Monday, January 12, 2009

Got Your Press Kit Yet?

It's been three months since Capcom USA shipped out the much sought after MegaMan 9 press kit. You would think that by now, everyone who's ordered the kit are happy and content with their purchase, however this is sadly not the case for many.

A good amount of people are still awaiting the package's arrival, months after a shipping confirmation notice. Some have chosen to wait it out while others are taking action, attempting to get their money back from Capcom to no avail.

Where do you stand? Are you still eagerly awaiting your copy of the kit?


  1. Paid them 50$ via paypal. Still nothing. Not even a shipping confirmation.

  2. Living in Europe it wasn't possible for me to order one from the Capcom store since they do accept credit cards from everywhere on the world, they just don't ship to anywhere but the US.
    I was fed up seeing as how we Europeans are always the black sheep, very late or no releases at all, no merchandise, terrible distribution,...
    I posted an angry post on the Capcom forums pleading my case how hardcore fans such as myself are left in the cold by Capcom while resellers can make easy money by selling them on Ebay.
    Replies varied between "You should have lived in the US then" to "You should get a US friend to buy it and send it to you".
    Fortunately, a good samaritan who had 2 press kits saw my post and instead of asking a fortune, he sold me his second one for the original price + shipping to my country. It now stands proudly on my shelf. Thanks again my friend.

  3. BSR - did you not even get an order confirmation?

    I can't believe that many packages would get lost in the mail, so obviously they never even sent some or all of them. That sucks

  4. HyperCoyote, I got an Order confirmation, but no shipping confirmation. I'm not terribly worried about it as it actually got a promo code prior to the huge 3 minute sell out fiasco and I do own one. I ordered a second one for a friend who was in India on a study tour at the time. He has since paid me for it, even though he doesnt have it. He says "maybe theres a chance it'll go out."


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