Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rockman Strategy and Rockman IQ Challenge Up For Trade

Rockmaniac of Rockman Perfect Memories, is looking to trade his copies of the highly sought after Rockman Strategy, as well as the ultra-rare children's game Rockman IQ Challenge, for boxed MMX PC Games. The details courtesy of Rockmaniac himself:

Rockman Strategy (Jewel Case + Manual) Taiwanese version-never seen on Ebay, very rare, as well as the children's learning Mega Man Rarity - Rockman IQ Challenge (Jewel Case).

Rockman Strategy condition: Discs are in VG to EX condition - no visible scratches, but some fingerprints - that could probably be easily cleaned - Manual has no writing - and only shelf wear, it's been sitting on my shelf - looked at once, maybe twice by me. I'd say it's in Very Good condition - won't go to EX due to the shelf wear - that's esp visible on the back of the Manual.

IQ Challenge condition: Jewel Case and Manual are both in Excellent condition - Disc however has scratches - on my computer they don't effect game play - but it will not install the very old unneeded Direct X5 from the disc, but then again who doesn't use at least Direct X8 nowadays... the game itself however installs flawlessly on my computer.

-Boxed MegaMan X PC games (particularly X1 w/controller)
-Empty boxes of MMX PC games (as a Worst case scenario)
-Taiwanese exclusive Rockman PC games (full list here)
-Complete Wily Wars (box, manual, etc.)
-Complete PAL MegaMan IV (GameBoy)
-Rockman soundtracks boxes (1~6 or X1~X6)
-Complete PAL MegaMan & Bass
-Anything not on this list

If you have nothing to trade and are still very interested in owning the games:

$65 Paypal for Rockman Strategy - or a bit cheaper by getting me something from my list, that I myself cannot buy. $50 Paypal for Rockman IQ Challenge - or a bit cheaper by getting me something from my list, that I myself cannot buy."

Not a bad deal! If you're interested in the offer, contact Rockmaniac's himself at: emfanno1(AT)hotmail(DOTCOM)


  1. ARGH! I had the old DOS version of Megaman X (it's still installed on my computer), but I lost both the box and the CD itself! Same deal with X5 for PC. Ah, well. I never had a controller, anyway. Still... 65 bucks for Rockman Strategy... might be worth it...

  2. @TTE and anyone else - it's still up for grabs - but as I stated - you can save afewdineros by helping me get a game from Amazon / - email me or MSN me at emfanno1(at)hotmail(dot)com or -
    aim: jooeyman

    Rockman IQ Challenge is most likely sold though. Will get back on that.

  3. ugh My MMX box got damaged a while back D: I still have the cd for it.. I'm pretty sure I do anyway.


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