While Archie hasn't shown off what this poster will look like, one thing is certain: quantities are extremely limited, distributed exclusively through Archie's own online store.

So, what if you subscribed to the comic weeks ago? Do you still get a poster? Unfortunately, I've got no news on that front, but it couldn't hurt to shoot Archie Comics a message (FaceBook, Twitter). I'll be looking into this, too, so do stay tuned for an update.

In the meantime, hop on over to Archie and secure yourself a subscription ASAP!

UPDATE: Spoke with an Archie rep. Yes, if you subscribed when subscriptions were originally announced (two weeks ago), you are eligible to receive a poster, but you've got to contact them and let them know you want it. You'll be ask to give out your name and address; the poster will ship alongside issue #1 in early May. Act quickly, because once these posters are gone, they're gone for good!

"Mega Man Can't Beat Air Man"

KurkoBoltsi's rendition of the ever-popular Mega Man versus Air Man trope is a true sight to behold... even if you're sick to death of the meme.

Well, it's really no wonder why he can't beat him; the bot's a rampaging behemoth of Mobile Suit proportions!

In all seriousness, this is a great piece of work... well worthy of a spot within the pages of Mega Man Tribute. KurkoBoltsi has high hopes his piece will go on to be featured in the forthcoming art book, and I really can't see why not.

I do apologize for slacking off on the Mega Man Tribute submissions... but no more. Should something of equal awesomeness come my way, I'll be sure to feature it.

Source: Rampaged Reality

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Devroom News Roundup (Update)

Three No, four bits of tantalizing news from the Mega Man Legends 3, tonight. For the sake of convenience, it's all been rounded up into one post!

First up, a rocket progress update. February is upon us, and that means another increment in the "Save Mega Man Rocket Project." This month the rocket is now at 13% complete, a slight bump from January's 11%. Coinciding with the update, a new progress report by Servbot numbers 1, 26 and 38, and a brand spanking new piece of artwork (pictured). 

Second update: a new Heroine progress report. Sound production member Yamanaka-san discusses mostly about the trials and tribulations of ADR, the different types of scripts produced for the game,  and even showed off a sneak peek at the localized English script.

UPDATE: Make that four bits of Devroom news! Capcom Japan has posted a neat 3D model viewer of Aero, which you can play around with here.  It's pretty neat despite the lack of shading and noticeable clipping.

Finally, the devroom's main lady, Kinako, revealed the staff members have chosen the winning Reaverbot designs. Unfortunately, you'll be waiting until Monday, February 14th for those results! The good news is the staff loved each and every design... but there can only be so many winners.

Best of luck to those who entered. Stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed!

Mega Man 2 For iDevices On Sale

In honor of Verizon finally getting iPhone support, Capcom has dropped the price on a number of their games, including the mobile version of Mega Man 2. While it may not be the best port, it's certainly a nice on-the-go fix ... yours for only $.99.

Of course, this sale is for a limited time only, so if this version of MM2 is something of interest to you, I'd advise you go ahead and make the purchase ASAP. Also of note, don't be fooled by the iPhone hype; Mega Man 2 is also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad.

It's worth noting that Mega Man 2 "i" has received a fair amount of flack in the past, but the game is growing increasingly more playable thanks to numerous updates. A lot of improvements have been made since its launch a couple years back, mostly in the mechanics department. It's not a perfect port but like I said, it's a good quick Mega Man fix.

Full sale details and more eligible games available at Capcom Unity

ScrewAttack Counts Down The Top 10 Robot Masters

ScrewAttack has added a new Top 10 list to their collection, and this time the focus is on, what else? -- the top Robot Masters of the classic series. Did your favorite chart? Find out in the video below!

For those curious, ScrewAttack previously tackled the top 10 wors Robot Masters. You can check that out at the following link:


This video is much older, and was posted before the release of Mega Man 10, so it's safe to assume the then-recent unveiling of Sheep Man was likely a source of inspiration.

Of course, ScrewAttack doesn't speak for everyone; all of this is just for fun and pure entertainment

Thanks for the tip, Adam!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Triple Helping Of Archie Mega Man Artwork

Archie has released a set of three semi-new illustrations for their forthcoming Mega Man comic series. The first two pieces comes from Comic Book Resources, who also had some time to discuss the comic with writer Ian Flynn:

On the left, a work-in-progress splash page illustrated by Pat Spaziante. The middle, a text-less version of issue #1's cover art. These two pieces coincide with a lengthy but highly insightful interview with Flynn, who goes on to discuss Archie's take on the franchise. Definitely worth a read, check it out here. 

