Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Even More Lucas Gilbertson Goodness *UPDATED*

A few days back, Rockman Perfect Memories member, Hypershell, created a hack to incorporate voice clips of Lucas Gilbertson into the PC version of MegaMan X4. The result:

If by chance you own the PC version of MMX4, feel free to grab the hack here.

UPDATE: A second patch is now available, this one includes voice clips of Mark Gatha, Japanese opening and ending songs and a few glitch fixes. Grab it here.


  1. SUPER awesome!! :D

    Mr. Gilbertson must be tickled pink by this and the fact that we all love 'is voice so much. X3

  2. This is very cool. Now...what about X? Need I say, "Time to get serious?"

  3. Man, if he can hack it, he should remake all the voices.
    I wanna be Colonel since I can make my voice deep and rough.

  4. That's a great little hack

  5. Lucas sounds best with Zero. I've yet to hear a better person with Zero.
    Although the hit one sounds a bit weird..

  6. They should redub all of X4. I'd partake in that fun :P


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