Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MegaMan 9 Sells 140,000, Makes Capcom a Million Dollars Richer

According to VGChartz, MM9 was downloaded a total of 140,000 times in its first week, (North America) deeming it WiiWare's biggest debut title.

"The main story for this week is Mega Man 9, which had by far the biggest debut on WiiWare to date, and in one week is already third in lifetime sales (behind My Pokemon Ranch and Defend Your Castle) and in lifetime revenue (behind My Pokemon Ranch and FFCC: My Life As a King). It's sales are likely to be very front-loaded, but it should still stay in first place for several weeks."

(Also notable is the fact it grossed $1,400,000!)

This is just fantastic news! The best part is, these numbers only apply to the North American Wii version. Can you imagine the worldwide totals on all three consoles?

I think it's safe to assume MM9 has paved the way for a possible MM10 and god knows what else.


  1. worldwide, except for the UK which apparently doesn't care about it based on their numbers.

  2. let's try to get X9 before MM10! Spread the love across all the series!

  3. this is huge news, we need more classic MM, 11 years was too long

  4. Mega Man Legends Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee plz.

  5. This is a wonderful day indeed... Mega Man's future is looking very bright. :) We definitely need more Mega Man Classic; as jmanx24 said, 11 years was far too long. But X9 and Legends 3 would be awesome to see as well!

  6. No, no Mega Man 10

    Inafune has his millions, now he needs to get to work on Legends 3 or eat his own words.

  7. screw X9, we need a Legends 3!

  8. Rockman Dash 3,
    The Misadventures of Tron Bonne 2,
    Rockman X9 with Snes grapix,

    you choose capcom

  9. Imagine how much more they would've made if they actually sold it in the stores... probably much more. Hopefully this does mean a possible MM10, or maybe even X9 or Legends 3.

  10. I get the feeling of a lot of happiness over at Capcom.

  11. "Imagine how much more they would've made if they actually sold it in the stores... probably much more."

    They would have made much less, actually.

    Being a cheap downloadable niche retro title has paved the way for accessibility and affordability to the title.

    You take away everything except the "niche retro title" part of it and sell it as a full priced game in stores and it would have been dead in the water just like other failed retail Mega Man games.

    Fans needn't forget, MM9 isn't doing well soley on the fact that it's a good game, it's a combination of factors.

  12. Now maby Inafune will get that cash "bonus" he needed to make MegaMan Legens 3, How much was it he said he needed? It was a pretty high number if I can remember right..

  13. X9 with X4-6 graphics plox

    or Megaman & Bass 2 (did anyone else find it odd that Bass was like, completely absent from MM9?)


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