Friday, September 30, 2011

DASH 3 Reparations Arriving In Japan

Good on their word, Capcom has begun to ship out a form of compensation to Devroom members whose work was slated to appear in  Rockman DASH 3. Below, you'll find the contents of the Japanese package, recently received by CAP Kobun (whose Donner Wels mecha design was selected as the Bonne family's latest mecha).

Inside the envelop, a heartfelt thank you letter reads, "Thank you! From all the DASH 3 team at Capcom. 2011." Also included, a set of mobile cleaners which were originally planned to be distributed at Capcom's ill-fated 3DS event event in Akihabara (cancelled in the wake of the horrific natural disasters). All in all, it's a pretty slick package. More pictures of the items here.

The English Devroom are planning on distributing something to fans in the West. The item has not be disclosed, nor have we been alerted if it's shipped out. Shouldn't be much longer now, hopefully. Keep your eyes peeled to your mailbox!

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Capcom "May Have Some Mega Man News", Says Killian

2011. A year that will live in infamy. Within the span of four months, we bared witness to the cancellation of two highly anticipated titles -- Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. The news left a profound wound in our community. Our faith in Capcom, shaken.

It's a gloomy time to be a Mega Man fan. Yeah, you've got some nice t-shirts and keychains coming out soon, but how about those games? Aside from Rockman Online, there's literally nothing substantial on that front right now. However, this situation may change soon enough. Maybe.

At a recent Capcom sponsored Fight Club event, GameZone’s Vito Gesualdi interviewed Capcom's Seth Killian, inquiring about potential characters for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The session eventually culminated in whether or not Capcom could “finally get Mega Man off the moon by including him in the popular fighting game." Clearly, a reference to the stranded Mega Man Volnutt.

A solemn Seth replied, “We tried. It didn’t work out.”

Now, is that a remark directed towards Mega Man's failed UMvC inclusion, or a reference to Legends 3's cancellation? Seth elaborated: “We have eaten a giant plate of unhappiness on this one,” adding that “Mega Man is very, very close to my heart.”

Like a heated bout right out of Ace Attorney, Vito pressed Seth to say something about Mega Man's future. He succeed. “Hang in there, we may have some Mega Man news….Maybe”.

And that was that. “You could just tell the whole Mega Man thing was eating away at him, and he wanted to share something,” added GameZone. You have to feel bad for Seth. He's been an active, and integral part of Mega Man's life for the last few years. He wants to say something to us -- wants to assure us, but he can't. He has to stay mum.

What can we take from this conversation? Capcom is, clearly, considering what to do with Mega Man from here. They aren't just sitting on the IP; that we can be certain of. However, it sounds to me like they are moving forward with caution. The last thing we need, right now, is another game to be announced before its even green-lit, and then watch it be cancelled.

It's in Capcom's hands now. All we can do is continue to voice our support, and hope for the best.

Source: GameZone

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kotobukiya Zero Dated; Delicious Box Art Surfaces

At last, we have ourselves a firm release date for Kotobukiya's highly anticipated 1/10 scale Zero model kit. And it's not too far away! According to Koto’s mobile site, the red rocker will hit store shelves in Japan on October 18.

The model kit includes a number of accessories such as a Z-saber, Z-Knuckle, and Buster Gun. He also has two faces, as well as seemingly alternate eye sets allowing him to look off to the side. The icing on the cake, however, has got to be the bad ass box art (pictured), illustrated by none other than the famed Toru Nakayama. Just look at that. Wow. Always a pleasure to see Nakayama pumping out material post-Zero series.

The kit kit will retail for 3,200 Yen (roughly $41.85 US) when it hits. Where to buy? If you're too impatient to wait for the English version, due out by December, then you'll find a number of import retailers primed and ready for your dollar. You can't go wrong Amiami and HLJ, although shipping may sting a bit.

For now, Zero appears to be the last Rockman kit from Kotobukiya. However, you never know. Something entirely new could be in the works right now...

Credit: The Mega Man Network

Eat Juice Bars, Become a Game Designer

Now here’s another blast from the Blue Bomber’s past, dating back to a time when the franchise was bursting with vitality. Ever wanted to become a game designer for a day and tell those Mega Man game designers what you think? Well, that's exactly the offer Capcom and Minute Maid gave children in 2003.

On the verge of the franchise's 15th anniversary, Capcom partnered with a number of corporations to spread the good word, and promote the then-latest batch of games. The joint venture between Capcom and Minute Maid, in particular, would mark one of the largest (North American) Mega Man promotions in the brand's history.

Select boxes of Juice Bars would contain a URL to a special website: this one here. There, young fans were encouraged to participate in a truly historic contest. Filling out this form, you'd be eligible to win a trip Capcom's US headquarters in Sunnyvale, California to become a game designer for a day. Runner-up prizes included:
  • A $5,000 scholarship (1 winner)
  • A Nintendo GameCube w/Mega Man Network Transmission (5 winners)
  • A copy of Mega Man X7 (120 winners)
    And who was the lucky youngster to win? Why that'd be this lad, Warren, whose last name I won't even attempt to decrypt. A belated congratulations to you, sir. I wonder, did Warren actually have an impact on a product that now rests in our hands today? I won't be attempting to hunt the man down to ask, but it's fun to imagine what that experience must've been like. Best day ever? Uh, yeah.

