Tuesday, January 20, 2009

X and Friends Shake Their Groove Thing

Here's a fan made take on Rockman X and friends doing the "NewS CM dance"--a popular video meme over at Nico Nico Douga. Check out the second video for the original dance in all its girly-man glory. (For fun, play both at the same time and be amazed)


  1. "This video has been removed by the user"...

  2. XD X, Zero, Axl, and the others are dancing in groove style!


  3. Awesome.. Strange that they are all guys and those anime drawing are guys and gals. Interesting. :)

  4. They should've give the characters a jacket or something xD.

  5. Though the dance was a bit strange, the music was somehow really fun. Didn't sound like Japanese music usually sounds. The animation was cooler than the real thing, I thought, and showed a great amount of talent!

    XD Gosh, I've been watching too much Japanese stuff. I recognized a lot of the words. @_@

  6. The Japanese culture is very interesting...

    Neat animation.

  7. The original video was pretty awesome - speaking only English has isolated me from a majority of the awesome music and dacing of Japanese culture. >_<..

    As for the X-animation - WOW. That's some pretty sick animating as-is, and the fact that it matches up with the original almost perfectly is astounding as well. 5ed and faved for both videos! Such a catchy, cute, and fun little tune. ^_^

    Thanks for posting these, they're awesome!


  8. Every time I come here I play the video again. XD The music is addictive.


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