Thursday, January 8, 2009

Four Rockman Predictions for 2009

Alright, time for me to take out my Crystal Ball and make a few Rockman predictions. Will 2009 be as great as 2008? Let's see:

1) More Downloadable Games
This one is a given. With Capcom's announcement to speed up their PSN support, there's no doubt we'll be seeing one or two of the PSX Rockman titles hitting PSN. As for the Virtual Console, we'll most likely see Rockman 4~6 scattered throughout '09, but what of Rockman X? I believe if Capcom were to create a new X series game this year (more on that in a moment), we'll definitely see the X series niche its way into the VC to build hype for the new title.

2) Rockman X9
It's coming alright, hopefully this year. Demand for X9 is definitely there and Capcom is well aware of it. As for the possibility of it being 16-bit, I say it's a no go. The X series is well known for its technical progression, evolving its graphical engine with every console it appears on. Downgrading all the way back to it's 16-bit roots just doesn't feel all too right. I believe if an X9 came to be, it would utilize the under appreciated Irregular Hunter X engine: it's not overly 3D nor is it too 2D: it's just right.

3) Co-existence of the Shooting Star Rockman and EXE series...Huh?
After the less than stellar sales of the entire SSR series, Capcom might be looking to revitalize the EXE brand for the sake of printing money, regardless if the story is over or not. The SSR series however, won't completely disappear rather, we'll see a few measly cell phone titles (e.g "Legend of the Network") and some SSR branded goods just too keep things alive.

Back to the EXE series prediction, if a new EXE was coming down the pipe, the upcoming boss design contest might have something to do with it, or...

4) A Third Version of SSR3
If the upcoming boss contest isn't related to a new EXE game, it may have something to do with a third SSR3 version with the character contest requiring readers to submit designs for a secret boss or something along those lines.

But, why a new version of SSR3? Isn't two enough? Well, as you may know, SSR3 is trailing behind its predecessors in sales, thus to recuperate any sort of financial loss, Capcom might release a third version with all sorts of bonus content and director's cut stuff; just enough material to garner some interest in purchasing the game a second (or third) time.


  1. *prays for a new SSR installment*

  2. I hope your right about an X9.

  3. Oh I do hope your prediction of the EXE series' revival is true. Even if it doesn't do as well as I would hope, that would still be one more game for me to play...

    *Also hopes for a 3D EXE game on Wii*

  4. I would like another EXE. Capcom would have to do something to make it special though, so that it stands out from its prequels. Maybe that 3D DS game they started? Anyway, if this prediction does come true, I hope they put EXE's producer back on it instead of SSR's. It was the same team but a different head.

  5. as much as I would love another exe, I really doubt capcom would bring it back.

  6. I disagree with X9, I think we'd be more apt to get a Legends 3 instead. The clamoring for Legends has been going on for years now, while X9 talk just came about after MM 9 was released.

  7. Are you kidding? X9 has been wanted since X8 was over. :P (Which isn't as long-- but the premise stands) Sequels to loved series are always wanted right off the bat.

    I'd love a Legends, but I don't know how you reason that we're more likely to get one of them. We all know that Capcom doesn't always listen to fans, even if they say they do. And besides, how many fans do they need to have wanting something before they will make it? Legends, at the time of its release, was a financial disaster, and it would be harder for investors to justify paying for another one than for an X9.

  8. Do not forget February 6th, that will be an important date ;)

  9. What's on February 6th?? Is that when that magazine comes out?

    What do you know? >____O

  10. Anticipation is killing me! I do hope that magazine reveals a new EXE! Or maybe an RnR/EXE crossover. :O!!! Naw, I wouldn't want EXE's rep to be damaged any more by RnR than it already has. I wouldn't mind it so much if they just hadn't put a few things in the RnR series that they did...

  11. X9 should continue with the X8 graphics. The 3D in that game was the best ive seen in the series, better than Irregular Hunter X in my opinion. Im also hoping for a new installment on SSR. A third version of SSR3 doesn't seem right, I just don't feel the vibe but a 4th and possibly final does seem possible even if they made SSR3 look like it was the last in the series.


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