    In hindsight, this is one neat sweepstakes. No developer (that I'm aware of) does this sort of thing today. Lack of interest, or too much of an investment? Could be a little of both, but I belive this is definitely something companies should look into again. Giving kids a chance to immerse themselves in the developer environment is an awesome prize. You're pretty much cementing the youngster's dream to pursue a career in the industry.

    For you archivers out there, I'm publicly releasing a small batch of promotional assets from the contest I've collected over the years. Yeah, I'm kind of a pack rat. You can download the file here! On a related note, can you believe the archive logged the actual contest entry form? I know, right?! Wonder what would happen if you sent one in today? Hmm...

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Rockman Online Launching Next Year

    We're going to have to wait a bit longer for Rockman Online to roll out. According to a recent financial earnings report, Neowiz Games are planning to launch the MMO in the second half of 2012. The game was previously on track for a late 2011 time frame.

    While there's still no word on beta testing, the report notes Neowiz will once again be a prominent force at this year's G-Star, a gaming trade show in Busan, South Korea. Considering Rockman Online is being touted as one of, if not the flagship title of Neowiz's 2012 portfolio, there's a good chance it will resurface there. If it does show, expect a plethora of new details, media and maybe a playable demo. Don't forget: it's been a good year since we last saw the game in action. Who knows what it's like now?

    G-Star 2011 is said to be putting a large emphasis on "internationalization", according to MMO Site. I'm not one to speculate (lol), but this could be the ideal time to announce a worldwide Rockman Online release. That's something a lot of people would like to see happen, certainly.

    Hope for the best. Expect the worst. Stay tuned!

    Source: Maeil Business Network and

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    Mega Man Kubricks Discounted At Capcom Store

    Just a friendly heads up for those of you who would like to own your very own LEGO-ish version of Mega Man and his bro Proto. Over on Capcom Unity, they’ve announced a fall blowout sale promotion. Applicable to a number of products, you'll find a particularly tantalizing deal on the English versions of Kubrick Mega Man and Proto Man, as well as their 1Up Be@rbrick counterparts.

    Originally $30 a pop, Capom has discounted both the Mega Man and Proto Man sets down to a cool $20.97. Considering the little guys can fetch anywhere from $40 to $60 on the secondhand market, this is quite an offer.

    Stock, as per usual, is limited. Approximately 500 pieces were produced solely for the Capcom Store, give or take. Once they're gone, they're gone! The fall blowout sale runs from now until Sunday, October 2nd. A little ways away, but you may want to act quickly before they sell out.

    Make haste and grab your Zenny -- the Capcom Store awaits!

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Mega Man X7's Lost Multiplayer Confirmed

    A true blue, multiplayer Mega Man game. It's a dream shared by many fans across the world. Disregarding the likes of Battle & Chase, RockBoard, and the prospect of Rockman Online, Capcom has yet to produce a multiplayer Mega Man game in the traditional sense. You know, something like this.

    Mega Man X7 was once believed to be that game. The summer of 2002 yielded an early look at X's first foray into the third dimension, with promises of never-before-seen spectacles. As exciting as that was, there was something else that manged to caress the fanboy heart: multiplayer.

    According to the game's infamous E3 '02 product description, MMX7 was being prepped with co-op play:

    "Take advantage of the new Double System, where you and a friend can play together simultaneously. Fight bossed cooperatively and execute the new change combo attack by switching characters at any time." 

    Holy moly. This was it, man. This was the multiplayer Mega Man game! Oh did we ever set ourselves up for disappointment.

    X7 arrived in our hands multiplayer-less. Attempting to rationalize the situation, the fanbase of the time concluded that multiplayer was never a sure-fire thing after all.  They theorized that the prospect of multiplayer was nothing more than the Double Hero system -- the ability to switch between two characters, on the fly, mid-gameplay -- grossly mistranslated.

    It was certainly a viable theory, given Capcom's early 2000 mistranslation track record. Well, guess what? It's time to give that theory the boot, because Mega Man X7 once DID have multiplayer, and its inclusion was confirmed by none other than the game's producer....

    Finally, A 'Rockman DASH: 5 Islands Great Adventure' Overview

    Legends 3 it isn't, but for years, this was the next best thing. At long, long last, we finally have ourselves a detailed look at 2008's Rockman DASH: 5 Islands Great Adventure. Having moved to Japan this summer, The Mega Man Network's Heat Man seized the opportunity to actually play it. In his spare time, he's written a general overview of the game, going so far as to provide the first footage of it in action.

    For a mere cell phone game, 5 Island packs in a decent amount of content, surmises Heat. But does that necessarily make it any good?

    "In the end I’d say it’s a novel little game, and even has some replayability, especially if you want to grab and max out all the weapons," he writes. "But it’s a very short game, can be very awkward to play, and its content would do little to satisfy even a mild Legends fan for very long. While a nice thought, the game was hardly an answer to the years that passed since Legends 2."

