Sunday, January 25, 2009

Capcom Talks Future Dowloadable Titles In 2009

With the success of MegaMan 9, one cannot deny the possibility of Capcom using the digital distribution method for future games in the series. That said, Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business, release spoke about the company's upcoming 2009 digital titles:

“I’m not so sure we’re going to have a digital day this year. While we have a number of digital titles on the slate, their timing and our learnings about announcement timing means that we’ll introduce them within the normal course of business (maybe at events like E3 or Captivate, maybe all on their own via Unity… we’ll see how the timings work out).”

It appears that Capcom is looking to announce future DL titles in a more conventional matter, so if future DL MegaMan games come to be, we'll hear about it from the pages of game magazines or industry events. Nifty.

News Credit: NintendoEverything


  1. Why downloadable ? No! No!!!! I want an actually DISC to own. A downloadable is good but I hate it because if you delete it then you have to repay to redownload. I dont like it, man!

  2. I agree with Anonymous there.... downloadable shouldn't be the ONLY form of the game. Are discs obsolete now or something? Even after all of the "extras" they gave for MM9, at least give us a disc for our collections... not just the promo.

  3. I agree my fellow anon.

    game in a Disc > downloadable game

  4. I agree too, hopefully someday, Capcom will be able to put some of their downloadable games on one disk for people who want to own the game in physical form.

    And besides someday PSN, XBLA, and Wiiware service for the current gen consoles will close down for the newer version of the services for the next gen systems.

  5. Physical > digital in this case.

    Nutsy Capcom. Who's in charge there?


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