Friday, January 2, 2009

Capcom Wanted a 3D MegaMan 9

Here's a little snippet you might have missed during the Takeshita interview: Apparently, Capcom management was not too keen on the idea of an 8 bit MegaMan 9, instead they suggested creating the game in 3D:

1UP: Was this game a hard sell for Capcom's decision makers? Did anyone express concerns over how the game would be received?

HT: Management was supportive of the e-distribution idea but not of NES-style graphics. We heard lots of negative responses; they thought it would be better to make it 3D and that the 8-bit style would only appeal to the Mega Man fans, which would limit the sales potential. But we disagreed with this opinion. By sticking to this unique style, we believed that we could attract both Mega Man graduates and NES fans. We had different views, but eventually, management appreciated our spirit and desire to revive the 8-bit style.

Now I'm curious: 3D as in Legends? Or pseudo 3D as in X7/X8/MHX/MMPU?

News Credit: Anon


  1. I don't think X7 was pseudo-3D...well, in some parts it was, and in other parts, it was full-fledged along the Legends style.

  2. No I think 2D on a 3D plane. I heard previously that it was supposed to be above Megaman 8's graphics, but I assumed it was going to still be a side-scroller and not a 3D universe a la Legends.

  3. Well, poo. I would've rather had 3D. Here's hoping the next one is.

  4. 3D as in games that make money. I don't think that managers had any thoughts on game design.

  5. Maybe it would've sucked less if it was in 3D. It being 8bit was an embarrassment.

  6. No one would've accused Capcom of laziness if they'd gone 3D. >.>

    At least the 8-bit look was able to make MM9 distinct, after the fan raging died down.

  7. Whoops, I'm so dreadfully sorry. I read that last comment wrong. I thought it said they WOULD have accused them of being lazy. :D

    Protodude, mind deleting that comment? >_>

  8. trainwreck avoided, thank god. let's hope they learned their lesson.

  9. It's the typical job of a "suit" (upper level management who calls the shots), to do things like this: call into question pretty much anything, because of course, they're interested in trying to attain profits.

    Thankfully, they didn't win out here. RM9 would NOT have been the same, if it was done in PU's style, or anything else, for that matter.

  10. MM9 got great review scores, was received well by the fans and even by the press. Everyone praised Capcom for having the guts to go back to NES style in this day of 3D remakes and succeeding. It was the highest selling Wiiware title since.

    I'd hardly call that an embarrassment Junkman, rather a big success.

    I'm glad Inti stuck with their 8bit idea, after tons of mediocre and bad review scores, MM9 had to be a hit with the press to keep any form of credibility outside of the hardcore fanbase. MM9 put Megaman back on the map outside of the hardcore fans.

    If they make MM10 8bit as well Capcom will be blamed for milking the cash cow, if they make it 3D or 16bit, they'll be blamed for not making it 8bit. Which is why I believe making MM10 now would be a mistake, they should wait a few years and make a 16bit MMX9 instead.
    The X series has already lost any credibility because of the terrible X6 and X7. A 16bit MMX9 could put the X series back on track.
    If they do, I hope Capcom asks Inti to develop again.

  11. I disagree with a lot of what you said, Snap. MM9 sold well because it's MM9. That doesn't mean 8bit wasn't an embarassment. It may have sold way better if it was 3D, we don't know. Anyway, I think Junkman was stating an opinion.

    Capcom would be blamed for milking the cash cow if MM10 was 8bit, but they would most definitely NOT be blamed if it was not 8bit.

    X6 was not horrible. I never played 7, but 6 was not bad.

    Making a 16bit X9 would be milking the cash cow just as much as an 8bit MM10 and is a VERY bad idea. I will be mad at Capcom if X9 is 16bit.

    And nobody wants to wait a few years for another MM title, be it classic or X. :P We don't need one RIGHT now, but not that long.


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