Friday, January 16, 2009

Rarest Battle Chip Ever Up For Bid

PET Battle Chip collectors, be on alert: Flash Man EXE is giving up what is considered to be the rarest Battle Chip ever produced--Black Weapon (#289). How rare is it? The description speaks for itself:

" It is one of the most powerful Battle Chips in the Mega class library and was only available at a Rockman EXE event in Japan as a prize. As an added bonus, one free Battle Chip: Panel Shoot 1, is included. This chip has sold in past auctions for over $200.00 USD and is a true treasure in Rockman history. Don't let it get away; it's my only one and I WILL NOT have another one again anytime soon. "

As of this writing, bidding remains at $9.95 ($7.99 shipping) with no bids. Interested? Check out the complete auction here.


  1. That's a cool pic of Rockman on there. If I had money to blow I'd buy it for sure. I don't have any EXE memorabilia at the moment, though. :(

  2. lol, that is not a piece of rockman history. A golden rockman cart is history. some toy battlechip isn't.

  3. HA! That's hilarious. They are both pieces of plastic. :P How could one be more historic than the other? (And a real gold cart would be no more historic. O_o)

    Gimme a break.

  4. Man, whenever it comes to one of flashman's items being sold on ebay, he always adds that pesky reserve price which has always screwed me over whenever i went over it, and it would happen the second I bid on it too, someone else would always gain the upperhand, so I gave up buying anything from him. Rather just hack a battlechip myself in order to use Black Weapon.

  5. What are you stupid? That's like comparing a prop from a movie to an an action figure of a movie. No wait, an accessory of an action figure of a movie. If you honestly cannot see that the Golden Rockman Cart is worth a lot more than some stupid battle chip, then I have no hope for you.


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