Finally, the rightmost image. This is the original pencil sketch of issue 1's cover variant, revealed by none other than Chad Thomas himself. Take note of the presence of Dr. Light in the bottom; he was apparently cut from the final image. Chad had this to say about his work on the comic:

"Here is the first draft for the alternative variant for Megaman coming out this April!  Poor Dr. Light had to be cut for upc reasons and now looks more like THIS.  It’s been a long year getting things out of the way and in order to do Megaman here in the coming months and I’m very excited for it.  I feel a lot more comfortable with the character now, and good advice from peers has me more excited and ready to have some fun drawing.  I know my style isn’t as manga-ized as a lot of die hard MM fans are used to, but I’m having a lot of fun working on some pages right now and I’m confident a lot of you will like it.  Ian is going to do a lot of fun stuff with the book, and has a great interview on Newsarama right now with some fantastic Spaz preview art so check that out. "

Kind of unfortunate we had to lose Light; I rather like the way he complements the whole image.

So, at this point, which of the two artists do you prefer? "Spaz" or Thomas? I'm more of a Spaz fan myself, but I'd definitely like to see more of Thomas' stuff.

Thanks for the tip, Generic Overlord!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zero Getting The Kotobukiya Treatment

At the 2011 Wonder Festival, Kotobukiya exhibited a poster announcing their next Rockman project. Taking a break from the classic series, Kotobukiya looks to tackle the Zero series next with a model based off of none other than the red crusader himself: Zero!

A poster advertising the figure was spotted at this weekend's Wonder Festival taking place in Japan (pictured). Rockman Unity mascot Ucchy-san made this knowledge public via a lone tweet. Unfortunately, thanks to the angle of this photo, we cannot determine the figure's release date. There seems to be no indication of pricing, but I imagine that announcement is forthcoming.

If the past is any indication, images of the standard grey work-in-progress model should be surfacing in the very near future... that and other details.

I'll be keeping you posted!

There's Something Familiar About This Lego Game (Update)

I wouldn't declare this a rip-off, per se, however, the similarities between Mega Man Battle Network and a new browser-based Lego game are quite striking... 

Above, screens from Lego's Ninjago Spinjitzu Smash!. Not only is the game visually reminiscent of Battle Network's battle system, but it plays similarly, too.

Your character is limited to movement on a 3x3 grid, unable to cross over to you opponent's side. When the card gauge is full, you're prompted to select from a series of Spinjitzu battle cards -- special attacks used to deal damage to your opponent. Further, you're also given the ability to throw kunai with the space bar, the equivalent of the Mega Buster. Battles are won when your opponent's HP depletes to zero, a number indicated just below their feet.

Words can only describe so much. You have to experience the game yourself: click here to play Ninjago Spinjitzu Smash. A directory of Spinjitzu cards can be found here, which, as you'll soon discover, contain abilities comparable to MMBN's own Battle Cards.

Pretty much everything right down to the battle mechanics are "inspired" by Mega Man Battle Network.  For the uninitiated, here's a few Battle Network screens for the sake of comparison:

Whoever designed the game was most certainly a fan of MMBN.

UPDATE: In an interesting turn of events, actual Battle Network graphic assets were discovered inside the game's source data...

Um, wow. Talk about unsettling.

Source: Ninjago Spinjitzu Smash! (Thanks, MaxRock)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mega Man Olympics: Final Stage

Almost let the day slip by without posting this. So, yes, this is it: the final round in the Mega Man Olympics. After weeks of challenges, we've finally arrived at the climactic eighth round. In the final challenge, jgonzo and Ucchy-san must chug three frosty E-Tank beverages...

What a finish! Oh, this was fun. I'm going to miss this. Congrats to both gentlemen for a well fought contest. If you want to catch up on the previous rounds, hit up this link right here.

Ian Flynn Talks Archie's Mega Man

Newsarama had some time to sit down and chat with Mega Man comic writer Ian Flynn, recently. The interview reveals a few new details about the on-going comic's plot, characters, aspirations and a whole lot more.

I've pulled out a small portion of interest below, but for the full read, you'll have to hop on over to Newsarama.

