Friday, January 17, 2020

Capcom's Newest "Secret File" Contains a Mega Man/Street Fighter Tribute by Bengus

"Capcom Secret File Vol. 28" - the first volume in Capcom's adored mini-magazine in ten years - has a little something for Mega Man fans.

Exclusive to the E-Capcom Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Premium Package, Secret File Vol. 28 will include a special piece illustrated by Bengus featuring various SFV characters re-imaged as Mega Man-inspired characters. Dubbed "Street Fighter V: Mega Edition!", the image depicts Chun-Li as Mega Man, Dhalsim as Fire Man, Birdie (or Abigail) as Bomb Man, Zangief as Guts Man, and Ken as Proto Man. I'm not entirely sure who Guile is supposed to be, though...

Anyway, there are a few other characters present, too, but they're a little hard to make out from the preview image shown after the break!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The First Annual "Mega Man Awards" Have Begun

A new year, a new decade, a new tradition... The "Mega Man Awards!" It's a year-long event headed up by myself, ShadowRockZX, Twitch, ColeMan X, and other prominent members of the community where we host different Mega Man-themed polls for you to vote on. At the end of the year we host one final poll to pick the winners of each category in a grand, Oscars-like celebration.

Hit the jump below for all the details!

More Mega Man Mii Fighters Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today, Masahiro Sakurai revealed the fifth and final DLC character for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter's Pass 1 - Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses - and several new and returnin Mii Fighter costumes! All the details of the presentation after the break.

Monday, January 13, 2020

It Looks Like the Grandista Mega Man Figure is Coming Stateside

The chubby-cheeked Grandista Mega Man figure from Bandai appears to be making the jump stateside. An auction for an English localized version (with "Mega Man" branding) recently appeared on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. Its very existence suggests that the figure will be sold at U.S-based retailers both online and in-store in the very near future. A listing from Previews World also supports this, with a suggested March 25th shipping date.

Currently, the only method to obtain the figure is to import it from specialty stores like Nippon Yasan and previously Ami Ami. It was also previously available to win as a prize from Capcom Japan's exclusive UFO Catcher app but stock is no more. With a little patience, you might be able to find this friendly-looking fella at a store near you soon! Big Bad Toystore and ToyWiz have already begun accepting pre-orders. Other retailers will shortly be following suit - stay vigilant!

Source: Yahoo Auctions, Previews World

Rockman X DiVE "Weapon Design Competition" Online Voting Open

Starting today and until January 20th, we can vote for our favorite fan-submitted designs in the Rockman X DiVE Weapon Design Competition. Out of several participants, the development team have chosen the best 30 entries. You can vote via the official website  and you'll also get 50 metals to use in the game just for participating in the process! Find all the details after the break!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Final Rockman Live 2020 Concert Will Be Streamed Live

Next weekend, the last two Rockman Live 2020 will take place in Osaka. And this time, we might have the chance to watch the final evening performance live via Niconico! Find all the details after the break!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Mega Man: Fully Charged Season 2 (Probably) Isn't Happening

It's been a solid eight month's since the season finale of Mega Man: Fully Charged aired in the United States. And within that time, there's been no word from WildBrain (formerly DHX Media) on the prospects of a second season. Yes; they did (and continue) to pump out bite-sized "toy play" episodes on YouTube after the light's dimmed on season 1... but that's not the continuation fans have been waiting for.

No announcements, no press releases, nothing has been said about Mega Man: Fully Charged season 2. Speaking under the condition of anonymity with Rockman Corner, two former members of the Fully Charged production team have come forward to explain why.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

New Mega Man X Cards Introduced With Teppen's "The Force Seekers"

A new card pack and hero has arrived to Teppen this month: "The Force Seekers" featuring Akuma. What's more, the update also brings a new gameplay mechanic to the game called "Ascended." Ascended allows you to play a new unit over an active unit in the mat. By sacrificing the old unit, you can even give buffs to the new unit – it's a game changer!

As for the card pack itself, it includes a total of 100 new cards of which 16 are Mega Man X-related. Also, one new Mega Man X basic card has been added to the game, which can be obtained after completing Akuma's story mode. As per tradition, we are providing all the information and clean artwork of these new cards. See and read all about it after the break!

Monday, January 6, 2020

"Rockman Zero & ZX SOUND BOX" Announced

During the Rockman Live 2020 concerts this past weekend, Capcom announced the release of the Rockman Zero & ZX SOUND BOX. All the details after the break!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

There Will Be No More Mega Man: Fully Charged Toys From Jakks Pacific

Here's a story that flew way, way under our radar. Speaking with Toy Hype USA in October 2019, Jakks Pacific SVP of Marketing Craig Drobis revealed that the company currently has no plans to produce addition Fully Charged figures. Mr. Drobis' full comment reads:

"At this point there are no additional waves in production.  This is one of my favorite lines at Jakks with how well all the figures came out.  Our design and development team did a great job on this line.  However, the Sales of the launch toys and waves haven’t justified us continuing on to the next waves at this time.  We do have the Mega Man X Megabuster which is new for this fall and should be coming to GameStop very soon. [note: it's available now] We are very excited about that addition and we will continue to develop game based Mega Man items going forward."

It's worth mentioning that we had a rough idea of what toys would have made up wave 2. Back in December 2018, Amazon posted listings for 6-inch Cut Man, Wood Man, Elec Man and Blaze Power Mega Man and 7-inch deluxe Guts Man, Fire Man and Sgt. Night. These and several more unnanounced figures (additional characters and playsets) will remain unreleased.

To date, Mega Man: Fully Charged's future as a brand at WildBrain (formerly DHX Media) remains uncertain. New episodes of the mini "toy play" show continue to be produced and published on the official Fully Charged YouTube channel. And that's about it.

Now, I do have *some* news to share on the hypothetical season 2 this week. It's neither good nor bad news... just interesting news. Stay tuned!

Source: Toy Hype USA

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Contest: Win "Rockman & Rockman X 5-in-1 Special Box" for Nintendo Switch!

Let's start the new year off right with a little contest! I'm giving away one boxed copy of "Rockman & Rockman X 5-in-1 Special Box" for Nintendo Switch!

This Japan-exclusive set includes Rockman Classics Collection 1, Rockman Classics Collection 2 (printed on a physical standalone cartridge for the first ever), Rockman 11, Rockman X Anniversary Collection 1, and Rockman X Anniversary Collection 2. The box also includes the entire Rockman 11 script (Japanese text) and extra space intended to be filled by Rockman Zero/ZX Double Hero Collection.

To enter, simply shoot me an e-mail at with the subject "Special Box" and a message about what Mega Man-related things you hope to see this year. It doesn't have to be super long, just a couple of well-thought-out sentences, please. One winner will be chosen on Saturday, January 18th, 2020 at 12:00pm CST. This contest is open to anyone throughout the world - no region restrictions! I've got the shipping covered so this baby is literally free.

Good luck and let's have a great year!