    Regardless, you'd be mistaken to not read his full report.  Head on down to the Mega Man Network and educate yourselves! Heat Man will be providing more 5 Island reports in the coming weeks, so do stay tuned for more info and footage.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Full Armor Rockman X In-Hand Images

    Want to see more of Bandai's newly released D-Arts Full Armor Rockman X figure? Mecha Guy has a splendid gallery up showing off the figure's quality, poseability, and articulation. From the looks of it, Bandai has once again delivered a fine representation of the famous Maverick Hunter. Nothing short of awesome.

    Full Armor X is now available in Japan, with imports shipping out some time soon. Bandai plans to localize the figure in states next month, although it remains to be formally announced via press release. That version will be exactly the same as the above, but it's being produced under the "Mega Man" brand with English logos and descriptions.

    If you're too impatient to wait for the localized version, remember you can import via AmiAmi and HLJ.

    Rockman Recreated In 'Picture Lives!'

    A quirky little game by the name of Pictures Lives! recently hit the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan. The D.I.Y platformer allows players to build their very own character and worlds with a number of wacky tools at their disposal. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone would set out to create a Rockman-themed adventure. And sure enough, Rockman Corner reader Niroth has discovered just such a creation.

    Needless to say, a lot of neat Rockman/Mega Man stuff  could come about with this. Picture Lives! is earning all sorts of praise for its unique and easy to use tools. In no time at all, you'll design, voice and animate a character, who will then explore a 2D world. It's no Mega Man Universe, but it's something.

    No word when the game will launch outside of Japan, but it's on the burner. In the meantime, you can amuse yourself with some splendid gameplay footage via YouTube.

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Dr. Wily's Revenge Tops eShop Charts

    Nearly a week since its North American and European debut, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge has quickly become the top selling game on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. And who says a Mega Man game on the eShop can't sell? Tsk-tsk.

    Although specific sales figures were not divulged, Revenge managed to dethrone The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, who previously held the number one spot for several weeks running. That tells you quite a lot right there. Bear in mind, the game is a long ways off from topping the "All Software Charts", but today's victory is certainly a start in the right direction. What can I say? People love Mega Man on-the-go!

    It'd be nice to see where the game placed on the Japanese charts, but I don't have that info in front of me at the moment. I'll look around and see what I find. Of course, if you own a Japanese 3DS yourself, you can give me a holler in the comments.

    Thanks for the tip, Ace_Cloud!

    Some More Retrotastic Rockman Apparel

    Now available for a limited time in Japan, a series of eight all-new nostalgia infused Rockman shirts. Considering the amount of sprite-based Rockman apparel Capcom of Japan has already produced, I can't say I'm entirely blown away by these designs. Cute concepts, nonetheless.

    The tees will be sold exclusively at Kotobukiya's direct store in Akihabara, a site historically known for offering one-of-a-kind Rockman goodies from time to time. Each design is priced at 3675 Yen, or roughly $48.15. Additionally, it sounds like more designs will be revealed closer to the release of Kotobukiya's 1/10 scale Rockman Zero model kit, due in October.

    Limited edition Kotobukiya goodies are pretty difficult to come by outside of Japan. Doubtful the shirts will be sold elsewhere, save for Ebay and the like. You're not missing too much, if you ask me. There's plenty of pixel-art Mega Man as is; not very difficult to hunt one down in your region these days.

    Credit: CapKobun

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Additional Legends 3 Comments From Inafune

    Following up on our story from the other day, Joystiq recently sat down for a brief interview wit Keiji Inafune at the Tokyo Game Show. Naturally, the subject of Mega Man Legends 3 reared its head.

    Recapping his sentiments shared in now infamous 4Gamer interview, Inafune would go on to say he has hopes someone will fill his shoes, and see to it Legends 3 becomes a reality.

    "The two projects were really hard to even get started, because the title is kind of old," he said, referring to Mega Man Legends 3. "We were bringing it back. It wasn't easy for me to get the go ahead from the company, I was fighting against the company, and now it's been canceled."

    Regardless, Inafune still has hope that the torch may be picked up by someone on his former team, though he's not confident it'll happen. "I was kind of hoping that someone would come forth, again, and fight with the company and get that project going, but like I said, I don't know if anybody will have the guts to fight against the company right now," he admitted.

    And if a successor at Capcom has come forth, they've yet to identify themselves, though Inafune noted that he left behind "a really good team," any one of which could emerge as a future leader at the Japanese company. "I didn't choose anyone, but I'm kind of hoping that someone will come forth," he said. 

    A lot of people, internally, want to see Legends 3 happen; this I am certain of. It's simply a matter of someone stepping up to the plate and taking up the initiate. Of course, that's probably easier said than done.

    With Inafune out of the picture, the franchise is in desperate need of new leadership -- a passionate individual who will oversee what path Mega Man takes from here on out. New blood, so to speak. The good news is, Capcom is bustling with Mega Man fans who are just as, if not more passionate about the blue boy than Inafune. It may take some time, but I'm confident the franchise will fall into good hands.

