Friday, January 16, 2009

Want To Enter the Boss Design Contest? Now You Can!

Thanks to the efforts of HeatMan, those of us living outside of Japan now have an opportunity to participate in this year's boss design contest. Courtesy of the MegaMan Network, here's all the details (in english!) on how to enter:

"You need to create a design with a name, attacks, other special characters, and your preference of what the next Rockman game is. Since chances are you can’t write in Japanese, you might want to keep the descriptions simple, or try to illustrate them. Then on the back you need to provide the following information: your name, age (school year), home address and phone number. If you’re feeling insecure about it, omitting the phone number should be fine in my opinion.

Once your all done with that, your entry will be address to:

Shogakukan Monthly CoroCoro 2
“Rockman Boss Character Contest”
Post Office Box 93
Kanda Post Office
Tokyo 101-8023

To ensure it reaches its destination, you may also want to put the address in its Japanese format:

Toukyou Kanda Yuubinkyoku Shishobako 93
Shougakukan Gekkan CoroCoro Comic 2
“Rockman Boss Character Contest” Kei

Now, the deadline is February 13th. Once you have your letter ready, you should check with your local post office for delivery time and postage cost. International mailing can be a little pricy, especially if you need it to get there fast."

In addition to the details, we also have ourselves a good look at Ghoston, the sample design created by Ryo Takamisaki.

So, you guys interested in entering?


  1. Looks RnR for sure.

    Everyone send in EXE bosses! :D Hey, someone who visits DA regularly should mail Higure-san and tell him to send all his designs in. :D

  2. Eh, I don't plan on entering, my drawing skills are lackluster at best, so unless I enter in Stick Man....

  3. Finally, an audience for my ultimate creation: Mammary Man!

  4. i am definately going to enter! i cant write in japanese, but I'm goin to use a english-japanese translator! Mine's going to be an RnR catergory xD

  5. it might actually be for a new searies, because if it were for RnR they would show the boss, not the enemy FM

  6. Japanese people can't read automatically (google or babelfish) translated messages. I tried and got back a message addressed to "Dennis" O_o That's not even close to my name.

    Have someone who knows it translate it for you. :D There are quite a few japanese speakers in the various Rockman communities, I think....

  7. Darn...that boss design definitely speaks to the hobby style Mega Man school of design.

    *lone tear drops down face as hopes of new X, Zero, Legends or original titles fades*


  8. "Everyone send in EXE bosses!" Die in a fire plz. :3

    Everyone send in LEGENDS bosses.

  9. It is obviously a new series.. not RnR next series at all.

  10. Um, people? Didn't the description say you should put WHICH Rockman series you intended the boss for?

    I'm not so sure they're certain which series to make next, so they're checking the fan demand.

    I'd either submit under Legends, X, or ZX. I think we've had enough hobby games for now, IMO. >.>

  11. "Eh, I don't plan on entering, my drawing skills are lackluster at best, so unless I enter in Stick Man...."

    You ought to see some of the entries that actually win.

  12. Send in your designs for the series you want! That was just an example.

    I find the distinguishment between the network and robot timelines being called "hobby-style" hilarious. XD Aside from the fact that all video games are hobbies, for some reason legends gets grouped in the wrong one. O_o

    If I were any sort of artist I'd send in some navi designs.

  13. I will most certainly not die in a fire. ;)

  14. Enough hobby games for now?? O_o How many are there compared to the non-"hobby" games?

    I'd go for any new entry, really... I probably have my preferences but they make little difference as long as Rockman stays alive. :)

  15. They're listening to the fans again. I hope they don't pull a Sega on this new title.

  16. Next we'll be seeing a Rockman-werewolf who doesn't have a buster anymore, but a permanent knight's sword instead. :P And it will run at a crappy frame rate.

    I SERIOUSLY hope they aren't doing a ghouls 'n' ghosts Rockman. Gosh I would hate that.

  17. Are we allowed to submit more than one character? I can't make up my mind on which one of mine to choose.

  18. They didn't specify a limit, but just to be on the safe side, submit only one.


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