Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is This What's On the "MMX Demo Cartridge?"

Do you recall those auctions we've been following? You know, those odd MegaMan X "demo cartridges?" As fate would have it, the winner of the first auction has contacted me regarding its contents. Based on the provided information, the cartridge definitely seems to be some sort of test version of the game:

According to "Matt," the cartridge contains an abundant amount of glitches particularly the inability to die by inflicted damage: X's health never decreases nor increases however, you can still die by falling into a pit or coming in contact with spikes. Further oddities include fewer enemies, no Armor Capsules, Heart Tanks or Sub Tanks.

Pictured is a tiny screen grab of the game. From the looks of it, it definitely appears to be some sort of early build. Notice anything different with the lamp post? I sure do.

Matt promises to do a follow up, hoping to get some video footage and even ripping the ROM image for distribution. Stay tuned.


  1. OMFG. Does it include the white city background?!?!?! DOES IT!?!?

    I would love to get a ROM of this!

  2. He didn't say, I should definetly check up on that.

  3. Awesome. Please ripping the ROM image for distribution for us. :)

  4. Wow, this is pretty cool.

    I dare say that I like that streetlamp better, but it is awfully fuzzy so maybe I'll change my mind. XD

  5. The image isn't full, so it can be barely judged. :)

  6. Don't get excited guys. I bought the second one that went on sale.

    Two possibilities:

    1) We're all being duped by matt
    2) I was duped by the guy who sold them.

    The one I have is simply the original Mega Man X with a different label. see pic.

    Protodude Ill send you a video later proving that at least my copy is the same thing we've known and loved.

    I mean why would there be a pre-final build in an american cart? Weren't these games made in Japan?

  7. Another possibility: there are two different copies floating... ;)

  8. The image looks like a rotated version of the one seen in this picture (top-left one):

  9. goldS wins.

    I'm not making that video anymore. That image is proof enough.

  10. Nice to see that image again. I tore that thing out and laminated it back when that issue of GamePro was new- nice to see it again. Unfortunately I don't have it now (housefire destroyed it).

    Looks like we're being lied to. Still, to get a ROM of that would be nice...... I'd love to see the white city for myself.


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