    For all we know, the seeds of the future have already been planted.

    Source: Joystiq

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Japan Isn't Very Fond of Battle Chip Challenge

    What's the most worthless video game in Japan? Jeremy Parish and his 1UP crew wandered the streets of Akihabara to find out. Parish's journey would lead them to "Friends", a small but popular retro game shop at the edge of Chuou-dori. Shimmering midst a sea games, a sight that could only be described as a mass grave...

    Mega Man: Battle Chip Challenge.

    "We've seen cheaper games than 30 yen (about 40 cents) apiece, but never quite so many at one time," writes Parish. "The sheer numbers of unwanted carts in this basket -- about 90% a single title by volume -- means that you could buy this entire collection for about 10-12 bucks and... I don't know. Use them as tiny bricks in your toilet basin to reduce your water bill?"

    The dominate unloved game in question is none other than Battle Chip Challenge, better known as Rockman EXE Battle Chip GP in Japan. Released in the summer of 2003, the title offered a bit of a tactical twist on the standard Battle Network formula. It's not a bad game per se, but it's very existence was relegated "filler" before the release of Battle Network 4, the most successful title in the series' history. To say BCC was quick cash grab is an understatement.

    "But don't be sad, Mega Man fans. Battle Chip Challenge has a long way to go before it's regarded as a legendary kusoge (crap game) on the level of Moero! Pro Yakyuu (aka Bases Loaded). It would be tough to take a bath in this relatively small collection of carts."

    Source: 1UP 

    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    Mega Man Dual Pack Now Available

    Hopped on over to GameStop today, and sure enough, Dual Pack was in stock. As anticipated, it's nothing fancy -- just a simple bundling of Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X for $14.99. Here's what it looks like, for those curious:

    Content-wise, it pales in comparison to the Japanese Value Pack; no bonus soundtrack here. Nevertheless, Dual Pack succeeds in being an ideal purchase for PSP owners on a budget, or if you haven't had the chance to play these two amazing games. Unless you're a hardcore compeltionist, the bundle is not recommended if you already happen to own both games.

    Before heading out to your local retailer, it's a wise idea to call ahead and make sure the game's in stock. Dual Pack literally shipped yesterday, and may not necessarily be on shelves. If all else fails, it's ready to ship online.

    As far as I'm aware, the bundle is exclusive to GameStop and EB Games. Still, it couldn't hurt to scope this one out elsewhere.

    This Mega Buster Is Stitched With Love

    Capcom's official Mega Buster plush may be coming out this Winter, but one fan was already ahead of the game. Rockman Corner reader Kelsey crafted a plush arm cannon of her own as a gift for her boyfriend. If that wasn't cool enough, Keiji Inafune actually blessed the buster at New York Comicon 2010:

    Who needs GE Animation's Buster when you could have one stitched with love by your significant other? Very touching.

    I find it very interesting that some of the more popular fan-made products are becoming official goods. Those stitched Mega Man caps? They're licensed now. Garage kits of Rockman, Blues, and Roll? Kotobukiya's got those rights in the bag. It seems Capcom is on the lookout at what's hot when it comes to homebrewed Mega Man paraphernalia.

    Quickly, now, someone build an Eddie trashcan. I want one of those!

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Plush Mega Buster And Other Goods Coming This Winter

    MORE Mega Man merchandise! Good gravy, GE Animation are on a roll here. The folks behind a number of official blue bomber paraphernalia are at it again, gearing up to release a slew of new goodies by year's end. And no, we're not talking about November's loot, but December's. Is there no end to the madness?

    Most of the new items are inexplicable themed after Mega Man X6, but there's a few neat classic series products of interest such as a plush Mega Buster(pictured), and a helmet cap.  All merch. listed below are due out by December 30th, 2011:
    Hands-down, the plush Buster is the coolest of the lot. I think it's safe to assume it's a sleeve of sorts; shove your hand inside, and you've got yourself a rockin' Buster. Coupled with that helmet cap, and you'll be ready to fight for ever lasting peace!

    GE Animation Mega Man products are typically sold at Hot Topic and other major pop-culture chains across North America. You can't order these trinkets directly from AAA Distribution, mind you. AAA  is merely a liaison for retailers. You can, however, request an item to be sold at a store near you.

    2011 is undeniably the year of merchandise. Mega Man video games? What are those?

    Inafune's Failed Attempt To Finish Legends 3 At Comcept

    Giving in to peer pressure, I've decided to post this story. As a wise man once said, "There are no old video game stories, just stories people have forgotten, or never read to begin with."

    Keiji Inafune's interview with took place back in November, in which he discussed his desire to continue development of Mega Man Legends 3 at his new company, Comcept, in cooperation with Capcom. Given Legends 3's ultimate fate since, the interview is just as relevant as ever:

    4G: So if you want to save Capcom, you can continue working on that even after leaving. It seems like there are a lot of people like that.
    Inafune: So, I told them that I was going to found my own independent company and leave Capcom. However, I stated that I was ready to make a contract with them so that I could keep working on those projects that I started. I couldn’t start making contracts with other publishers for sure if Capcom agreed to the proposition, but I wanted to see those projects that I started to completion. But it couldn’t be done. They answered, ‘We have no need to do that.’"