Nrama: Ian, there have been a lot of Mega Man games over the years. How does the new comic tie into that continuity? And does it have anything to do with existing Japanese manga that featured the characters?

Ian Flynn: Mega Man will be looking strictly at the classic series for now. We’ll be telling the stories of Rock, A.K.A. Mega Man, in his never-ending battle with Dr. Wily. We’re hoping to be as faithful to the classic series as possible and including the events from more than just the main Mega Man 1-10 games. Since Hitoshi Ariga’s Mega Man Megamix does similar, I’m sure there will be a few overlapping plot points in some of the arcs, but the two series aren’t connected in any way, aside from being about the Blue Bomber.

Ian has a whole lot more to say about the comic. Read the discussion in full at Newsarama!

Archie's Mega Man hits newsstands everywhere May 4th. Get your subscriptions here!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Legends 3 Community Event 5: Town Easter Egg

Now THIS is the event I personally have been waiting for. If you loved kicking the can in Legends 1 or punting that duck in Legends 2, this new event is for you!

Dubbed the Town Easter Egg event, it's your job to come up with some kind of funny, goofy gimmick Mega Man Volnutt can indulge in during his travels to Teomo City. For example:

  • Based on a dialogue selection you make, a certain junkshop owner will consistently refer to Mega Man as “Hippopotamus” throughout the game!
  • After recovering the stolen money from a bank robbery, you can just pocket it! But Mega Man will turn completely black!
  • If you kick Roll, it affects what she writes about in her diary!

Capcom's looking for those kinds of ideas. This is a very open-ended event, so you're pretty much free to think up of anything... but it has to be somewhat rational. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some pondering to do.

Hop on over to the Devroom for complete rules and guidelines

Tune In To GTTV Tonight To Win Kotobukiya Models

This week's episode of GameTrailers TV is apparently giving viewers a chance at winning all three Mega Man Kotobukiya model kits. I spotted this little tidbit of interest over at the official Kotobukiya FaceBook:

"Catch GT.TV on SPIKE this Thursday night for your chance to win our Mega Man, Roll & Proto Man model kits!"

GTTV airs tonight on Spike TV at 1AM PST.

It remains to be seen just what exactly is required of the audience to win, so we're pretty much being asked to tune in and check it out. Also, since this is being sponsored by KotoUS, it's safe to assume their giving away the English version kits, which feature Mega Man branding.

Might be wise to keep an eye out on KotoUS's FaceBook for more details.

E-Capcom Touts Retro Rockman Straps

Up for preorder at E-Capcom, a set of new 8-bit-styled Rockman straps. These little trinkets, officially named Rockman Dot Strap Collection Vol 1, will release on May 31st.

Nine straps in total comprise volume 1, consisting of the characters you see here. Apparently, the remaining two are being shrouded in intentional mystery. What's more, E-Capcom is selling the straps in sets of eight, so you won't recieve the complete collection with just one order. Indeed, it sounds like Capcom's using the good ol' trading figure tactic once again.

If you've got the means to do so, you can preorder a set directly through E-Capcom. A box of eight runs for 3,598 yen (roughly $44.00 USD).

Credit: Game Swag (Thanks, Heidi!)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kotobukiya Blues Video Review

My good pal Protoman has posted a rather insightful video review for the newly released Blues model from Kotobukiya, covering largely everything you'd ever want to know the model. The video also doubles a nice, extensive retrospective of past Proto Man/Blues figures, comparing the current model to toys long ago. How does it stack up against the classics? Watch and find out.

Speaking of Kotobukiya Blues, don't forget to enter The Mega Man Network's Valentine's Day Blues contest! All you gotta do is design a Valentine's Day card worthy of melting staffer Tabby's heart, and you could win a free Kotobukiya Blues model kit. Hit up the link for the full details!

Thanks, Protoman

Mega Man Universe Is Alive, Undergoing Changes

In response to fleeting concerns regarding the status of Mega Man Universe, Capcom's Christian 'Sven' Svensson stepped in to field a question that's been on the minds of many: "is Mega Man Universe dead?"

After four months of silence, we finally have ourselves a small, albeit reassuring update:

"Unfortunately, I have no new news to share on the project. It's not dead though... and it's changed a lot."

