Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boss Design Contest Featured At World Hobby Fair

Looks like this little tidbit managed to sneak past our radar: Last weekend, Capcom's World Hobby Fair booth distributed fliers advertising the boss design contest. The flier requests attendees to draw their character in the space provided and mail it off to Shogakukan's offices. What's interesting about this is that this is the first time a character contests has been hyped outside of the pages of Coro Coro Comics. It seems Capcom really wants to get the word out on this one...

The flier contains no new contest details, though it's kind of hard to tell due to the quality of the image. By all means, please feel free to make out the little details.



  1. Well, RnR's Rockman is on it, and those characters in the bottom left don't look like X bosses. :P (Though it resembles one of the characters from RnR3... maybe that's what it is)

    So the designs go to shogakukan, eh? They only own the manga and anime rights, don't they? Why is everyone so involved in this contest? Is it a sign of a new anime?

    Interesting stuff. :)

  2. So any word on what series it might be for? That flier makes one think Starforce.

    I getting real interested in trying for this, but the designs could really be different based on the series.

  3. god why does this make it seem like its a new SSR game.....

    I mean its platered all over the form, unless they are saying they want the boss design to be like something from SSR, I am very interested in what the flier actually says.

  4. The funny thing is, even though SSR bosses are plastered on the flier, their is still no mention as to what game the contest relates to.

    It could be anything at this point, though I highly doubt SSR4. MUCH too early for it.

  5. What of the disscussion that some people were having in an earlier post about the description saying it could be for any series? Speculation?

  6. Not entirely speculatation:

    the contest calls for you to design a character and tell coro coro what the next Rockman game will be.

  7. Protodude reported a "Starforce complete works" coming out soon. That would indicate that the Star force series is over and they're making a new one. I still think this new series will be a similar to BN or SF, regardless.

  8. I'm up for any new Rockman game! :) As long as it's on DS or Wii. XD

    (Nothing against the other consoles, I just don't own them. :()

  9. It seems odd that they would end the SSR series so early only to replace it with something similar. I'm all for switching some stuff around, since they didn't do SSR right, so if they have to make a new series to do so, I guess that's ok.

    But if it's got to be network timeline, I'd just as soon have another exe game.

  10. @Junkman: If they are doing a STARFORCE COMPLETE WORKS, this might mean that the series is coming to a close, but then again, WILY WARS only contained MM1, 2, and 3!

    Anyhow...My gut tells me that they will lean towards making another Star Force-like series, just as they went towards making a Zero-like series when they made ZX (SF is related to BN, remember?).

    I guess only time will tell, though.


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