    "[I went to the trouble of]…Finding the right time, gathering the team members, planning strategies, all so we could barely start on Mega Man Legends 3. I really don’t want to quit at this crucial moment…but I can’t keep going at Capcom. I am too tired to keep going. I wanted to leave Capcom to recharge my energy, and support Capcom from there, but it seems they don’t allow it. I want to make all my effort to keep Legends 3 alive, but I’m really not sure I can do it."

    Simply put, Keiji Inafune was so devoted to the project that he was willing to develop it outside of Capcom, picking up the reins at his company. Infaune was willing to gather the staff and resources needed to complete Legends 3... but Capcom simply wouldn't budge. Eight months later, Legends 3 was cancelled.

    Had Capcom allowed Inafune to develop the title at Comcept, perhaps things would have ended up differently.

    I'd like to thank everyone who passed this my way; your patience was appreciated!

    Do You Hear the Fanbase Sing? A Musical Ode To Mega Man Legends 3

    The inevitable sequel to Dashe's Waiting For Legends 3 Musical Tribute has arrived! Eleven months later, the fans singing an entirely different tune....

    Lyrics in video description here

    Dashe writes "The long-anticipated sequel to my favorite video game in the world was abruptly canceled, so I did what all normal people do in that situation and animated a choir spoofing a smash from one of Broadway's most beloved shows of all time."

    A lot of hard work went into this, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Oh yeah, the dude on the far right at 1:04? That's me. 

    Great work, everyone.

    Shield Your Eyes With The Met Sleeping Mask

    Sleep masks are a wonderful invention -- they block out light so you can sleep longer. The downside here is they don't necessarily look good on you. Fortunately, there's a solution. A Mega Man solution!

    Ditch those bland old sleeping masks, because it's time to shield your peepers the Mega Man way. Etsy user Milk And Juice brings us this homemade Met-themed sleeping masking, an imaginative product ideal for fans who like to sleep in total darkness. You're practically *becoming* a Met when you wear this!

    The mask will run you $20. It's made from silk and satin, so it's entirely washable. Good news, too, because you can totally share it with friends and family without having to worry about conjunctivitis.

    A little pricey, but bear in mind it's entirely by handmade. Interested? Hop on over to Milk and Juice's shop and grab yours.

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Exploiting Mega Man 8's Mega Ball

    Who doesn't love the Mega Ball? This is a weapon you can literally punt into enemies -- death by (practically) a kick ball. Humiliating. WMD capabilities aside, the Mega Ball can also be used to reach hard-to-reach areas. When timed properly, you can pretty much exploit the trick into ascending to staggering heights, and even cruise through stages without touching the ground! Keiji Dragon shows off these feats and more in his video compilation, "I Totally Like the Mega Ball."

    You know that Bolt in Clown Man's Stage? This one? Yeah, it took me ten years to figure out you can ball hop to it. My mind was blown. Rush Cycle? What Rush Cycle?

    Thanks for shooting this one in my direction, Keiji Dragon!

    Dr. Wily's Revenge Blasts Onto eShop

    After having heard musings of it coming months ago, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge has finally arrived on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. And not just in Europe territories, but in North America as well. The Game Boy classic will run you $3.99 (£3.60).

    Wily's Revenge may not be the best of the Game Boy sub-series (that honor goes to V), but it does boast a nice, bite-sized Mega Man experience. Also Enker.

    With Wily's Revenge under our belt, we can look forward to the next 3DS Virtual Console release. What could it be? Well, there's a lot of possibilities from Mega Man II, to the early-late 2000 Game Boy Advance outings (Battle Network, Zero, etc.). Anything in particular you'd like to see down the line?

    Thanks for the tip, Kagu

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    D-Arts Full Armor X Coming To US Next Month

    Seems with Zero on his way out the door, Bandai is looking to the next D-Arts release in America: Full Armor X. I've received word from Adam Newman of Bandai that the figure is indeed headed stateside, due for release in October.

    Pre-orders should show up soon, closer towards the end of the month. Yes, Full Armor X is releasing this month in Japan, but the localized version offers a more accessible venue to obtain it within North America. No need to worry about those nasty import fees!

    Full Armor X is an entirely new figure, and not just a set of replacement parts. All joints are interchangeable with the original D-Arts X, in case you want that incomplete armor look. Parts/joints can even be exchanged with the Zero for even stranger results. Of course, Full Armor X comes with his own accessories: two hand parts, shot effects and charge blast effects.

    Color me excited!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Rockman Dot Straps Volume 3 Revealed

    Capcom and Creative Union are teaming up once again with the arrival of all new Rockman Dot straps. A new batch of the popular sprite themed charms were revealed some hours ago at Rakuten.

    Volume 3 will once again play host to ten charms, the focus this time being on the cast of Rockman 2. Metal Man, Air Man, Heat Man... the gang's all here. A lone Rockman sprite fleshes out the batch, depicting the blue bomber in agonizing pain (guess they're running out of Rockman frames to immortalize in rubber). The identity of a tenth charm is currently shrouded in mystery...

