Friday, January 9, 2009

RM9 Soundtrack Available For Preorder At Capcom Online Store

Capcom USA's online store is now taking preorders for the Rockman 9 original soundtrack. The disc is set to ship January 19th for $29.99. Details:

You loved Mega Man® 9, the break-out retro hit game, and now you don't have to play Mega Man® 9 to enjoy all the classic video game 8-bit nostalgia. Play your favorite songs and sounds from Mega Man's triumphant return to 8-bit with the Mega Man 9 Original Soundtrack! Imported directly from Japan.

-Retro-styled music and sound effects produced by Inti Creates
-10 page booklet including original character art, all in color!

-Liner notes from the game's director, producer, sound production & design and the comic artists

-35 Tracks in all!

Note: The liner notes are in Japanese.

Preorder you copy here.


  1. Again, this is a nice gesture on Capcom of America's part. But it's just too little, too late for the doubtless thousands of fans who understandably assumed that this would never see an official stateside release and either imported or downloaded it already.

  2. Oh, hey, wow.

    Maybe we'll actually get this one, unlike, you know, a certain other product they screwed us out of.

    I'm STILL waiting on that press kit.


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