Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shooting Star Rockman 3 Box Arts, Preorder Items and Special Book

Wow. These box arts look good. Really good. (Bigger screens here and here)

I'm very impressed with the new look and feel of the Shooting Star series, but it still doesn't hold a candle to the EXE series.

Moving along...

According to Game Watch, those who pre order SSR3 (either version) will receive one of three special promotional at select stores. Toys R Us will carry a special pouch, presumable a DS carrying case. Apita Chain Stores (?) will giveaway a digital wall clock, and Jusco/Super Center stores will carry a leather Satellite Police case. Neato.

Releasing November 13th for 500 Yen is the Shooting Star Rockman 3 Data Book. The book doubles as a strategy guide and a special database for the in game Satellite Server. Based on my computer translation, it sounds like the book will offer special codes to receive bonus Cards in game.


  1. Okay, I totally agree, those box arts are quite awesome. *makes me wish I could preorder them to get some of the goodies as well; personally likes the DS case the best*

  2. Who knows? Maybe RnR3 will help the series back on its feet.

  3. Very nice box arts, can't wait for this one. I've enjoyed the SSR series, and I have a feeling I'll have a blast with SSR3.

    Now I wonder if these preorder bonuses will be available here in the US as well.

  4. I wonder about the USA versions of the game, specially when Capcom scraps the title. :( One more time as "Mega Man StarForce", still pushing the 1st story label?

  5. These box arts are indeed neat. While I agree that the new feel looks good, I also agree that it does not hold a candle to EXE. ;)

  6. The new buster looks neat. I never liked it that Warrock spit out buster shots. :P

    Overall, pretty neat, but it would be better if this were the first one. The first two left a bad taste in my mouth. EXE was better. The new design is cooler, but still... I dunno... not as good.

  7. The title is really sharpening up. my hope is for a more mature story line in previous titles, because those box arts might attract more adults then the privious

  8. carry case looks sexy

  9. DO want.
    Did you see that picture on the right side when clicking the guide picture, you'll see a foreshadow protoman behind Subaru's sword.


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