    The new lot of straps are due out in January, 2012, priced at 4,000 Yen ($52.00) for a full set. You can usually find them sold individually at a cheaper price, but it's random. You never know which character you're going to get.

    Credit: The Mega Man Network (thanks, Heidi!)

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Now You, Too, Can Own A Servbot Army (For A Price)

    Why hunt down each individual elusive Servbot figure when you can snag 'em all in one fell swoop? All 40 Servbots in Capcom's Limited Edition three-inch Kobun line are up for bidding on Yahoo! Auctions Japan -- in a spiffy box set, no less.

    You're look at a one of a kind collection here. These guys are incredibly hard to find on an individual basis, but this? This is like discovering The Mother Load!

    Inside the box, you'll find figures based off of the entire Kobun family, each equipped with their own unique accessory and facial expression synonymous to their in-game personalities. A promotional box set housing all 40 was long rumored to exist, but because no one ever saw the thing, it fell into obscurity. Well, here it is.

    Such an awesome item won't be cheap, I'm afraid. The seller has begun the bidding at, wait for it, 500,00 Yen -- roughly $6,500 USD. To be perfectly honest, I'd say that's a fair price tag. So few three-inchers exist and this set, itself, is legendary. You'll never see this again.

    If you wish to bid, you'll have to do so via proxy; a middleman service that's willing to bid on Japanese auctions on your behalf such as Rinkya. Best of luck to the winner -- it'd be a darn shame if this baby didn't sell.

    Thanks to CapKobun for bringing this to my attention!

    Slim Chance Prototype Version Will Ever Release

    Chris Hoffman's tell-all Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version Q&A brought forth some amazing details. For in Hoffman's quest to shine light on the ill-fated game, a deeper revelation dawned: Prototype Version was complete. The "prologue" boasted over three hours of high quality content -- environments to explore, intractable NPCs, and ten playable missions. For all intents and purposes, this puppy was ready for launch. 

    With the cat out of the bag, fans quickly took to the Ask Capcom forums demanding the release of the finished Prototype. A few short hours ago, Capcom's Christian Svensson stepped in to comment:
    "Sorry guys, but I'd bet the chances of the prototype ever materializing are extremely slim. As always, I do appreciate the passion and desire though."

    ... and fans continue to exist in torment as Capcom continues to withhold knowledge and reasoning behind this decision.

    The only official reasoning behind Prototype's failure to launch is supposedly due to the game failing to meet certain (and unspecified) criteria -- criteria speculated to be the game's quality, or lack thereof. Hoffman's recollection of Prototype, however, quickly disproved these assumptions: the game was generally bug free, polished, and pretty darn fun.

    Nearly two months since that fateful night, we're still trying to fathom the what and why.

    If your passion for Legends 3 is strong, and you'd like to bet against Sven, head on down to Ask Capcom. Please represent our community respectfully. I understand you're pretty flustered, but if you intend to support Mega Man Legends 3 in any way, do so appropriately and with class.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    UDON Eyeing Rockman Maniax?

    When it comes to Hitoshi Ariga Mega Man manga, there's no better friend than UDON Entertainment. UDON has fulfilled a near fifteen year-long dream; consecutively translating and distributing Ariga's work to fans outside of Japan; namely, Megamix and Gigamix. They've established an amazing track record, so it's only natural to wonder what comes next: Hitoshi Ariga's Rockman Maniax.

    Released in Japan on July 11, Maniax contains a whopping 420 pages worth of content: all of the Rockman Maniax stories (including the previously unreleased "episode 0"), oodles of 4-panel comics and misc. short stories, The original “Destruction Order” story, Rockman X Megamissions, and oh so much more.

    Is Maniax next on UDON's burner? I recently contacted our good pal Matt Moylan (UDON's managing editor) for comment, to which I was given a tinsy-winsy tease: No official comments right now but… seems like a good idea doesn’t it? ;) dun Dun DUNNNNN!

    Seems like a good idea, indeed. As a big Ariga fan myself, I would no doubt love to have Maniax join my library. Question is, is Maniax something you'd like to see in English? Sound off in the comments...

    Thursday, September 8, 2011

    Your Legends 3: Prototype Version Questions Answered

    Nintendo Power's Chris Hoffman has returned with answers to your Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version questions. Hoffman reveals quite a few new details about the game, helping to paint a better picture what Prototype might have been like. You can read Hoffman's detailed report at GamesRadar. For completion's sake, I've provided a summary of the report below. Read at your own discretion; the details are rage worthy!

    Controls: Prototype Version provided three control schemes to choose from. "The default control setup allowed you to move with the Circle Pad, adjust the camera with the Control Pad, and shoot with the R Button. As for the face buttons, A = melee attack, B = jump, X = special weapon, and Y = dash. However, if you preferred things the old-fashioned way, you can choose control setups that were more similar to Mega Man Legends or Mega Man Legends 2, including the option to rotate the camera with L and R."

    Playable Characters: Barrett was the only playable character in Prototype Version.