What kind of changes? Sven could not specify, leaving us only to speculate. However, if we look at the criticism the title has received thus far, it's not hard to imagine just what these changes could entail.

Controls and mechanics is the big one. This has been a common complaint coming from those who played an early build of the game at the Tokyo Game Show, Comic Con or Capcom's New York event this past fall. Controls have been cited as being unresponsive, stiff, and generally inaccurate when attempting to perform precision-based jumps (1Up, Joystiq). These issues are apparently magnified when playing as the custom characters, namely Metto Man who jumps a tad higher than the rest.

On the other end of the spectrum, there's criticism regarding the game's art direction. This is an issue that many, many fans have been vocal about. According to the general consensus, the art style strays too far from the series traditional anime/manga influenced aesthetic.

Universe's graphics themselves have been met with an equal amount of criticism, often being cited as bland, dull and generally uninspired. Sure, the game is intentionally paying tribute to the 8-bit look and feel of the classic NES games, but I think we can all agree that there's something missing. I don't know what it is for sure, but when I look at Universe I get this sense of "emptiness."

Finally, there's this issue which may or may not have affected the game's current development: a Wii version. It feels a little strange that Universe, a homage to the NES Mega Man titles, isn't appearing on a Nintendo home console. However, its absence is justifiable: WiiWare file size constraints. It's possible Capcom is taking extra time to secure a Wii version, crunching or modifying the game to meet that 40 to 50MB standard. After all, Capcom has previously expressed interest in a Wii version.

While we're all entitled to our opinions, it goes without saying there are issues and concerns shared by many. Thankfully, it appears Capcom is taking these concerns into consideration. This long period of silence from Universe is likely attributed to the game's extended development period. Extra time and effort will no doubt pay off in the form of a higher quality product.

Hopefully, we'll be hearing (and maybe seeing) from Mega Man Universe sooner rather than later.

Source: Ask Capcom

Watch Rockman Diver In Action

Footage of the newly released mobile phone game Rockman Diver has surfaced online courtesy of megacocorock. While the game may sound simple in theory, it actually looks quite challenging. Also, it's worth noting that Splash Woman is apparently a playable character! Check it out below.

The further you dive without death, the higher your score. Additional points are earned from successfully snatching a Yashichi.

I wouldn't mind having this on our shores, but for 315 Yen ($3.80)? Eh, I don't think so. $0.99 seems a bit more reasonable, if you ask me.

Vintage Rockman Puzzle Unearthed

Thought this was pretty neat, considering I (and many of you) are pretty big fans of vintage Rockman goods...

Currently up for bidding on good ol' Yahoo Auctions Japan, a sealed Rockman jigsaw puzzle set from 1991. '91 marked the beginning of the blue boy's merchandising career (coinciding with Rockman 4), so it's possible we're looking at one of the very first pieces of official Rockman merch. in the franchise's twenty three-year history... Unopened, no less.

When completed, the 300-piece puzzle forms a rather snazzy image of Rockman posing with Eddie and Rush while Dr. Wily looms in the background. The puzzle measures in at 260x380mm or roughly 10x15 inches.

Pricing isn't too bad... at least without import and proxy fees. Currently, it's going for 3,000 Yen ($36.80 USD). That price will go up depending upon your location and proxy bidding service of choice (Rinkya and the like).

If you've got the means to do so and would like to add this item to your collection, you can bid on it right here.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Most Peculiar Bubble Man Glitch

Nearly 22 years after its release, people are still finding glitches in Mega Man 2. Case in point, this "sudden death" game breaking glitch.  The glitch is activated when Mega Man and Bubble Man die simulanteously. In the following video example, a stray Buster shot takes out Bubble Man, while Mega Man meets his demise by the spiked ceiling. What happense after that? Find out below...

Upon re-spawn, you're pretty much invulnerable. The source of the video, BubblemanNsider, speculates the following:

"When a robot master's life is 0, invincibility is activated on the player, unlike in Mega Man (1) where you could die by a leftover projectile, but since invincibility was activated, it won't turn off until you get to the "get weapon" screen or start another stage. I'm not sure if this can be done on other versions of Mega Man 2, this is the NES version."

The glitch is present in both the legitimate NES cartridge and emulation. Doubtful this trick works with other Robot Masters (Bubble Man is the only one with one-hit-kill obstacles in his room), but it's worth investigating.

Thanks, @RockmanPR