    Introductory Mission: Teomo City is under siege by a barrage of Reaverbots. Players are tasked with evacuating the island and eradicating the Reaverbot threat. The following missions "were all told as flashbacks, and the last mission brought things full circle and added some context for that Reaverbot attack."

    Barrett/Barrel Caskett Connection: Hoffman confirms the presence of a mysterious connection between Barrett and Barrel, a plot point previously hinted by Capcom. Specifics were not divulged.

    Most interesting Part of the Game (Opinion): Hoffman was intrigued by Barrett's character and the tension between Aero and her father, police chief of Teomo City. Further, he got a kick out of the name of the rival biker gang, "The Roast Beefs."

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Mega Man 9 Remix Album Now Available

    The two year wait is over. Overclocked Remix has just released the long awaited Mega Man 9 remix album Back in Blue, which you can download entirely for free! Having listened to the OST in full, I can safely say there's something in there for everyone. From rock to electronica, no stone is left unturned. Back in Blue is just oozing with talent, comprised of some of OCR's best. You'd be a fool to not give it a listen!

    And now, a few words from the album's director, k-wix (Dustin Kulwicki):

    "The goal of the Back in Blue project was to remix the Mega Man 9 soundtrack in a variety of styles and pay tribute to one of the greatest platforming series of all time," said album director Kulwicki, whose efforts have resulted in an album full of funk, rock, electronic, dance, spaghetti western, acoustic and fusion interpretations of the game's original music. "I am proud with not only the completion of this project, but the quality of the artists that shines through in every single track."

    The journey to completion was not without a fair share of pitfalls. Back in Blue was met with a slew of nasty delays, but the team managed to persevere and pumped out an amazing product. Exceptional work. Download it now!

    Thanks for the tip, Trip!

    Rockman Online Development Continues

    Aside from the occasional storyline-based updates, it's been awfully quiet on the Rockman Online front. Seriously: our last bit of actual news dates all the way back to November 2010! With two major game cancellations under our belt, people are naturally beginning to worry about RMO's future. Fortunately there's no need to fret; Rockman Online is alive and well.

    Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san has been running a series of reports focusing entirely on the game's development, chronicling his time spent with RMO developer Neowiz. The reports indicate a steady development, with today's post in particular briefly mentioning the game entering the final stages of production. Neowiz remain devoted to producing a high-quality product, all the while having some fun in the process (above).

    No new information about the game itself was disclosed; however, Neowiz assures Rockman Unity that the game has been "powered-up" since its last appearance at G-Star 2010. According to the game's producer, Rockman Online has seen major improvements in terms of story depth and the inclusion ofa slew of new gameplay features... features that will be revealed at a later date.

    And now, the ultimate question: is Rockman Online still exclusive to Korea? Yes. Rockman Unity reports the game continues to remain exclusive to regions throughout Asia -- a Japanese release, however, is being considered. No mention of an English release, I'm afraid. Still, if this is something you'd like to see in your region, I suggest making a request directly to Capcom.

    Good to see at least one game is coming along... even if most of us don't necessarily get to play it.

    PSA: Mega Man Trade Paperback On Sale Today

    Need to play catch up with Archie's Mega Man in a hurry? Then grab your Zenny and head down to your local comic book store -- the first trade paperback goes on sale today!

    "MEGA MAN - VOLUME ONE "LET THE GAMES BEGIN." MEGA MAN is the hit new action-adventure series from Archie Comics! Dr. Light wanted to build a better tomorrow with his new Robot Masters, but the evil Dr. Wily reprogrammed them to take over the world! Now it's up to one little robot to save us all - MEGA MAN! Don't miss the first heroic adventures of Rock, a simple helper robot who takes up the fight for the greater good! This volume contains Rock's transformation into Mega Man, his first battles with the famous Robot Masters, and his titanic clash with Dr. Wily! MEGA MAN VOL. 1 collects MEGA MAN #1-4 plus variant covers, exclusive sketches and special features!"

    Trade paperbacks are not only an excellent method to catch up on a serial quickly, but they also provide fans outside the U.S a chance to get in on the action. For those folks, you'll find a number of online outlets ready and willing to ship the book to your location. As of this writing, some of the bigger, more popular online retailers have yet to stock/ship the book. I assume their respective supplies are forthcoming, so do try to stay patient. Twiddle your thumbs in the meantime!

    It's needless to say, but this isn't the last TBP from Archie. Volume Two is already on the burner, scheduled for release in March 2012. The second omnibus will chronicle the Time Keeps Slipping story arc in its entirety (issues 5-8) with additional goodies anticipated.

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Mega Man Immortalized In Pencils

    We've seen plenty of Mega Man-themed artwork drawn with pencils, but how about Mega Man art made out of pencils? Melbourne-based artist Ghostpatrol did just that; carving and illustrating the image of the Blue Bomber into the surface of a series of pencils. The end result is pretty rad (pictured).

    Ghostpatrol literally excavated Mega Man from the wood of the pencils. Arranged side-by-side, the pencils' surface were shaved away into a flat plain, creating a canvas. The final image is achieved through a mixture of drawing on and continuous carving the surface. Needless to say, that's some mighty fine craftsmanship there.

    A whole gallery's worth of Ghostpatrol's pencil art can be seen here. There's a little something in there for everyone, so do give it a clean sweep!

    Source: Albotas

    Guys and Gals of Rockman Adorn Capcom 2012 Calendar

    Capcom's rolling out a pair of new 2012 calendars this month -- Girls 2012 and Heroes 2012. As one might expect, a slew of Rockman characters are set to appear in both calendars. Here are a few noteworthy samples courtesy of Rockman Unity:

    Can you spot (and name) all those familiar faces? I, personally, am glad to see DASH 3's Aero thrown into the mix (left image), and that new official art of Sigma is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Is that a stogie? You better believe it is. Stay classy, Sigma.

    Fortunately, if you're living overseas, it won't be too difficult to obtain the calendars. Pre-orders are available at number of online import retailers from Hobby Search to Hobby Link Japan. It's only a matter of looking around and finding an outlet that best suits your budget.

    Source: Rockman Unity

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    We Are Rock-Men! Samples Surface

    For your listening pleasure, E-Capcom has posted four sample tracks from the Rock-Men sound unit's latest album, "We Are Rock-Men!" The four previews consist of newly arranged versions of Armored Armadillo's stage (Mega Man X), Mega Man 3's end credits, Dark Man's stage (Mega Man 5), and Flash Man's stage (Mega Man 2).

    Additionally, E-Capcom has revealed the titles of album's seventeen tracks, viewable here. Majority of the disc covers tunes from the classic series, but you'll also find some pieces from the X series as well. Surprisingly, there's a Rockman DASH tune in there too; Flutter vs. Gesellschaft. No sample for that one, I'm afraid, but based on what we've heard so far, you can count on a lovely arrangement.

    We Are Rock-Men is due on September 21 in Japan, pirced at 21,00 Yen (roughly $27.29). Unlikelky the album will come stateside, so keep an eye out on for the inevitable rip to appear on YouTube.

    Thanks for the tip, Jimb0!

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Rockman 4 Coming To US PlayStation Store This Week

    Joining the ever-growing library of PlayStation Network PSone Imports is none other than the Complete Works version of Rockman 4. The official PlayStation blog reports the game will launch on Tuesday, September 6 in North America. Product summary below:

    "For a year the city has been quiet, but a new robotic terror has gripped the city. That scheming scientist Dr. Cossack has arrived in town with eight new metal maniacs who are bigger and badder than anything Dr. Wily ever dreamed of. 

    It’s going to be a cybernetic showdown as the streets of the city erupt with the sizzling sounds of molten metal! Armed with the new Mega Buster, Mega Man runs, jumps and dodges his way through mazes of metallic munchkins on his way to the Siberian citadel of Dr. Cossack for the findl cataclysmic clash!"

    As usual, the game will remain in its native Japanese language. That shouldn't be too much a problem gameplay wise, but navigating those in-game menus may prove difficult for some. For those folks, I recommend checking out Rockman Perfect Memories' Mode Select Guide. Great source to get you to your destination in a jiffy!

    Rockman 4 is expected to retail for $5.99. If I'm not mistaken, PlayStation Plus members can snag the game at a bit of a discount, although those details were not disclosed.

    Credit: The Mega Man Network

    Friday, September 2, 2011

    Mega Man Dual Pack Seeing Slight Delay

    There's been a minor change in plans concerning the release date of Mega Man Dual Pack, a budget bundling of Mega Man Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X. Originally due for an early September release, GameStop has revised the product's launch to September 16.

    No reason for the delay was divulged. However, it is the hopes of some fans the delay will provide Capcom extra time to include a bonus soundtrack, a goodie that can be found in Dual Pack's Japanese counterpart, the Rockman Rockman/Irregular Hunter X Value Pack. Pure speculation, I'm afraid.

    According to my go-to GameStop correspondent Johnathan, there's been no change in the SKU itself. Two UMDs inside, that's it. John is under the impression Capcom is merely using the extra time to ramp up stock to meet "an unexpected demand." It would seem Dual Pack is exceeding sales projections... certainly good news.

    If you've yet to play Powered Up or Maverick Hunter X, you can't go wrong with picking up Dual Pack. Pre-orders are available now.

    Get Equipped With Icing

    As one might recall, we caught wind of an amazing piece of artwork back in January -- a cake formed in the visage of the Blue Bomber. Not only did it look delicious, it was also just downright awesome in itself. PRC reader Adam just so happened to order the cake over the summer, reluctantly devouring it... but not before taking a few photos, as seen below.

    Adam writes, "We asked for it to be made for my friends home coming from a summer away. It was fluffy on the inside and the blaster was yummy rice crispy treat. We did in fact stop and marvel at it for hours and considered freezing it. Reluctantly it was cut the next day. Anyhow the cake whisperer can not come any highly recommended than this cake. We also indulged in that NES cake."

    You can order the cake directly from the talented Cathy Campabel, aka The Cake Whisperer. Visit her site here to order! I'm highly considering having this rushed to my place for my b-day next week...